Friday, June 05, 2009


SHEESH!!!! I feel like I'm never home at the moment.

I'm taking the train into town today...

We will have been married 22 years tomorrow... Hmmmm, wonder what I can get Stew?

I should really be staying home and doing some housework, but it will still be there tomorrow ....

SANDIE: I'm just popping in, so won't be able to catch up with you unless you are free for morning tea??? Text me if you are.

While I'm out I will leave you with this little laugh:


ABOVE: why I went to town. Love it.

Home now, got heaps of housework to get on with.

Brylee is going to a little friend's after school today! Her first time EVER... she is so excited. Griffin is pissed... cos he can't go too.

Brylee's play date went very well! So relieved. I will let her invite her wee friend here next week. I spent an enjoyable 20 minutes yakking with Olivia's Mum... hope I didn't shock her too much! My mouth... *sigh*... sometimes get's carried away. SOMETIMES. She didn't flinch MUCH when the odd 'bad' word slipped out.

End of Day: having burger 'n' chips for dinner, cos tomorrow we get weighed and that's it... a new start... to a better way of being.... GORGEOUS. Ha ha ha! nite nite.


  1. Gorgeous ring!

    Poor Griffin. He'll get a turn later. :[

  2. Lovely ring. Such a deep, bright blue. Enjoy!

  3. LOVE the ring. Happy anniversary! you sound very busy and happy ... this is good!

  4. Lovely ring. All the best for yours and Stew's anniversary tomorrow. I hope you spoilt him too.

  5. Gorgeous ring, happy anniversary to you both :)

  6. How exciting for Brylee.

    I love the ring, it is gorgeous.

  7. Happy Anniversary! I for got we share an anniversary date (you are one day ahead of us in the states right?) We will be 16 years on Saturday.

  8. Love the ring and glad B's friend play date went well - have a great weekend :-)

  9. Love the ring chris have a great day with stew tommorrow

  10. OK - now you've got to send the pink ring down to me!!!!

    Happy anniversary to you both.

  11. Love your ring. Looks just right on your finder.

    Happy Wedding Anniversary. I do hope you have a wonderful celebration.

  12. ohhh so love the ring!!

    Happy Anniversary for tomorrow

  13. Beautiful ring, enjoy! Have a nice weekend.


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