Monday, June 29, 2009


This is the last day you have to suggest a name for me new car! I will be doing the draw late tonight....

BIG...BLACK...BEAUTIFUL...4X4 Toyota.... and of course It's MINE...! Lots of you have been focusing on the Highlander name... but I was thinking more of the BIG, BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL aspect really. Like what is big and black and beautiful? Who? What? Where even? So there's more ideas to help ya! There are a few really good suggestions already... but I'm open to more!

Today I am going to EXERCISE from 9 - 10 am, it's the start of my new routine... fitting exercise back in NO MATTER WHAT else I want to be getting on with. Exercise has to come first.
And I am planning every evening meal in ADVANCE, so I'm not left wondering what I'm cooking for dinner at 4pm ... and sometimes just thinking "oh what the hell, let's have takeaways!". NO MORE being lazy....

This is the last week of school before the next 2 week holiday for the kids... so I want to make the most of it and get lots done.. primarily the new blind... and maybe Brylee's quilt finished!

ABOVE: see the tennis ball? hee hee, now I can drive me new car into the garage without hitting the wall.... it's a bloody Looooong car... a bit longer than my van in fact. Oh and it took me over 45 minutes to get that bloody ball positioned just right... and two holes in the roof... *sigh* (small nail holes Stew, don't go panicking now!).

What's next? oh yes.. now to the blind... yeah forget the blind.. I had to go grocery shopping and put petrol in the car ready for tomorrow's Patchwork Class Outing....

***********NAMES: what about something that depicts the "DIET COKE ROCKS" side too????

ABOVE: I snapped this guy in the supermarket this WHY did he bother putting on his jeans if he wanted to show his arse so badly???? His underdaks were so thin I could see his butt crack... soooo not a good look. IDIOT.

End of Day: well I drove the new car with some trepidation.. especially around town... but on the motorway I actually CRIED.... cos I felt so safe ! In the van I always felt very vulnerable. I will be doing the NAME DRAW in 3 hours... then going to bed. Results will be posted tomorrow. nite nite.


  1. The first thing that comes to my mind is Shaq....or next would be "Baby B"

  2. Anonymous7:59 AM


    Not only timely, but can stand for Michael or Samuel L Jackson.(Big, black and beautiful!)

    But if you really love it, then it's obviously ELVIS!

    Lurx. x

  3. Velvet!!! have a good week Z xx

  4. I still like my first choice Rocky Chris or Sylvester even Stallone but now you got gollies in there as well.... hmmm.
    Don't forget everything crossed for me today girl. I'll let you do your hours exercise first haha. Geez, I am so nervous!!! Horrible emotion.

  5. did you ever see Romancing the Stone?
    Pepe my little bucking broncho....

  6. Good on you for scheduling your exercise in. I agree it's the *best* way to get it done and tick it off the to-do list!... I'm hoping to do the same this week! :)

    PS: what about Tyra (as in Banks) for the new car?... she's big, black and certainly beautiful!!

  7. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Hi Chris, My father used to have an expression for anything that was black "Black as the ace of Spades"

    I think SPADES would be pretty classy for such a classy looking car and not to over the top


  8. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Chris, how about"Black Magic"


  9. big, black and beautiful?

    how about Maybelle? she's the character who sings big, black and beautiful in Hairspray....

  10. hey, I use the tennis ball to get my car far enough into the garage so I can close the gates without hitting the car (the gate manufacturer put the hinges on the wrong way so they swing in not out!)

    You know, you could always call it Venus or Serena after the big black beautiful tennis players...

    Or Lotti after the footballer! haha. good luck!

  11. Big, Black, Beautiful, Bertha!!
    I drive a grey Landcruser. They didnt have black in stock.
    See, sometimes I do comment!

  12. karen from Palmy2:56 PM

    Hey what about Roxy... more feminine than Rocky maybe...

  13. karen from Palmy2:56 PM

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  14. Anonymous3:17 PM

    HAHA when I read the last line of your post I automatically though BUBBLES! Noooooooooooooooo

    Love your tennis ball! And good job on the exercise plan.

    Additionally to my first idea - BBB4B4

  15. My favourite Big Black & Beautiful male star would have to be either Wesley Snipes.....or Vin you could name it Wesley or vin diesel in the mvie Pitch Black, or the Chronicals of Riddick.

  16. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Hmmm... "Ivanna" springs to mind - you know as in Ivanna Spendalot to giver her a first and last name. Enjoy your new baby!

    Hoping to get to Dorkland soon so we can catch up properly.

    Don't freeze your bum off too much, we are down here - in the grips of freezing cold breeze - just charming.

  17. Big, black and beautiful...Jonah!

  18. Karen from Palmy5:08 PM

    I just had another idea... RAVEN! cause you're a rave'ing beauty behind the wheel huh x

  19. Guys wear their pants like that all over here. I SO hope it goes out of "style" if you can call it that soon!

    How about LOVER ;O)

  20. How about "Heidi" for the car ... it's got some of the "diet" in "Diet Coke Rocks" in it - and the "hi" sound of Highlander - and why does the car have to be masculine ... why not a feminine name for the car? (Non-stereotyping here!! Lol).

  21. Or another suggestion .... Coke-o (Coco) .... cocoa is dark after all!!

  22. Anonymous7:29 PM


  23. princess-curly-of-pandora-land9:53 PM




  24. I like Black Beauty or the Black Stallion.

    I'm hitting the gym later today too. Maybe I'll see you there. ;)

  25. Anonymous11:12 PM


  26. Anonymous11:22 PM

    The black diet beast!!


  27. You are such an inspiration....I am trying to at least get a half hour in but I think I will try an hour today......cuz I wanna be like you-oo-oo♫♫♪no seriously your days make me tired....always on the go....oh and I hate seeing the guys and their fannies hangin' out all the time too....just gross! Blow some of your cold weather this way...we had 110 yesterday. and hated it! Good luck with your name dad use to always say black as the ace of spades funny. Here is my last effort.... sheep....can't wait to hear your choice.

  28. We have bright orange wiffle golf balls in our garage hung with thumbtacks. They work brilliantly!

    That young man needs to pull up his pants!

  29. Congrats on the new car. Sounds like you are having a fun time getting acquainted.

    Around here all the young men love to dress like underwear guy. This awful style has been going on for years.

    You are always the busy bee. Good luck with the exercise.

  30. Don't think I made it in time, but how about Flicka? lol after the big black and beautiful horse? lol I don't know I'm never good at this naming game and i'm tired - and when I'm tired I get goofy:))

  31. We have the same problem with our freaking long mini-van. There's only a few inches of clearance in front and back when we park in the garage.


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