Tuesday, June 09, 2009



And I need a computer 'chair' like the ABOVE ....

Hopefully it will 'pass' cos I want to go to patchwork class today.... and play with my new machine...now it's going again!

I hope to make a 'sample' of each and every stitch it can do ... as a reference for future use. THAT should be fun... then I can learn how it all works before trying to work on any of my projects. I don't want to stuff any of my projects up!

So, hopefully it will be a good day and the belly settles down... I'm TOTALLY SCARED TO FART right now. THIS IS NOT GOOD.
... and that's all I have to say about that.


I was getting all sorts of crabby last night, I could not figure out how to get photos from my new phone onto my computer... but this morning I tried again.. and it worked! ABOVE: is a quick snap of the kids taken with the phone, such a better quality pic than from my old phone's camera! NEAT.

BUSY... BUSY... I went to town, got some 'stuff' for class, got some things for the kids to dive for at swimming.... got some scissor sharpeners (cos I must have tried to cut a pin).... it's been hectic today!
I had a lovely time at patchwork class.. most of the 'girls' came over and made a fuss of me new machine. It behaved itself today.. and I had so much fun trying out new stitches!

ABOVE: 'stuff' for me sewing 'room'... quite pleased with the organiser for all me crystals. And I hope those scissor sharpeners work!

I was looking for a yellow t-shirt for Brylee.... NONE. Saw this one and had to get it for Griffin! (Yeah, yeah, Whatever)
Water toys... on sale at K-Mart for $16... score.
In other news, me belly has been nicer today.... still grumbling but nicer. We have swimming lessons this afternoon.... better take some Nurofen before I go.... the heat/humidity and chlorine always gives me a whooper headache.
I listed my 'old' sewing machine on TradeMe.. with a very fair reserve... and I just sold it for $1,000 OVER the reserve price! In fact, I got back almost what I paid for it a year ago! I AM WRAPT.
End of Day: a FREAKING awesome day! And 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' to YOU Russell. nite nite.


  1. Glad to hear your sewing machine is working for you.

    That's one heck of a cool phone you picked up! Great picture too! I see poor Teddy has his "cone" on again.

    Hopefully your belly is feeling better. I hate days like that!

    Hang in there!!

  2. hee hee haw haw, I call those sharts. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Um, that desk is definitely for people who are workaholics! LOL

  4. HOLY CRAP!!!!!! That is hilarious......♥ the chair...too funny and what a cute puppy!!!! You take it easy!!!!

  5. Yeah, know what ya mean by not wanting to fart. ha! Hate feeling that way and I usually do after I have a starbuck's latte. Guess I need to give up drinking that stuff.

  6. Laughing st the "Sharts" comment from Karen Deborah.

    It's horrible when that happens although I'm a little jealous - I have the other problem

  7. glad the belly is better! totally loved the puter chair idea!

  8. Anonymous4:37 PM

    That Karen! I told her about sharts! LOL!!! I'm gonna give her a hard time!

    Oh my gosh you make me laugh!

  9. ooh nothing worse than a dose of the trots when you have to go out. Ugh.

    Glad you got the machine sorted. Did it just need a stern talking to or did you have to take it back to the shop?

    I love that tshirt for Griff - that's my daughter's favourite saying... "whatever"... goes with everything!

    have you got blue tooth on your computer? cause that's how I get my pics onto my two computers (home and work). works a treat!

    Hope you feel better soon, and what's with Teddy's collar? What happened there???


  10. Love the T shirt :)
    After seeing your new phone yesterday I got a new one today!!!! Not the same as we didn't need all the bells & whistles but needed one with big numbers!!!!!!!
    Hope your tummy has continued to behave and of course your sewing machine as well LOL
    Have a fun time at the pool :)

  11. You have my sympathies with the wet farts.

    Glad your machine is working and no wonder the girls drooled over it. And what a bonus getting so much for the old machine.

    Looking forward to seeing more works in progress. :)

  12. Hope your tummy is feeling a bit better my daughter had a bad tummy bug, luckly no one else in the family has got it...
    Think the phone pics look great!!

  13. That computer shitter is hilarious! Hope that you are feeling completely better today.

  14. Good to hear that the sewing machine is working AND causing some envy! Always nice when it can do both.

    I know the feeling when you don't think you can leave the bathroom even for a minute! Hope you are feeling better!

  15. Sorry to hear about your tummy troubles. Hope that settles down soon. Seems that you still managed to have a good day. Excellent work getting rid of the old machine. Take care and feel better.

  16. i do beleive that falls under "TMI"...

  17. I love how Teddy is such a selfless little dog and lets the kids be in photos with him!!

  18. haha! You crack me up on that first part of your post. I was laughing so hard. Well, on the inside since I have those stitches in my mouth. :D I wanted to laugh really hard. You are so funny. Actually, my husband always gets an upset tummy so he'd love a computer toilet chair. LOL

  19. That's a cute photo and really good one for a camera phone. My camera phone sucks. The photo is out of focus half the time and the flash is too wimpy.


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