Friday, July 24, 2009


Stew had a work 'do' last night... the theme was 'F'... all the managers had to dress up.... so Stew decided to go as a Samoan Fa'fafine... or in other words a Transvestite! Doesn't he look HIDEOUS! Sexy legs I must say though! The lipstick did it for me, I couldn't look at him without feeling ill! When he went to kiss me 'goodbye' I declined ! No way was he kissing me with that mouth! LOL

Today I am finally going back to the gym to get my new programme.. hope my body lasts the distance! I'm still a bit shaky due to the tummy bug... or whatever it was.

ONWARD....I went! I did 3/4 of my programme and threw up! I got sent home again. That sucked. But.... I did do some of the programme! I even have wobbly legs from the crunches etc! And I can already feel it in my arms and shoulders.. so in all I think it was good!

I am so over feeling ill though... and I am now 100% sure it's due to stress. There is crap happening in the background (family) and it's totally stressing me out. I don't feel I can talk about it right now either... it's too ???? can't get into it ... sorry.

End of Day: Steve and Mike have arrived for a stay of an indeterminable time. Mike is in a cast for at least another month, Steve is here cos he has to be. Just having them home is a comfort to me. nite nite.


  1. Omg ...Stew looks FANTASTIC! hahahaha

  2. Stew looks fabulous, hope he was a big hit!

  3. I am intrigued by Stew's company. He seems to be required to dress up on a regular basis!!

    Also, his weight loss seems very evident in those photos ... or he should dress like that all the time.

    So sorry to hear that the fambly is giving you grief again. If it is getting to the point that it is making you physically sick I think you need to take some drastic steps, my dear.

    hand in there

  4. hi hun...get it out. if stress is making you physically sick, that is BAD!!!! i'll be checking pepsi. and sending you hugs.

  5. go stew you sexy beast! Foxy!

    Chris - i can't believed u puked during gym you poor thing! so glad u made it 3/4 way through!! Well done!

  6. I am sorry you are feeling so bad.

    I hope all the family stuff sorts itself out and you can stop stressing.

    Try to have anice quiet weekend and take some time to look after yourself.

  7. Try not to stress too much, life's too short! Shame you feeling so down:-(

    Stew looks - well can't really think of a word to describe him!

  8. Stew was totally ROCKING!!!

    Hope that whatever is stressing you out gets better soon! Making yourself sick over stuff you may not be able to control sux! I know firsthand!

  9. Sounds like you need to take a step back and breathe...Sometimes you need to take care of yourself and the hell with the rest.

  10. Um, I can't imagine the "problem" is Stew liking the lipstick too much, so I think you can work through any ??? that is going on. But hope all is well. ((hug))

  11. WooHoo! Sexy!

    Hang in there hon, it'll get better eventually. Just stick to your guns and try not to take the nastiness on board. Try lots of deep breathing and relaxation music when you are home on your own.

    I hope things get better for you soon. :-( xx

  12. Sorry to hear there's some 'stuff' going on. Hope you can have a nice weekend and that your stress levels ease.

  13. Chris, I am SO terribly sorry that you have been sick and when it comes from stress - that is the pits!

    You need to find a way to de-stress yourself - you only have one body and you need to take care of it, dear.

    Exercise is good, warm baths relax the muscles and the brain, massage is good. Drink chamomile tea often.

    Breath deeply and relax, meditate or have a good friend to confide in, watch a comedy and laugh- talk to your pets, listen to music.

    Lavender relaxes and relieves stress, Rosemary sharpens the mind, geranium reduces stress, chamomile reduces stress, sandalwood, juniper berry and sweet marjoram all help.

    I have stress problems too , so I look for all the helps I can get! ~smile~

    Wish I could fix it for you - but they say these are lessons we need to learn something from - I sure wish they did not have to hurt so bad sometimes.
    Hugs! Remember your friends love you.

  14. Very cute outfit on Stew!

    Stress can do some strange things to us. Hope everything settles down soon and you feel better.

  15. OMG wat the!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO DAD!!!!

  16. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Sad that you're not having a good time...that situation with your son is heartbreaking.


    Thinking of you!

  17. Great pic! Stew is such a brave man. Always getting dressed up then allowing the photos to hit your blog. Too funny. I hope you feel better soon xox

  18. Stew looks good! You had better keep a sharp eye on your clothes from now on!

    Hope you are feeling better! It is not good to feel ill - especially when trying to do the gym thing!

  19. HOLY SCHMOLY STEW!!!! OOOO LA LA! I do love his legs...true that!!! Not sure if I could kiss my hubby goodbye wearing lipstick either....I hope you feel better real soon....dangit and I hope life straightens out for you as well....I know we are riding the rough seas here as well.....hang in there my friend!!!! hugs to you

  20. Oh my thats quite a guy you have there. Sorry to hear you are still sick and very much stressed about things. Take care hope things get better.

  21. Sorry to hear that your stress is making you so sick and unhappy. Hope you feel better soon. :-) Kelly

  22. Oh my.. Stew makes an excellent Fa fa whatever... Haha sounds like the team up there are a lot of fun! Sorry you not been feeling well. Find the cause and get rid of it Chris... if you can of course!


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