Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yesterday afternoon I finally got a start on making my 'book of stitches'... and I was happily sewing for 2 hours or so and got these 4 pages done:

ABOVE AND BELOW: just a few of the hundreds of stitches it can do! AND it has 4 full alphabets too!

Anyway... back to my TITLE: there I was happily sewing and all of a sudden for no apparent reason this message flashed up on the screen "Clean under the bobbin case and remove any loose threads, then press OK"....

OK.... so I did that... and ..... the machine would not sew... it just kept saying I had to clean under the bobbin case! I CLEANED IT ALREADY.. again and again..... and again.

SO... the bloody thing is still not going... I can't sew... and this is the SECOND weekend in a row that this has happened. I have had the machine for just over 2 weeks and it's broken down 2 times already.

I am fit to kill .... I NOW HAVE TO TAKE IT BACK TO THE SHOP AGAIN. I paid over $3,500 for this F#@KEN machine.... someone is going to pay for this... or I want my money back! ... (which would be sad cos I am really loving it... when it goes!)

SO... how is YOUR day going? I am not sewing today obviously... so not sure what I will do. Maybe read a book? Or help Stew do the driveway extension thingee...
I am SOooooo not happy... and add in having a shitty cold and I'M GRUMPY.
Maybe I should go ... shopping? That might cheer me up.
ONE thing I can do REALLY well... is shop:

We went to St Lukes.. and into 'The King of Knives' shop and saw this neat chopping thingee.. it was reduced from $74.90 to $59.90 so we thought, YEP a good deal and bought it. Then later on in the day when we were at Sylvia Park we saw the EXACT SAME one for $40 !!! So we hotfooted it back to The King of Knives and asked for our money back! Which they did with apologies. BLOODY RIP OFF ARTISTS. Don't shop there people!
ABOVE: Stew finally found some lovely new casual shoes to wear with his jeans.. he's only been looking for months!

ABOVE: next we saw these tops ... 'Buy 1 get the 2nd half price'... so Stew and Griffin got a matching top each. CUTE.

ABOVE: then we got Brylee another of those sweet tops with the thumb holes in the sleeves... cos she loves them... . and a new swimsuit... and I got some new chopping boards....

ABOVE: Bry in her new swimsuit... which she sooooo didn't want to take off! *smiles*

ABOVE: Griffin holding my new wooden chopping board.. to show it's size. I love it.
And that is all ! I was tempted to buy a couple of tops for myself... but I have made a vow to not buy another item of clothing for myself until I am at the weight I want to be FOREVER.... so there ya go.
I'm knackered now... going to go put me feet up and relax.
End of Day: well it started out like crap... but ended well. nite nite.


  1. Came across your Blog via 'The Green Mile'.

    My wife is having great success with the 'Nutrisystem' Plan.

    I enjoy stimulating folks to 'Think and Laugh'... come visit sometime.

  2. Bugga - have you won lotto or something and not telling us you seem to be having a massive spending spree lately :-)

  3. That would bloody piss me off if it was my machine!!! I think you should at least insist on a replacement machine and not just a repair. That is a lot of money to pay for something and it is so disappointing when these things clag out!! Nothing more annoying...

  4. Omg, those are some awesome stitches! I'd be pissed off too ....hope they can get it working and keep it working!
    Shopping thing ever!

  5. Bugger about the machine Chris. I'd be livid too. Did you keep your old one as a spare? If I couldn't sew I'd be a nut case... well a madder nut case then!! Off to Mr Wright's again. He told me you'd been back recently... he never forgets a face!! or is it the $ we spend haha.

  6. wow Chris, that sure sucks about your sewing machine. I would definitely try to get money back or something...good luck on your shopping spree!

  7. Oh, man, I'd be mad if I spent that kind of money for something that won't work.

    Hey. Psst. I'm glad you have the money to spend on it. I love how you are able to enjoy things you buy, and btw you are a good giver of gifts to others as well as yourself. You are a treasure to me, and NO, I'm not flirting with ya. :p

    PS. Does Brylee like dresses with little embroidery things on them? Embroidered jeans are really "in" here.

  8. Shop til you drop honey! I'm sure there's a sale going on somewhere :-)

    Good luck with the sewing machine.

  9. aah, don't you love being old and cranky? good excuse to let fly.

    Man, what a bummer about the machine. I know I would be down there first thing it opened. I HATE problems with expensive toys. Nothing worse. You pay good money for something and it doesn't work, that's just sooo frustrating *pant, pant*.... end rant... lol

    Stick it up them hon! and go shopping, I plan to!

  10. ohhhh I would be livid too AND would want some answers...all that money and 2 breakdowns...definetly not good!!

  11. Obviously your macine is computer driven, have you tried to reset it, or switched it on and off a couple times??

    Just a thought.

    Lovely day here, we are off to town for a walk around, Steve been pestering me to go visit Museum!!!!

    Oh well the things you do :)

  12. Enjoy the shopping - our spending days seem to be over:-(

  13. How'd the shopping go?

  14. I vote for shopping, that always makes me feel better.

  15. I'd be pissed off as well if that was my machine. I'd ask for a complete new one if I were you.

    Cute swimmers on Brylee.

  16. Thanks for the comments Chris! We don't want the disasters - but sort of feeling now - two steps forward, one back.... Sunday night - and Pete's coping with the pain, not too severe. Surgeon visit tomorrow. All good here (well sort of)

  17. I hear your frustration, Chris. My overlocker spat the dummy this afternoon and I've only had it for about 6 weeks. I have rethreaded it and changed the needles and it's STILL skipping stitches. So there goes half a day off later in the week. Bugger bugger bugger.

    I reckon you should get a replacement as you haven't even been able to use it properly and TWICE is way too much.

    Those kids are so cute. And the old bloke isn't bad either!

  18. looks like you hade a fun day shopping.

    Love the necklass!!!!

    Daughter #3

  19. That sucks about the sewing machine! It pissed me off just reading about it!

    Love Stews shoes. Do they come with velcro?

  20. that woudl make me nuts on the machine... love the matching tops.. i have a chopper lookssomething like that but you do the work by pushing the lid down mine was 7 dollars at bed bath and beyond... do you have BBB there... i could so go broke in that store.

  21. Pissy machines! But love the stitches...The little cars are cool.

    I must say thank you, thank you, for the snapshots. I have a need for the concrete thingys myself, but wouldn't have known if I hadn't seen a pic. Congrats on the weight loss!

  22. Oh no, that's awful. Now I don't want to learn how to sew. Maybe I should convince my wife to learn how.


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