Saturday, June 20, 2009


OH GAWD... I'm going to a Tupperware Party is afternoon!

AND don't get your tits in a knot Amanda.. I know you sell Tupperware... and I would NORMALLY get mine from you... BUT... this is a way to meet more neighbours in my new community. So I'm going. I will buy SOMETHING.... even if I don't really need it. It's what ya do.

This morning? Well I hope to drag Stew down to Bunnings to buy those concrete thingee's to go at the end of the driveway.

He won't want to of course, cos that will mean he has to dig out the dirt and lay them ... but ya gotta do what ya wife WANTS EH? He wantS to sleep with me afterall! *lol* (just saying)

That's about IT for now.... except for ringing the sewing machine shop of course!

Oh and just for your viewing pleasure, I give you:

And HE called himself that! I just love the apron, I bought it thinking I would give it to someone overseas, but I loved it too much! Looks cute on Stew.... he offered to take off his shirt too... but I thought "NAH, we all seen your belly already mate!"


Righty ho.. we went out.. I bought a dress (or 2)... we had lunch at St Lukes.. we came home, I went to the Tupperware Party.. I drank a few wines.. OH ERRRR... Stew and the kids had to walk around to pick me up cos I was a bit tiddly and couldn't drive. Bad me.

I spent a bit... on stuff I really didn't need, but oh well.. the hostess wanted a set of scales and I only had to spend $XYZ so she could get them... so I did. *sigh* Hell, she made such an effort with the afternoon tea and bottles of wine I felt "What the hell"... I enjoyed myself and that's the main thing. And the other ladies there were lovely... in all.. a neat day.

End of Day: Stew is cooking dinner, I have no idea what it is... nor do I really care. I'm going to lie down and try to sober up! My head is spinning... BLOODY WINE! nite nite.


  1. i want me some tupperware I love me some tupperware :) have fun!

  2. Oh my stars.....I am either laughing{tits in a knot} or smiling at your honestly make my day! By the way I did go to the doc yesterday and then for chest x-rays and blood work today.....don't know anything yet except that I love ya my friend that cheers me up!!!!

  3. Here's hoping you meet some people worth knowing! Is the lady who left her babies at home and walks to school to pick up her other child coming? (She DID stop that I hope!!)

  4. Well, I am going to a baby shower this afternoon....and it is a hour and a half drive away!!..Rick is coming too to hide in the kitchen with the other blokes!! lol lol
    I hope you enjoy your party and meet some people you LIKE !!
    I love that apron as well :)

  5. Now THAT man looks like he can put on a 'Mean Dinner'.

    ..."I'm sick and tired of.." Too Funny. Glad you chimed in, and hope you'll keep coming my way.

  6. Haha I dont think you have to buy anything but thats just me lol... have fun :-)

  7. LOL know the feeling about the wine that was me last weekend, this time. Glad you had fun :-), and thats why they serve wine you spend more lol.

  8. That's funny. I'm glad my apron is just plain blue. I don't want to be anyone's kitchen bitch.


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