Thursday, June 04, 2009


I'm off on a road trip with the girlfriends again today!

We are going back to Morrinsville for Batik Materials... and a laugh of course! I think we are going to Te Aroha too... apparently there's another really great material shop there too.

I unpacked my new machine last night:
It is so pretty! It does so much, it's going to take months to learn how to 'drive' it! All it's bits and bobs... even a Compter CD... hope it's good! The dealer I bought the machine off gave me the big extension table for free... saved me $337! AWESOME.
The control panel is blue... *DROOL*.... LOL.
I listed my 'old' sewing machine on Trademe and within 24 hours it was sold! Of course it's an auction, so I will probably get more than the reserve price... EXCITING Stuff.. it has 6 more days to go till I know what we got for it.

ONWARD with the day....
WEll... it's been a busy day! First off we went to Morrinsville and I got more of the gorgeous Batik Materials:
ABOVE: The batik materials!!! Think I got enough? LOL
ABOVE: And I saw this gorgeous blue material which I thought would make a lovely summer dress for Me and Brylee. After grabbing a bite to eat we then headed over to Te Aroha, about 15 minutes away from Morrinsville....
ABOVE: The old Post Office Building, where there was another Craft Shop...
ABOVE: to the left is Sharon, on of me girlfreinds in the Craft Shop in Te Aroha, it's like a treasure trove in there! Fantastic.
ABOVE: One of the lovely fabric Wall hangings in the shop, I thought it was beautiful.
ABOVE: the material I got in Te Aroha, which will go towards my 'Bright Quilt" ... when I get around to making it!
After Te Aroha we headed back towards Auckland.. and stopped in quickly at Gordonton... and I quickly bought these:
Which I will make into something 'Christmasy' eventually. So pretty.
We got back into Auckland just as the school bell was ringing, so I was quite pleased with myself!
That's been my day so far! Quite rushed really... but fun.
End of Day: we had nacho mince with corn chips for dinner (homemade) and now... Stew and I regret it so much! It's so rich... and keeps 'repeating' on us... ikkkk. AND I have a huge bowl full left. This was one of our most favourite dinners, now, not so much. Strange how things change. Gotta go, having an early night. nite nite.


  1. I love the new hair style :-)

    Enjoy your road trip.

  2. A new 'do and a new sewing machine. You are a lucky girl! Enjoy! The hair looks great.

    And to answer your question on the blog: Yes, we call them tadpoles, too :)

  3. Can't wait to see what creations you make on the machine, Chris!

  4. All those fabrics ,,,, drool!!

    There'll be no stopping you with that new machine.

  5. That's a flash looking piece of machinery. And what luck for the control panel to be blue.

    You've been clocking up a few k's lately with all your travels. Hope you're keeping warm.

  6. good luck with the doctors its nice to know im missed aqnd you now were i am if you need help. love the hairdo

  7. Like your new do too! The sewing machine looks awesome - bet you're going to have some serious fun with that. What absolutely gorgeous materials - the colours are just beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them all. Z xx

  8. Oh those corn chips and mince. For some reason in our house they're called haystacks. Sort of like tacos but not. We have them with lettuce, cheese, sour cream, avocado ... yup - WeightWatchers they ain't!!

  9. Some gorgeous materials there, can't wait to see what you create on your new machine!

  10. You are looking good, girl!

    That fabric looks so great - I can't wait to see what you do with it and your new machine!

  11. Sounds like quite a fun filled day. You picked up lots of nice material too. Have fun with the new sewing maching. Can hardly wait to see your finished projects.


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