Monday, June 22, 2009


I did some more sewing .... and while the machine behaved itself... I still wasn't happy with it... I keep expecting it to crap itself! So I'm still going over to the shop as planned... and we will see.

After I've been there I will have to do a grocery shop, I was supposed to do that yesterday but didn't get around to it.

And AFTER that I am going to the shop where I bought my new prescription sunglasses to see if they can adjust them, cos they keep falling off me face when I bend over... like doing the gardening yesterday. It just about drove me nuts.. I ended up not wearing them. Pfffffft, I bought them to wear outside in the sun... and I couldn't.

That's IT for now....I will come back later (much later no doubt) and update. And read some blogs and drop a few comments your way.....

It's a cracker of a frost this morning, FREEZING inside ... Stew didn't turn the heater on when he left this morning... something else I will have to train him to do I see. So, cos I'm freezing, I'm grumpy:

Hopefully it's warm in the Sewing Machine Shop! Or fur will fly. And on that note...

ONWARD... (It's NOT Father's Day here... ours is in September)

I have just spent 2 hours in the sewing machine shop... sewing... sewing... sewing... and my RAT FINK of a machine was PERFECT the whole bloody time! Pffffft. So, apart from that, I had a wonderful time over there! Learnt more about what the machine does, chatted with the ladies in the shop and had a ball! *smiles*.... so it wasn't 'wasted time'.

After that I went and did the grocery shopping... plugged my Ipod in and away I went.. CHOICE. Home now and it's 1.30pm and I'm STARVING! Might just have breakfast/lunch now!

End of Day: and I have managed to do no blog reading at all! Too tired! Had a busy afternoon... and it was very exciting! Will tell ya all about it tomorrow! nite nite.


  1. It's such a pisser when you have something that you just expect to keep having a your sewing machine and our Smart car. Dang alarm is still going on randomly, but of course never when we take it to the shop.

    I hope you enjoyed the rest of your's Father's Day here, and I'm blogging while my Hubby is fixing a toilet! Such a nice wife I let him do such "crappy" work on his special day! Maybe I'll take a picture of him and label it similar to your picutre of Stew in the kitchen! I loved that one!

  2. wish Stew a happy fathers day!

  3. I hope you get your sewing machine replaced. It's obviously a dud! I have prescription sunglasses, Oroton, and they are very heavy. It took me five visits to get them adjusted before they wouldn't slide down my nose anymore - so just persevere, they will get there. I've worn glasses all my life, but they were the hardest to get 'just right' and I'm sure it's just because of their weight.

  4. Hope the visit to the sewing machine shops is helpful!

  5. OMG dosen't it piss you off when things muck up when your showing them.

    Laughing at your Kitchen Bitch shot!!

  6. Well at least the machine decided to behave itself for a bit! Hopefully it stays that way when you get home.

  7. Yup, toothache goes when you get the dental appointment; rattle disappears when you get the car to the service station; kids misbehave when you've just boasted about how good they are; husband looks at you blankly when you finally get him to the doctor about his health issues ...

  8. Sounds like a productive day. You can adjust sunnies yourself if you have the right size screwdriver, can't you?

  9. The mystery continues......!

  10. How annoying about the sewing machine, hope you've got it working properly from now on. You had a very productive weekend. Hmmmmm cold, me thinks you would not survive here. I'm still wearing a jacket and long pants for goodness sake, and you guys are still in shorts. Wow a winter garden now how lovely is that! Nice to see you are getting out and making new friends.


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