Tuesday, June 02, 2009


We have been hit with a friggin cold snap... I'm freezing! And when I sit at me computer I freeze even more! There is no heating in the family room, so last night I sent Stew out in the cold to fill up the gas bottle and now...

Thanks to this little bugger, I'm warm! You should be happy, I'm able to blog and keep warm! Believe me, if I couldn't keep warm I'd be in me bed with the electric blanket on. NOT BLOGGING.

I've got Patchwork class today.... not doing much there at the mo... got to get more material so I can work on the Frangipani Project. And that GORGEOUS material from Australia is nagging at me to do SOMETHING with it! I'm thinking of doing a 'Triptych' Wall hanging with it... and I can't wait to get started on it!

BUT... I have a couple of other projects I must finish first.... *sigh*.

Our weekend away was so nice, but I'm glad to be home again... kids back at school... all nice and quiet here! BLISS.

ONWARD... so, class was nice. I finally cut the Australian Material into 3 for the Triptych.... and I had a nice yakkity yak with the girls. I've come home with a pounding headache... dunno why. Must take some Panadol or such-like before picking up the kids and taking them to swimming this afternoon. The pool noise and chlorine smell usually gives me a headache too, so I will be one step ahead if I dope meself up now eh? *smiles*

Swimming - DONE

Headache - AVOIDED

Dinner - COOKING.

*****PEPSI UPDATED x2 *****

End of Day: and my headache is back with a vengence... drat. Couldn't eat dinner even.. that's not good! *smiles*.... off to bed early to try and feel better. nite nite.


  1. Even though I live in "sunny" Los Angeles, it's cold and raining today with more expected for the week. I'm freezing too!!!! Even with hot flashes, I'm still cold.
    Have a great week.

  2. I keep forgetting we are on opposite schedules for seasons! I just got home from the beach! Then again....it's never really cold here!

    Hope all is well!

  3. We can't have you NOT BLOGGING! :]

  4. We had snow here at the farm on Sunday - can you imagine that in Palmy!

  5. It is just the beginning of summer here and it is hot hot hot. I'll trade weather with ya? whatcha think?

  6. As cold as Christchurch...never!!!!

  7. Fingerless gloves! The answer to the cold, but the question of fashion LOL.

    I love hearing about your patchworking work..

  8. It's almost summer here. Actually, we have been in the 80's for about two weeks now. Love the weather, but not all the yard work I'm doing.

  9. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Hi Chris, Can you email me, I lost all my email contacts,

    Maggie (Aus)

  10. Hope you do feel better soon and the weather warms up.
    Great that you got away for a weekend.

  11. Glad to hear you're now keeping warm!

    Hope that headache buzzes off soon!

  12. its not too warm in this part of the globe either yet.. when the hell is summer comming already?

  13. I hope your headache leaves soon! They are horrible things!

  14. So sorry about the headache! Hope you wake up today (or tomorrow, from my perspective) with no headache.


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