Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I was asked yesterday "Why buy such a big car?"...

- I am used to driving a van which is higher up than a car, and I like that.

- I like the safety aspect of being in a bigger, more solid car.

- The Highlander has 11 airbags, making it one of the most 'passenger safe' cars on the market.

- It has the seating capacity to have 7 people in it comfortably... this is important when you have a large family, visiting grandchildren etc.

- It has the ability to tow a larger load (for that boat I want one day!)

- It is versatile, having a large rear storage area for those large, bulky purchases... and we all know how I like to shop!

- It has a larger engine... making hill driving etc much easier... and passing shitty big trucks on the Kopu/Hikuai road is going to be a breeze!

- The Highlander has a rear reversing camera.. making it very safe in respect of NOT backing into any small child... or Teddy!

- It's a TOYOTA, which has an excellent reputation, and they just GO and GO!

I think that covers it all! I'm sure there are other reasons, like it's just TOTALLY GORGEOUS and I LOVE IT... *smiles*....

TODAY: I am going to stay home and read blogs! There's a couple of HUNDRED updates I need to read!!!

STEVE is moving up to Hamilton this Friday!!! THRILLED about that. He wanted to borrow our van to get his stuff up to Hamilton... Ahhhhh... NOPE.... it's getting swapped for our new HIGHLANDER on saturday! Obviously he hasn't read the blog in the last couple of days eh? lol

For only the 2nd time in my ENTIRE life... I won a prize! Coffee Slut was holding a competition to commemorate her 1,000th post... and I WON!!! I have NO IDEA what I won... and that's half the fun of it! I wish I had done the same thing for my 1,000th post! Maybe I will do one to celebrate my new car!

I'm sitting here, reading blogs, dropping a comment here and there (as I do)... FREEZING ME BUNS OFF!!! So, I have unplugged me laptop and taken it into the lounge so I can be near the fire... it's the only warm place in the house, well except me bed! And as I am expecting a plumber soon, I don't think I should be in bed!
Teddy is being a pain in the butt, he's sitting on my left arm... makes it hard to type I tell ya.
Anyway. once the plumber has been and fixed the kitchen tap, which is leaking something fierce, I'm going out to pay a bill and get me some lunch! I feel like something HOT.
ABOVE: Teddy has been evil AGAIN.. should I blame him .. or the kid who left it's socks out?? I'm leaning towards the KID.
I have a bloke in me kitchen... and he's not MINE!....
We have had a really bad leak for a while now, and Stew was right, it needed to be fixed by a plumber... cos we needed a whole new tap! TYPICAL.
At least I can clean out that cupboard now!
Oh and cos I was soooo cold, I got off me arse and did something. I climbed up into the attic to find something, but once I was up there I couldn't remember what it was! So I did some tidying up, then had to climb down to let the plumber in.... then I remembered what it was I was looking for! So up I went again.. couldn't find it.. but saw something else I wanted ...
So far today I have been up and down those horrible steps about 6 times! Well, I found several things I needed didn't I? LOL. As a consequence, now I'm hot. It's all good.
BLONDIE1: While I remember.. I have been dreaming of buying the Highlander for AGES, so did think to measure our garage to see if it would fit first! LOL... it does! Thanks for your concern.
This afternoon Griffin went to a friend's house till 5pm... that was nice. I put a big roast of pork in the oven... can't wait for that!
Stew is home late tonight, he's at a meeting at the Super Clinic for Diabetics. He is LOVING it (NOT)... it's every Tuesday night for about 12 weeks I think.
End of Day: just got the kids off to bed, Stew is due home shortly. It's been a neat day... got lots done. nite nite.
******** You have to read tomorrow's post! You could WIN something!*****


  1. LOL ok I only asked.... Have a great day :-)

  2. I love your list of reasons for needing this car....and I think they are all extremely valid. I would love one of these!!! And I agree Toyota just keep going baby.

  3. LOVE the new car. Hope you warm up soon, it is getting colder today rather than warmer :-(

  4. hehe just as well CAUSE friends of mine bought the car of their dreams and yip you guessed it, has now pride of place outside too long for the garage and NEARLY too high REMEMBER to take bikes off any protruding roof racks LIKE THEY DIDNT and it was a costly affair!!! I love new cars BUT hate that new car smell.. can't wait to see more photos P.S glad to see the concrete pavers were put too good use!

  5. Why so big? Cuz you LIKE it and cuz you CAN!! Say no more!


  6. heh, not only did you get warm, you also did *gasp!* exercise! (hate that word, don't you?).

    All for a good cause...

    And yes, you have made an excellent choice with your new car! Beautiful!

  7. Glad you like your new Highlander!

  8. Your new car sounds fab. And im glad im not the only one who goes up in the roof and forgets what i went up there for!

  9. I love new cars. I love the smell and I love the whole feeling of driving something a bit different.

    How's the sewing machine behaving?

  10. Hmm, Dinner sounds good!

  11. It's always exciting getting a new car. I've got an older Camry at the moment, and it's as solid as a rock - so I agree Toyota is a good make to get. Thanks for leaving nice comments today. I was having a shitty day, and you brightened my day.

  12. You are right Toyota's just keep going....ours is not as pretty as yours but we love ours too

  13. Wait. Stew's diabetic? I didn't know that!

    I would lean toward blaming the kids for the socks, too... but I know kids... :]

  14. Okay, your list of reasons for that car are fantastic. Love it! Also, we are big Toyota fans.

    I can't stand it when dogs chew stuff. ARgh! That would drive me bananas.

  15. Darn dog! It's a huge problem finding a plumber here. Glad to hear you got your problem resolved. Roast pork on a cold day is the perfect supper.

  16. I ♥ your kitchen...sorry about having to pay the plumber....and I'll bet you burned lots of calories up and down those steps today....which is always a good thing for weigh in's....seriously I love your kitchen!

  17. I like driving a SUV too. Much better than a mini-van or a sedan. It's also nice to look down on other drivers when you're driving.


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