Sunday, June 28, 2009


Now that I can stop obsessing about the CAR...I need to get back to my sewing!

I have so many things 'on the go' at the moment it's ridiculous!
There's Brylee's Quilt
There's the Star Quilt
There's the Frangipani Project

BUT RIGHT NOW... I want to make a Roman Blind for this window in the hallway:

It's right next to the Family Room/Kitchen door.... and right near where I sit on this here computer.... and cos it doesn't have any curtain or NOTHING... it's letting a lot of heat out and a lot of COLD in.... so I am going to do the blind before moving back to my other projects.
ABOVE: luckily I found some instructions on how to do the blind in a book I've had for YEARS.... and there are already a lot of roman blinds in this house so I should be able to do it!

I just have to find the right material for it now... all the curtains and blinds in the house are very plain/neutral... but I think I'd like to go a bit brighter/louder with this blind. Not sure yet.

We are going out this morning to look at a Heat Pump for the kitchen/family room... cos I is freezing! AND get the material for the blind... and some shot glasses! I found a liqueur I LOVE! We got it in Thames yesterday:

It's a local vineyards version of 'Tia Maria' and it is devine! I sipped on it all night! 1 point per nip.... so not that bad! Maybe I will just have to stop eating dinner so I can indulge in this evil little drink! YEAH!

Griffin has packed a wobbly, cos we are going out in DAD'S car instead of the new Highlander! But that's how it is... we use the company car on the weekends cos it's FREE to run... wouldn't you?

ABOVE: Wow, I went all subdued and bought this for the blind! It does have blue in it though! AND I intend to do SOMETHING to bling it up a bit... OF COURSE!

And I got a little cable thingee to connect my iPod to my car stereo... AWESOME! Now I only have to have my iPod in the car and not lots of CD's. AND we ordered a Heat Pump, might take up to 2 weeks to get installed thought, boo hoo.

END OF DAY: a busy day... got a good deal done. Have started on the blind even! AND hemmed Griffin's new pyjamas! AND the machine is behaving itself. HUGE relief over that. nite nite.


  1. I am SO untalented with things like that. I have always admired folks that sew.

  2. batik! go a little crazy, it can look like art in the hallway.
    you rawk!

  3. Car name : Bubba (the forest gump theme.. ??)

    Yeah we do the same thing run Phil's work car so we dont have to pay or the gas etc.. Unless we are taking Fatty and pup anywhere then its my car.. as thats the "dog car".

    Your Steve is looking well and happy, you must be soo pleased he is closer to you now.

    Love the car it is dam sexy... I want a holden captiva... not allowed one but still allowed to want one :) have a great day and yes go a little funky and out there that window is very white around the boarders!!

  4. I love neutral tones with reds thrown in. You seem to really like blue colors though. I'm curious to see what you're going to put up. :)

  5. Yeah. I would, too. I can't wait to see your Roman shade. Is it going to have that naked lady print on it? Flash the neighbours. :p

  6. Yes get a heat pump!!! 100% fantastic but make sure you go to a really good company who know the exact size to work best in your home otherwise it will be a big disappointment. If you can afford it I would suggest the ducted system like we have - nothing visible except a tiny ceiling vent and the entire house is warm all the time.

    AND don't forget the added benefit of having the cooling in the summer.

  7. What about calling the car Totara? It's black, makes you feel good and is from NZ.

    I thought of Bacardi first, but prefer Totara as it's different.

    I know how you feel about having too many things on the go!

  8. Okay, I can't figure it out. What does "packed a wobbly" mean in Canadian??

  9. love love love my heatpump, and you will too...

  10. I do hope your air conditioner is from a specialist company who can advise on the correct size etc for your home. Seriously, the wrong one can be useless. Still - they certainly are the way to go :)

  11. you seriously amaze me!!!!! Please come to America and rub off on me...

  12. oh wait....I wanted to add another name how about SASSY????? hahahaha

  13. im still thinking about names for that bloody car of yours! I am on my mobile phone in our hotel room and for the last 2 days i have had this name for your car in my head. So here it is! ..... "Bella" it means beautiful in italian.

  14. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Car name

    Chris' Black Beast!!!

  15. I'm not good at thinking of names, but I just had to 'play' lol..... I thought of 'Beastie', or 'Black Beauty'. Good luck with making your blind. You're clever and handy with a sewing machine, I doubt you'll have any problems.

  16. Do what everyone else does and stick a sheet over that window lol

    You need to focus on one project at a time young lady!

  17. Good luck on the project! When I want to sip something divine, it is a Bailey's Irish Cream...try that one day. You will love it.

  18. Can't wait to see the blind!


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