Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Remember me saying I wanted one of these?
Well yesterday I got a call from Stew saying "You can go looking for one!" So I went down to the local dealer to see the one they had ... but they don't seem too keen to do a good deal so...
I'm going to Thames (about an hour's drive away) to look at this one (Above).... so I ain't going to Patchwork Class today.

We have been wanting a Toyota Highlander for about 6 months... and now I am getting it! I am so excited! This will be our most NEW car (of our own) that we will have bought... it's a year old and comes with all the usual BRAND NEW CAR warranties etc.
I'm so, so excited! Ummm, I said that already eh? *smiles*

I feel bad about not going to Patchwork Class.... but that won't last once I get to Thames and can *drool* over the car!!!

Right now though, I have to get the kids to school so I can go...

MY DAY SO FAR: I left Auckland at 8.30... got over the Bombay hills to the Foggy Waikato (Yeah, funny that!)....

ABOVE: in the fog, waiting to cross the infamous Kopu Bridge...
Which is finally going to be replaced after 40 years of wrangling!!!
So, I am supposed to be LOOKING at a car eh?

ABOVE: I saw this one, *drool* ... but they were not selling it... bugger! So...

ABOVE: Well.... I kinda bought this one instead!

ABOVE: all going well we will pick it up on Saturday!!!! OMG I can't wait! After doing the business with the Highlander... I decided to stop in at the Thames cemetery to find my paternal Grandparents grave.... last time I went it was pissing with rain and I couldn't find it. I had luck today:

ABOVE: I can still clearly remember when we buried my Granddad in 1970! I was 11....

ABOVE: as you can see, the cemetery has gorgeous views... and today was a lovely fine day.... once the fog lifted. Teddy had a ball running around here!

ABOVE: As luck would have it....when I arrived at the cemetery there was NO ONE there... but when I wanted to leave (after cleaning the gravestone etc)... I was totally blocked in by a funeral in progress! Derrrrr.... I had to sit there and wait 25 minutes until they had all moved off to bury their (sheesh how do you say it?) dead person! *lol*.....

ABOVE: the Kopu Bridge, the bottleneck, one way, 'temporary' bridge that leads into the Coromandel Penninsula. (It was supposed to be replaced 40 years ago!) Pffffft. Two years from now it will only be a memory.

So, in all it's been another busy day... and I loved it! I have to go and pick up the kids from school now....

ONWARD... OOOOOHHHH BUGGER!!!! Yesterday was my 1,000 th POST!!!! And I forgot!!! So this is my 1,001st post. whoooooop.

End of Day: it's been an awesome day! I'm a happy chick. nite nite.


  1. Enjoy your shopping trip :-) - lovely day for a nice drive.

  2. That's a sweet ass car. Can I borrow it?

  3. wowzers Stew must have a great job.

  4. ooooh NICE!
    You should start your own business ...Chris H., Proffesional Shopper! Then you could be making money by spending other peoples money ...and still have fun! I'd hire you!

  5. I love New Zealand. It's one of the prettiest countries I've ever seen. Hope to read more of your blog in the coming days. Anyway, Hi from Topeka, KS, USA.

  6. Nice car! Can't wait to see the pic once you get it home!
    Don't worry about patchwork class. Unless you run it, a week off is no biggy :o)

  7. Hey ....you won my giveaway!
    My e-mail is ...
    Let me know where to send your package!

  8. Wooohooo!!! Nice one Chris! You trading the yellow submarine in? :)

  9. Hooray for new vehicles! I'm excited for you :oD
    WTG for being the winner of Sue's 1000th post draw!

  10. Just curious why such a big car???

  11. Very cool looking set of wheels.

    Does it still have the new car smell?

  12. nice wheels, you lucky bugger! well done!

    When we went to NZ we spent a week at Puka Park resort, and drove around the Coromandel Peninsula. It's so lovely there. We then drove to Auckland to the airport. Would we have gone over that bridge?

    Did I mention love the car?....

  13. Katrina5:29 PM

    Thats great - its so exciting getting a new car.

  14. Nice SUV. One day, I'll be able to trade in the mini-van and get a manly car again.

  15. Jackie, do you even need to ask. Have you not been reading this womans blog for like absolutely forever. Of course she needs a big car, that shopping ain't going to drive itself home you know. (rofl,, oh I'm in fine form tonight with the humour).

    Anyway, yes deary, I saw the ring, but I still like the pink one. (not really a blue girl myself. Its all sparkles (diamonds) for me, with maybe a hint of emerald but VERY fussy and only ever seen two emerald rings I like).

    The new car looks very flash, I'm sure you will love driving it.

  16. CHRIS BIG COMMENT HERE please check the new car will fit into the garage I HAVE heard of people buying nice newish BIG CARS/WAGONS and NOT being able to fit them into the garage!!!! (funny that) HOw did the SEWING MACHINE hold out? still going ok or is it being replaced?

  17. congrats on the 1001th post!!!!!!!!

    If you're a new car for 1000 posts what will you get for 5000??

  18. make that 'getting' a new car!!

  19. woohooooo now that is a BIG shoppinng trip!!! Nice choice!

  20. thats a super car! congrats on it!

  21. Congratulations on your 1001 awesome posts.

    Gorgeous car!

  22. Love your new car.

    I found your blog from Linda's blog Raweautiful. I was looking at her followers and saw DIET COKE. I had to look and see what it was about. I like mine with Baccardi on occasion as well.

  23. Love the wagon! And congrats/kudos/ and many, many thanks on all the posts... You brighten my day even when you're grumpy. Maybe esp. when you're grumpy...hehe. I just love your spirit!

  24. Congrats on the 1000 posts!!!

  25. Beautiful pics! I love the Highlander and hope one day to own one or a smaller version since I don't have that large a family.

  26. Woo! I love your Highlander, it's so cute! Congrats on your 1,000… rather 1,001 th post too! (I'm just a little over half-way there, so I better get my rear in gear! Ha ha!)

  27. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Very nice car! :)

  28. OOhhh I love your new car very pretty! Congrats on your 1001st blog :p

  29. Love the diet coke car! What a gorgeous view at the cemetary...too bad you got blocked in....you know that saying about "everybody just dying to get in"...well it looks like they did...how fun to shop for a new car!


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