Thursday, June 18, 2009


My new glasses make me feel sick... like seasick! My prescription is different from the last one... so I have to wear them from morning to night till my eyes adjust! WONDERFUL!

Stew has buggered off to Wellington for the day...
The kids have cross-country running today... so I'm hoping it doesn't rain cos I want to go and cheer them on. Brylee should do well... she's our little scooter! Griffin - not so much. *smiles*

So, apart from will be a normal, housewifey type day! You know, washing, vacuming, cooking... and all that totally riveting stuff.

I've been thinking about Teddy and his 'problem'... and I think he's suffering mentally... I go out too much! I have stopped him from coming into the lounge with a barrier (I was sick of him chewing things he shouldn't)... and he has been 'naughty' cos he's stressed out I think.

So... I am making plans to keep him with me more! ... He is going to come out with me in the car when I go out and about. ...if he can't come into the mall or where ever with me once we get there I will put him in his crate in the back of the car! It's not hot anymore, so he won't overheat. If he gets stressed out for the first few times and does have an 'accident' in the car.. well it will be confined to his crate. Hopefully this will stop the behaviour at home?

I can only try... and so... we are going out! I want vege plants for the garden... then we will go to watch Brylee run!

We went out... to the pet store! I bought a smaller travel case for Teddy to use in the car... the crate is just too big I decided. So.. that's done.. he hated being confined.. and howled when I went into the shop and left him in the car. GET USED TO IT MATE, you can't have everything.
Off to watch Brylee run now.
RUSSELL: seeing as you would NOT listen to reason on the phone:
I am the legal owner of Mike's car, and he is the NOMINATED driver.. he has a license to drive it in this country. I did NOT break the law by doing this, the insurance company KNOWS he is the principal driver. This costs HIM $24 a month in insurance, not me. If this is doing him a FAVOUR... then yes .. I did him a favour.
In YOUR case.. ... you are asking me to BREAK THE LAW by hiring a car for you to use in this country, without a legal license. If you are caught doing this I AM THE ONE who would be prosecuted. I am not going to get a criminal record for anyone, not even YOU.
You ask too much from me! And might I point out that you wanted nothing to do with me right up until you lost your license and NEEDED some mug to get you a car so you could use it when you come over!
I am not going to be used by you. I would do anything for you, any FAVOUR at all.... if I could, and it did not involve breaking the law. NO matter how you treat me, I love you, you are my son.
Now, back to normal transmissions: Brylee came 9th in her year at cross country running, she did very well!
Not sure how Griffin went yet.... off to pick them up now...
Griffin came second to last in his group... but I told him it did not matter where he came, as long as he tried his best! He was cool with that.
After picking them up I went and picked up my sewing machine... seems it was a problem with the sensor.... and easily fixed. If anything happens again they have promised to give me a totally new one. So that's good. Fingers crossed NOTHING does happen again.
While I was in the shop I spied some totally gorgeous ribbons, so took them up to the counter and asked for 2 metres of each.... but when it came to paying for them the lady said: "no charge"! NICE ONE! I kinda wish I'd known she would do that, I'd have grabbed heaps more! LOL
End of Day: lots has happened today, I am feeling a bit jaded to tell the truth. Stew is due home from Wellington around 8, so I shall just chill out till then.. well apart from cooking dinner and getting the kids into bed later on. nite nite.


  1. I hate that about new glasses! I got mine on Halloween one year, and had to walk around our little downtown with my kids, feeling like I was going to barf. It was horrid!

    Have a blessed day, Chris!

  2. Arg, I hope Teddy is able to learn to behave himself. Maybe you could get one of those Moby wraps and dress him up like a baby. See what people do. LOL :p

  3. Hang in there, Chris. It never gets easier being a parent and you are doing a damn good job.

    Yay for Brylee. What a little champ. Hope Griffin is pleased with his result whatever it is. At least he got out there which is more than I ever did as a kid!

  4. Steve4:08 PM

    Oi russell i know ur gonna be reading this, stop being a wanker, mum would do anythinhg for you, but breaking the law and risking herself is not fair of you to ask, so why cant you just man up and find another way of transport that doesnt involve mum breaking the law. stop being a prick and take responsibility for your own shit, and if your that stuck for a ride ill cum pick u up, as long as u apologize to mum for being a prick!!!

  5. Hope ya son isn't causing too much drama.

    Yay Brylee! Well done girl!x

  6. Oh Dear, it seems the drama continues.

    As long as the insurance company knows that Mike is the usual driver then there will be no problems with his insurance, if they don;t then they may very well decline a claim. If you were to hire a vehilce, they want to see the licence of anyone who will drive, no licenc - no drive. IF someone unliceced drives YOU as the hirer will be responsible for the repairs to both the rental car PLUS anything the driver hits.

    Just the standard excesses on a rental are horrendous anyway.

    I think you had no choice but to tell him you can't help him, it must have been difficult as we all like to do anything we can to help our kids but we have to draw the line!

    I hope you have a good evening despite that.

    Well done Brylee :-)

  7. I want to SEE the glasses I need new ones and need some other kind of frame what did ya get?
    It shouldn't take more than a day to adjust if it does they may have *cuss words whatever your going to say* messed it up.
    good ideas for the pooch.
    chewing is an indicator of boredom.
    maybe Griffen can play ball with him?

  8. Well done Brylee - and well done to you as well Chris - I think you handled the car situation as any responsible parent would.

  9. You know, being a parent is the toughest, most unrewarding job you can ever do.

    But it's worth it..

    I am glad you are trying some positive moves with little Teddy. He will adjust, and I am sure he will enjoy your company a lot more (he is sooo sweet).

    Good luck with the new machine (fingers, toes, eyes crossed...)


  10. Oh, I forgot, kudos to the kids! They did really well! And second last, well hey, he finished the race, that's all that counts!

    Well done!

  11. i dont really wear glasses, but i do have a pair that im supposed to use for driving, and whenever i put them on, i get dizzy..

  12. New glasses always take some time to adjust. I have issues with family too because they are self-serving and try and use the "we're family" card if and when it suits their purpose. I totally understand how disturbing this is for you. Hope Teddy starts to behave himself. Good luck take care.


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