Friday, June 26, 2009


Isn't it lovely to see our KIWI Buzzy Bee being played with in America! This is 'B'... playing with his (as yet to be born) baby brother's new toy! I sent it over for 'N' but of course 'B' got to it first. 'N' is due in about 2 hours time....! It's rather exciting! Their Mummy has a private blog so I can't link her, but just know she's one of those really gorgeous people out there!

Today I have to wash the car.... I didn't get to it yesterday... though I did managed to get all my junk out of it! Luckily for me I'd recently given it a clean out so it didn't take too long.

NAME THE CAR competition: When I get someone choosing a name that's already been suggested ... and if I actually pick that name, the prize will go to the person who FIRST suggested it! BUT, you will still have the chance to win a prize cos you will go into the 2nd draw along with everyone else! Make sense? Does to me. Try reading back through the comments to see what names have been suggested, then you won't double up! And I will get HEAPS of ideas to choose from! AWESOME. This is so much fun!
And tomorrow I get the car! *SQUEALS OF JOY*.....
And then... I may need to buy 'stuff' for me car.....hee hee hee! For a start, I've had a towbar put on it..... and I WANT a nudge bar too... but that will have to wait.... I blew the budget on this car ... BIG TIME!
MARGARET: awwwww shucks! Thanks for that lovely comment! And the name suggestion(s) are very, very good! And YES, I will try very hard NOT TO WET MYSELF!!!!.... LOL! I must not take my PIDDLE PILL tomorrow!!! ...MUST NOT or I might wet myself!
I am getting wet right now though, it's raining and I have PROMISED myself I will clean that bloody car RIGHT NOW... Car is
DONE. Now we just have to get it to Thames tomorrow without doing any damage to it!
I'm in the process of cooking rhubarb (from my own garden!) and apple ... yum yum! And I'm using Equal Spoon for Spoon, so no sugar in it really!
Michael Jackson is Dead... huge news! I didn't like him... yet I feel quite sad ... don't know why? Maybe because he was such a huge 'star' at one time, and he has left 3 little kids alone. Anyway, I just wanted to say 'something' about it. Farrah died too... sad.
End of Day: I had rhubard/apple and custard for dinner! I am weird.. I know. nite nite.


  1. Hi Chris, HIGHdee has been suggested and I love it too. I want me a Big, Black, Gorgeous HIGHdee to drool over. I looked at these when they first came out and went with a Jeep instead. The Highlander looks much sexier in recent years. Having the SEPARATE space in the rear is VERY nice...

  2. Scottish connections here - The Black Douglas - was a character in Scottish Highland history, is a kind of Scotch - and it could always be Dougie for short. Enjoy - it's a wonderful feeling getting a new car. Z xx,_Lord_of_Douglas

  3. IVOR - backwards =

    so ROVI - no doubt you will take it roving

  4. I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest GOLDY, for lots of reasons
    1. You are a blonde
    2. Your are Stews Golden Girl.
    3. You are worth your weight in gold for all you do and all you are ( in my humble opinion)
    4. Jeff Wilson's nickname - Goldy and he played for the HIGHLANDERS!

    So there!!!!

    PS try not to wet yourself with excitement !!!!

  5. We love our Buzzy Bee. They're so fun!!

  6. I reackon with a car that size with a nudge bar, it has to be called 'Bruiser' lol

  7. Did you say the baby was being born in 2 hours! Wow! That's cool. How'd to go?

  8. really I thought equal turned bitter can you cook with it? splenda is ok but Stevia is totally natural and pretty good. I love rhubarb period. Chris I got my hair completely cut OFF.

  9. right e ho what about BENSON (remember the butler) or what bout BUSTER and no i dont me you gona bust her lol i mean buster is a name for a mans best friend or womans :-) and im not the only one with your stews dad as an idea so rovin would be good eh

  10. Seeing it's a Highlander

    Call it Braveheart!

  11. Hi Chris
    How about calling it Freedom as that what it gives you also this is the famous word that Mel Gibsons says in Braveheart so that the Scottish connection, also it something everyone ones wants so you have 3 reasons for calling it Freedom
    Hugs Janice

  12. Anonymous9:08 PM

    sorry no name thought from me i am dull i know

    but what might i as is so wrong with rhubarb apple and custard i dnt think u r weird at all yum yum


  13. wowwwwww tomorrow is the big car.

    How about Black Betty for the that song!

  14. Love the little bee toy so cute...I had something kinda like that when I was a child....I think it was something from the t.v. show Romper Room though....I have bees in my classroom...they are fun. I am excited for you to get your car....The deaths have been sad...Ed McMann, Farrah and Michael...when I was in high school I tried in the worse way to make my hair look like Farrah's....never could get the feathering part of it quite right....Have so much fun today!!!!

  15. hey! you never sent ME a baby toy!

    i mean, for myself! i could spend house making little stuffed animaly sqeak and lite up... it never gets old!

  16. Congrats on the new car and I think Braveheart to.

  17. Mmmmm I like Rhubarb! Have a great weekend.

  18. I am sad about Michael Jackson because he died SO young. THAT is sad. 50 is way too short of a life. :(


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