Monday, June 08, 2009


I have finished stage 1.... now I have to either put black bias binding around every 'join' or do satin stitch. I WOULD do satin stitch if I could get my sewing machine to work!

I'm gunna have to take it back to the shop I bought it from for 'instructions'... cos it just won't sew for me...BLOODY THING. GRRRRR.

Kids are back at school today, this is good.
I can get the vacuming done and know it will stay tidy for at least 6 hours! This is good.

Getting back into the swing of things with DIETING... Stew is totally 'on board' so this will help me and him get healthy and stay healthy. And I know that my mood will get better once I am in 'control' of my belly again! As in, only feed it when necessary!
Sometimes I feel like a broken record, saying the same shit all the time... but I know that as long as I keep trying I won't slip too far and gain all my weight back.

- Sewing machine is fixed.. it was something wrong with the bobbin case... hopefully it doesn't happen again! The ladies in the shop were horrified to see me back after only a few days.

- I bought a new 3G phone... it's NOT PINK...but that's OK cos it does EVERYTHING!!! I can even update me blog from it!!! It's on the charger right now, so no photo.

- I never realised how often I stop in at a coffee shop for a Moccha and a 'snack' till today! I had to stop myself going into a coffee shop 3 times in 2 hours... the urge was so strong!!!

- Now I'm hungry (I think, lol) and am going to have a small chicken salad. YUM.

ABOVE: the new phone! It's like a mini computer with all it can do!

I can't be such an idiot afterall, I managed to send an email, a text or 4.. and a photo too!

Talking of photos, that's why I picked this one... it's got an amazing camera in it... with flash... 5 mega pixels or some such.... AWESOME. I now don't have to lug my heavy camera around in my handbag all the time!

End of Day: a busy, fun day really! Sewing machine all better, new phone... and a new diet.. which has given me the shits. nice. nite nite.


  1. I hear you on taking control of weight. It's always one day at a time for me and I hate standing on the scale, but I do every day! hang in there!

  2. Your current project is absolutely beautiful! The colors are amazing! Nice job!

    I'm with Joanna. It is always one day with me, too. Just stay on top of things...two steps forward, one step back. Don't beat yourself up for being human!

    Bueno suarte (good luck)!

  3. Hope you are able to get instructions on how to work your amazing sewing machine!
    And yes one day at time and we will all get to where we want to be! Hang in there!

  4. I know what you mean re: "a broken record"... I'm back at WW, counting blimmin' Points again.... for about the 1,000th time.

    I haven't had much success yet, which is SO frustrating, but I have to just keep going and sure enough, the weight will slowing come off. It's just that I'm so, so impatient! xxx

  5. That will be so good having Stew on board too with the weight thing. You are right to go on and on... anything that stops us losing control is good :)

  6. baby steps with the weight loss Chris! You are aa bit like me - never going to give up!

    Put that "diet" word aside - think healthy living instead:-)

  7. both your quilts are coming along nicely aren't they? You are a clever little thing. How's the machine coming along? Get it sorted yet? Frustrating isn't it?

    Good luck!

  8. That project is the most awesome thing. What gives with the sewing machine?? Hope it's a quick fix. How frustrating!

  9. The frangipani is looking gorgeous. I love the mix of patchwork and applique (I think that's right!).

    I like the sound of your new approach to losing weight. And it's great that Stew is on board. My hubby and I both need to lose a considerable amount but although he acknowledges it he's not in the right place in his head to start and, lordy, that makes it hard! Also I think that if you have a slightly different take on the subject when you are revisiting the weight loss area you are more likely to succeed cos it's just that bit newer and more exciting than last time.

    Probably not making much sense .... :)

  10. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Hi Chris, Could you tell me the model number of your new mobile phone, It looks exactly like the one I want. Did you have trouble with the touch screen.


  11. Nice phone!

    Good on you for resisting the mocha and snack urges. It'll get easier, honest!

  12. Wow, I need a phone like that. Now you'll more room in your bag too. What could you fill it up with

  13. I love our 3G phone!! It also picks up internet when you are in a zone for it. We use it just like a computer when we are at the beach house - there will be no stopping you now!

  14. I have the same PHONE !!!! Have had it since the day it came out... I love it!! its amazing!!!!! YAY.. yes coffee is evil, esp the shop with the food.

  15. I hear you Chris - its all the little tings we unconciously snack on that makes our butt big!

  16. Nice looking phone, I would have trouble sending emails etc as I suffer from fat finger syndrome.

    The frangipani looks really pretty, looking forward to seeing the final result.

  17. Love the new quilt...

    ....and the never say die attitude, one day at at time!

  18. The new phone looks like a lot of fun! Having the camera makes it just that much easier to put pictures on you blog!

  19. My grandma had a saying: Don't say, 'I can't' say 'I'll try'. I know that's elementary, but most things are, eh? BTW, Love the finished quilt. It's darling.

  20. Glad to hear Stew is on board for the weight loss ride. Good luck to the both of you. Congrats on the wedding anniversary! Have fun with the sewing machine now that you have the bugs worked out. Brylee's quilt look great BTW.

  21. Your new phone is killing me...IT'S AWESOME! YOU ARE AWESOME...YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TALENTED!!!! I love the colors in it! I think you are wonderful!!!

  22. Totally jealous of that phone!!


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