Saturday, June 13, 2009


It's back to the Doctor's today for weigh in... and I know I havn't been very good this week.. suppose the scales will tell the story. AND I bet Stew has lost heaps just to make me feel worse.

Oh well... it is up to me eh?

After that... we shall go out west to Swanson to pick up the weights we won on Trademe.. then probably lunch at Sylvia Park and then home.
So ... that's the day's plan....
And.. YES I did take photos of me toes yesterday....

ABOVE: another mosaic shot.. this setting is sooo cool! I love it... and plan on taking lots like this. Maybe not of toes though....
WEIGH IN: Stew lost 2 kilos, I lost 1.5 kilos.. totally unexpected result.. I must have been better than I thought! We have cut our carb intake right down and upped the fresh salads... seems to have worked.
On our way to picking up Stew's weights.... Brylee discovered her new top had these nifty 'holes' in the sleeves for her thumbs! She was thrilled to bits... after realising she hadn't 'ripped' her top!!!

ABOVE: nifty... keeps her hands warm.

ABOVE: we found what I had been looking for at Bunnings... it will cost around $100 all up to do the driveway extension!

ABOVE: Stew's 'new' weights.... he got 17 differing size weights and is rather happy with them.

ABOVE: while picking up the weights (which were in a 2nd hand store) I saw this crystal necklace for a very sweet price... so got them! REWARD for losing weight! Maybe I shall give myself a wee reward every time I lose more than a kilo in the week? OOOOOO SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!
End of Day: made a huge coleslaw for dinner, had pork chops with it.. and made a yoghurt/basil dressing... so yum! Going to bed early .. still under the weather and need to get some sleep if I can! nite nite.


  1. Hmmm wonder if my phone does this sort of stuff - have a new phone but have not even looked at the camera lol

  2. LOL That is so funny. Now you're "quilting" with your camera, too.

  3. I hoping the weigh in goes good. Fingers are crossed for you.

  4. good for you, I would be happy with two pounds right now, and I want to bake brownies from scratch....who wins?

  5. good weight loss chris keep it up and as you said its up to you. Ive been totally slack need to step up to the mark myself.have a good weekend and your phone pics are great.

  6. Well done with the weight loss, both of you.

  7. Well done on the loss mate

  8. Darn nifty phone...I WANT ONE!!

    Congrats on the great losses to both of you!

  9. Well done to both of you on the weight loss. Great find at Bunnings and so much cheaper than an all concrete addition :)
    Have a great rest of weekend :)

  10. congratulations and well done on your loss this week...

  11. Congrats on the loss :-)

  12. Bravo on the weigh in! Keep up the good work.


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