Monday, June 15, 2009


...That I didn't listen to my Patchwork Tutor, and buy my new machine from her girlfriend up in Warkworth! Imagine having to drive all the way up there to get the bloody thing looked at!

At least the drive to Howick is only 20 minutes away.

At least I have had a chance to calm down ... cos I was ready to murder someone on Saturday!

I am hoping like hell it is something simple... cos if it has to go away for repair I am going to be asking for a new machine - or my money back!

I know that the lady who sold me the machine is going to be HORRIFIED to see me back again so soon... she was mortified last Monday when I had to return with the machine... it's not her fault I know... so I will be NICE. (it will be very hard, but I can only try).

Once I have sorted out the machine.... I will be coming home to do the usual housework ... it is WAITING for me....

OH YEAH.. while my back was turned last night Stew (the sneaky bugger) used the new onion chopper.... OK, he was making rissoles for dinner... but STILL! I wanted to play with it first! Pfffffft.... I am going to make a vege soup today and use it too.

So: I drove 25 minutes across town to the Sewing Machine Shop... I lugged that heavy machine into that shop AGAIN... and placed it on the counter.

The lady who 'fixed' it last weekend saw me and LAUGHED... and said to me:

"What's wrong with it now, not the same thing as last weekend is it?"... and LAUGHED AGAIN!
After all my good intentions, I saw RED....

I took a deep breath and said:

"PLEASE do not LAUGH, I am not finding this funny at all. IN fact I am very upset and as cross as hell. It will not go, it keeps coming up with an ERROR message and I can't get it to stop it".....

That wiped the smile off her face....

By then all the muscles in my shoulders and up the back of my neck went into spasm cos I was SOOOOO MAD... and I turned on my heel and stormed out of the shop... yelling over my shoulder "I will be in the coffee shop next door... cooling down".

After having a Mocha, I went back into the shop... where I sat for a further 10 minutes till she was READY to come over and look at my machine.
Stew rang me at that time and talked to me while she tried to get the bloody thing to go... which it wouldn't.
So it's going off to the REPAIR shop, and it's only 12 days old!!!
I asked her to give me a 'loaner' machine to use in the meantime.... which she did.... Maybe I will have the machine back by the end of the week?

One thing is for sure, if it breaks down again I am DEMANDING another brand new machine. One that isn't a lemon.

I did some retail therapy to help calm me down too:
ABOVE: Some "Kiwi" things for a couple of blogger girlfriends in the States,

And a cute wee mat for the family bathroom. Now I'm home and I should be doing the housework... but:


*** I changed my profile photo, I like it ... it's me right now ***

End of Day: well the day went as expected I suppose. No machine... ova it. Made Stew and I lovely, scrumptious omelette's for dinner...NO CARBS... EXCELLENT. nite nite. edit: just did the grocery shopping... it's so much better going late at night! Not so many people to drive you nuts.


  1. Good luck with the machine :-)

  2. OY sometimes fancy and complicated can get ugly, uh oh, glad I didn't sell you that machine. Are you sure you want to keep it?

  3. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Did they offer you any lessons with the new machine... I got three with my Bernina. I'm glad mine is cheap and basic. I am hopeless with technology. What's happened to Stew's union jack shoes. They were cool.. can't have worn them out surely!! haha.
    Thanks for your response to my blog. I THINK there is a MESSAGE in it??

  4. This was too funny.Thanks for sharing it.

  5. I am impressed you did not let rip at the woman in the shop. Her response was completely unacceptable.

    I hope they sort it out once and for all.

  6. Geez you would have been pulling me of the ceiling if I had a machine like that. Think maybe the time to say a "new one please, or my money". It should not be doing any of those things that have led you having to take it back. Maybe use "Fair Go" as a lever LOL
    Hope your day gets better :)

  7. I meant the photo of the bird. I have days like that when I just want to say the same thing as on the bird photo.I should have been more specific with my words .Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  8. That last picture says it all - LOL!!!

    I can just imagine you going into the sewing machine shop. I bet she was shaking in her boots with good reason.

    I really like your new bathroom mat. Looks great.

  9. I think you should just ask for your money back and look for another brand - that will soon make them sort it out!

  10. Hey Chris, how frustrating!! If there is 1 thing I find annoying it's rude shop assistants.

    I do hope they fix the thing and if not, you make sure you get yourself a new one - good plan.

    Hope the loan machine is working okay for you.

  11. I'd be livid to if I got laughed at.

  12. ONE BABY Chris.
    I don't think you read it properly.

  13. I love your new profile pic and that last fuck it pic is my current screen saver. :)

  14. I think you should just get a new machine.. period. Maybe this one is just a lemon and maybe the others aren't. That would frustrate me too. You paid way too much money to be dealing with this.

  15. Your a more pateint woman than me. After two times breaking down, i would have demanded another machine!!

    Those kiwi bees are sooooo cute. I want the plate. Stuff yer US freind, gve it to me dam it! lol

  16. You seriously have some of the most interesting days.....and I love your new pic on the sidebar!!!! Okay my friend....I gave you an award on my blog...because you are one of the busiest most interestingly honest and and fun friends I have!

  17. Lets forget the horrid time you are having with the machine. Enough said and done.

    I want to rave about your photo. Honey, you look STUNNING! That's a fantastic photo and you should be full of confidence. You look great!

    that's all I wanted to say.. :-)

  18. Love the new picture!

  19. Chris, I think I'd be asking for my money back - and no wait! There's obviously something wrong with the machine. You spend A LOT of money on it. I can't believe that woman laughed at you. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've been a slack blogger of late and I appreciate your comments.

  20. that sewing machine lady is lucky to be alive ...

  21. yes i think my wife the candle lady would have been neck deep in that womans butt in about 3 seconds flat . i hate when people who sell stuff take that attitude , we own our business and when somthing is wrong like that i get red with the manufacturer . what ever happened to the customer is always right ?

  22. Ohhh! Your friends are gonna LOOOVE that Buzzy Bee! They should sell them here! They're fun and Woodjie likes to watch the wings go round and round when he pulls it.

  23. PS The machine? I'd be so stinkin mad.

  24. Oh my that not good news about the machine. I'd be angry too. Hope it gets sorted out once and for all. Love the picture of the peguin. Hope tomorrow is better.

  25. Ohh, i hate that when that crap happens. I get so mad too. But I have to admit that you made me laugh. I could just picture you cursing as you walked out.

    I LOVE your's sooo beautiful.

  26. I'm liking the new header.. and tag line.


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