Saturday, June 27, 2009


This morning:
- we go to the Doctor's for weigh in, (I feel like that cat looks!).

- Then we leave in my old car for Thames, where we will swap it for THE HIGHLANDER (as yet un-named).

- Then we drive over to Hamilton (an hour from Thames) and have lunch with our son Steve and his new girlfriend. Steve moved up to Hamilton yesterday.

Then we will pop into Amanda's and hopefully catch up with the rest of the Hamilton based family.

That's about IT for now....

Should be a neat day!

DON'T FORGET... if you havn't suggested a name for the car yet... you have a few more days! Make it good! You could win a prize REMEMBER!!!

Righty ho... I'm outta here.. will be back much later today with photos I hope!
7pm... finally home after a long day out and about.
1st: Stew lost 4 kilos over the past 2 weeks. WAY TO GO DARLING!
2nd: I stayed the same.
3rd: WE picked up the new car (happy, happy, joy, joy) and then drove over to Hamilton to have lunch with Steve and his new Girlfriend Brydie... who also lives in Hamilton.
Funnily enough when we lived in Hamilton over 18 years ago Brydie and her family lived over our back fence! And we knew them... She is only a few months older than our Mike. After lunch we had a lovely visit with Amanda, Andrew and a couple of their friends before coming home.
FOLLOWING: Steve and Brydie:
Awwwww, so cute a couple!
And now:
ABOVE AND BELOW: the guys checking out the new motor!
ABOVE AND BELOW: Me checking out the new motor! YUMMMM.
And of course (being me) I had to get something for the new car:
ABOVE: so I got two little Gollywogs for the car! Meet Tom and Robin (aka Forrest and Jenny off Forrest Gump!) I also got a few bright pink 'things' for the car too... but I will show them tomorrow.....
Keep the names rolling in.... it's FUN!
End of Day: what a neat day we have had! AND the best thing? I can sew in the garage and still look at me car! Wonder how long it will take for the novelty to wear off? lol .... nite nite.


  1. I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Somebody needs to stop feeding that cat so much! I've never seen such a chubby one. :o

  3. Okay, my suggestion is...




    (o or zero) and get the number plate to match!! Then your "name" is on the car too! :)

    Have fun picking up the beast!

    Ok, that could be another one...

    'The Beast'

    or even...

    'The All Black Beast'!

    K :)

  4. Hope you are ok. Usually you post comments pretty quick. You SLEEPING or something?? Leaving the computer unattended?? :]

  5. I recon "AB" for All Black, fitting for the Car and also cause your a kiwi!!!

    Hope the trip went well,can't wait to find out the name you choose, all really good suggestions!

    How did the weigh in go....

  6. How about the TARDIS (like off Dr Who...not sure on the spelling?) because you are going to fit a farking lot of shopping in that black baby!!!!!!!!!...more than it appears you would :)
    How good is Teddy gonna look in that baby!!! Maybe you should call it Teddy's Rigg!!!

  7. it Forest!! Because you liked that movie....but also because you can't see the forest for the trees......
    but in your case......
    You can't see the car from the shopping!!!! hahahaaaaaaaa
    That is going to be like a big black shopping trolley on steroids!!!

  8. Oh how exciting - a new car!!! There's never a dull moment in your life mate - enjoy it!

  9. Congrats on the new car! It looks very nice! Also loved the pictures of your son and his girlfriend!


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