Thursday, June 11, 2009


Last night I had fully intended to sit down and relax after my marathon house cleaning effort.. AS IF!

I went down to the garage... to put something away... and ended up starting work on my 'Sewing Book of Stitches' instead!
I am making a 'book' of all the stitches my lovely new machine can do! As a clear reference guide for me. Should be fun doing it too.

So ... here's what I got ready last night:

I don't know how many I will need, but these will do for now. I've put batting in some and stiff tear-away in a few too. So .... guess what I hope to get done today eh? Sewing these up and starting work on the stitches.

I think that's all for now... except.. I have indeed got a blasted cold... going out soon to find something to help keep the snot under control. TMI? ... too bad, you're reading this drivel!

I might also do some grocery shopping, look at getting me some prescription sunglasses and... look for some concrete block 'thingees'. What for? .... wait and see.

ONWARD...So... I went out, I looked at concrete blocks... no joy there... then I went and made an appointment to get some sunglasses (that's tomorrow).. I went to (shock-horror!) The Warehouse and bought a new bed for Teddy and a DVD for me... then my batteries literally ran out and I felt like shit... so I came home and had a nap!

Ahhhhh.... feel better now (after an hours nap) and am onto it again. Will go and get the kids soon, then I'm going to go down into the garage to sew.

My car has sprung an oil leak, and I'm not fixing it! I have no intention on spending any more money on that car.. I am getting a new one sometime this year... so in the meantime, it's staying OUTSIDE.

Only... I want to get some pavers to put on that grassed area... so it doesn't end up all muddy and horrible. So I'm looking for those pavers that grass can grow up through ... havn't found them yet.

A benefit from keeping my car outside:

I have MASSES more room in the garage! It's neat.. room for the sewing, for the washing racks (in wet weather)... and the gym gear is at the other end with me sauna and the spare fridge/freezer. It's all good.

End of Day: feeling like shit... this cold seems to really kick in at night. Oh well... tis only a COLD .... not the FLU ... I've never had the flue. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Woman... I need you to teach me how to blog AND clean my house AND go on outings AND quilt.

    Is it the diet coke?!?!? Cause, maybe I should drink more...

  2. You qualify as the Multi-Tasking Queen! I can't believe how much you get done with or without a cold!

    Feel better soon!

  3. You are coming along great with the quilting a real Martha Stewart lol!!!! Pity you and Stew didn't go to elite to look at weights they have WONDERFUL NEW sets and very reasonable too, Stew could have splurged and spoilt himself, has he used the other weights yet I can see the downstairs garage becoming a gym/sewing centre!!! lol ( how cool )

  4. bloody hell woman, don't you ever stop? you need to rest now you have a cold. try it, you'll see it will do you the world of good! lol

    Love the nicknames for the kids. What a cack!


  5. I agree with Coffee Bean....I put away a ton of Diet Coke and I don't accomplish what you accomplish....You make me tired just reading your post....YOU ARE AMAZING! No wonder you have a cold and feel like **** run on fumes and go a million miles an hour! You are my idol my friend!

  6. Have updated my blog about HCN

  7. Chris there are pavers that let grass grow through umm hard to explain they are concrete and look like a waffled egg carton sort of hexagonal shapes joined together and in the spaces is where the grass grows, my employer has them on A GRASS RAMP area in their backyard and he can mow over them too the blocks go below soil level and the grass grows over hope that makes sense.

  8. Sometimes I get tired just reading all you do in a day while I'm sitting on my a$$ at work.

    I hope you are feeling better. Take it easy and get some rest.

  9. mmmm I am like the others I drink diet coke and no way can I achieve what you can achieve in a day....go girl!

    Hope you feeling better soon.

  10. You need to sit down and relax to get rid of that cold. You've had a super busy day for someone whose not feeling too good. Hopefully you will wake up feeling somewhat better. Take care.


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