Thursday, June 25, 2009


So... I missed commemorating my 1,000th post and having a giveaway.... so instead I'm going to give a prize to the person who comes up with the best name for our new car! ...AND another prize to someone for just entering the contest! So, you have two chances to win!

How's that? You have till MONDAY, 10pm (NEW ZEALAND TIME) to leave me a comment suggesting a name for the new car! This is open to anyone, anywhere.... but you have to leave me a comment... (not an email), cos I likes comments!

And as to what you could win... I ain't saying! You just have to hope I have good taste eh? lol

In case you need some help coming up with a name: It's big, it's black, it's gorgeous, it's a Toyota.....4X4 HIGHLANDER! *drool*

OH YES! ...I forgot, at some stage I will be getting "Diet Coke Rocks" put on it in BLUE lettering (not too big)! Not sure where on the car yet....ideas?

I just cleaned out my car.. I need to vacum and polish inside and give the outside a clean before Saturday.... *sigh*... I'm sure I washed that car 6 months ago already! I'm thinking I will need to wash the new Highlander a bit more often eh? Where's the nearest brushless carwash around here???? Must find out.

Hee hee, there's some interesting names coming through! Can't wait till Monday night to go through them all and pick one .... and announce the winners on TUESDAY!

I am cold as hell today... so I've dug out the single electric blanket and wrapped it around myself while I'm sitting at the computer desk, and TURNED IT ON! Works for me. (OK I'm a whimp, I admit it)

GOOD GOD SANDRA! I am NOT calling me gorgeous new car IVOR!!! Just ain't gunna happen. Think of something else ya tart!

I'm like a dinosaur, when I'm cold I don't work! I have spent the last couple of hours in the lounge, blanket on.... watching telly! I have a headache too... so no dinner is being cooked by this lazy tart tonight! Wonder what Stew can buy for us? Pizza I reckon. My bad.

End of Day: we ended up going to Manukau Mall and Stew and I had Chinese.. ate far too bloody much... and feeling ill now. STUPID STUPID STUPID ME. Heading for a massive GAIN this week! Can just feel it... and on that note... nite nite.

Oh and thanks for all your name suggestions today, if you havn't already done it.... DO!


  1. I love it!! It's beautiful!!
    How about the Black Stallion? hahah

    yeah, I'm not very creative...

  2. It's..... The Momster. Black like a mobster. Since you're a mom. It's just The Momster. Mwahahahaha! No seriously. That is a cool car. Lucky! Well, I LIKE my BIG RED VAN. Envy me. Ha ha. It's just soooo awesome. (Someday I'll get a cool car).

  3. Scotty the Highlander! Warp speed ahead!

  4. How about ACE (as in spades)?
    Diet Coke Rocks should go on the driver's door.

    Oh, make sure the "prize" isn't too heavy if you need to send it overseas. I just got home from mailing your package and I'm still a little in shock!

  5. Lol how about HIGHdEE

  6. Connor! After the character played by Christopher Lambert in The Highlander.

    I don't know if you have them there, but here a lot of vehicles have an emblem, or a Calvin peeing or little family stick figures in the back window in the bottom corner (left or right, doesn't matter).

  7. I'm going for Stella, don't know why - it just looks like a Stella to me. xxx

  8. Hamish Highlander
    Fergus Highlander
    LOL Trying to think of more Scottish names...... as in Highlander. Or the Highlanders are also a rugby team - so you could call it after another team - Hurricane Highlander

  9. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Frank/Frankie/Franklin. After Aretha Franklin, who's big, black & gorgeous. Plus, if you are having diet coke rocks on your car, then I reckon your car should be a sister, a soul sister......

  10. I think you should call it "Tyler" after Tyler Beckford...he is an american model....and he is big black and beautiful as well! lol

  11. Ashlee's suggestion ....."Blacky Chan" instead of Jackie Chan the asian martial arts actor.

  12. How about calling it "MINE"? As in it is no one elses.

    Maybe the kids would like to wash the old car - for a small fee of course.

  13. Anonymous11:56 AM

    how about
    DCR - short for Diet coke rocks


  14. Maybe Skcorekoctied? Okay that was lame. It's your drink backwards. Might I suggest you name your big, black, roomy, queen of the roadster "Oprah?"

    P.S. I do like Blackie Chan.

  15. I kinda like "bertha". Not to be racist, but it's big, black and beautiful! lol

    I used to call my Toyota Teddy... a long time ago.

    Can you put Diet Coke Rocks on the car and not be sued for copyright? I hope so but I was just wondering...

  16. How about The Rock or Rocky! or Sylvester (for Sylvester Stallone?

  17. If something like Harvey won't do, I'm all for calling him Odd.

    I mean, how often do you see a black scotsman?


  18. well you could name it after stews dad that way hes always with you eh :-)

  19. That is one gorgeous ride. I was gonna say Barack because I find him sexy and powerful, but some smart lady beat me to it. Denzel would work too.

  20. ithink since you are the grumpy tart the toy should be called SWEET TART :)

  21. well then ya tart how bout the LEAN MEAN DIETCOKE MACHINE

  22. well what about BUGGA LOL remember the toyota add

  23. Ok, I have another 2 for you..... 1) Black Betty 2) Ebony

  24. How about this idea.

    Hekate, Goddess Of The Crossroads

    When searching for a Goddess of Travel this one came up. You can read more about her here.

    'The only Goddess powerful enough to travel the three worlds: heaven, earth and underworld, She's a 'can-do' Lady.....'


  25. Some good names there...I love whoever pointe out Denzel and Obama. But the hottest black man around is Wesley Snipes in Blade!!! OMG that man is hot....Now you could call that black beast of yours "Blade". On lean mean fighting machine. Slays evil and diet coke would slide through those flashing white teeth of his so sweetly...LOL...hugs Khris

  26. Hi mother just some i could think of:



    what about dads, dads name, so he is always going to be with you.

    Daughter #3

  27. Anonymous12:47 AM

    How About naming your beast "ACDC" AKA "A Cold Diet Coke"

    WooFarkinHoo "Back In Black" Rock On GF !!!

  28. A beautiful, all black car, should be called "Spot". Err, I'm not very good at naming cars :-)

    A THOUSAND POSTS! Holy crap woman. You're a Blog Superhero! That is seriously impressive. Congrats.

  29. Congrats on the new car. I'm not very imaginative when it comes to naming cars. Hope its warmer there today.

  30. Oh I love your new car and I love that you are going to put DIET COKE ROCKS on it!!!!! I am trying in the worst way to come up with a great little name for your "tartmobile"....I am due to win something somewhere....How about something like "Uncle Remus"...I loved the stories about Brer Rabbit and "TAR BABY" or maybe Cledus or Sambo....I'll keep thinkin'...cuz I want to WIN!!!!

  31. Okay....just a couple more...."Mable" "Bigs" "Aretha" how about "Butler" since it will be serving you well...

  32. Anonymous6:55 AM

    The Dark Knight

  33. Every name I thought up was already mentioned. I suck.

  34. I got one that fits you to a tee...How about Ebony Pearl?


  35. I can't quit thinking about names and I don't even know how many your car will seat but what about "six-pack" or "twelve-pack" to represent diet coke....I'm still thinking....I might be back with more...LOL

  36. here is my idea for naming your car.
    'Inga' "Inaga da car" kinda like "Inga da winga" get it? he he

    after Inga Tuigamala. Small, dark and very powerful, and can go real fast. he he he

  37. Forget about trying to fit 'Black' into the name, won't work, will sound tacky.

    TODIE4 (Toyota/DietCoke/4x4)

    Place the Logo either on the front plate, or at the top of the windshield.

    If I don't win...I'll get over it, I'm sure.

  38. My suggestion would be "fizzy". The reasons behind the name are as follows;
    1. Your love of diet coke. ie a fizzy drink.
    2. The word "fizzy" means bubbly, just like your outgoing personality.

    Carol :)

  39. I'm sorry...but you HAVE to get personalised plates and put BLASE'S idea on them!!! That is brilliant....I love how it incorporates all three things..but still says something....bloody brilliant.
    Not a good name just to call the car though. Can't yell out....."Teddy, get in TODIE4 right now!"
    Have to think about it:)


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