Monday, June 01, 2009


Where to start? Hmmmm... this one is for NOLA:

Teddy snoozing on the couch, on Brylee's pillow even. Little bugger.
Next... the Indian Restaurant we went to last night was DEVINE... totally gorgeous food....

Griffin and Josh had chicken on rice and loved it... after whingeing about not getting any chips and burgers! Brylee had some chips, no point buying her a meal cos she never eats it. Stew had some chicken in a sauce thingee and I had Chicken Tandoor Tikka with a yoghurt dipping sauce... it was DELICIOUS! We are definitely going back there again!

Me and Joshua, I had to tickle him under the arm pit to get such an adorable smile out of him!

ABOVE: from the top of the hill, overlooking Whitianga and:
ABOVE: the view facing east of Simpson's Beach and open sea...

and for all you freaking Americans/Canadians etc who want to hear me voice... a short video of Buffaloe Beach, Whitianga.

Considering the weather was on/off... wet/fine... warm/freezing, we had a lovely couple of days away. It was particularly nice to have Joshua for the whole weekend too.

And I got to meet another blogger! Anne was delightful... shame I didn't manage to get back and see her again... maybe next time eh?

Now we are home... and it's time to get back to normal... I've got patchwork class tomorrow, and after that I hope to catch up on what YOU have been doing! Hope you are all well....

End of Day: it's freezing in me house, must get the heater on or I'm going to LIKE having my hot flushes! nite nite.


  1. Lovely pix! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Anonymous6:04 PM


    Hoping you can provide me with some information as you obviously love NZ

    We are thinking about travelling to NZ next year. The GD (8yr) wanted to go to QLD to see MovieWorld etc.

    Is there anything similar in NZ and what time does it snow?

    Can you tell me if it is better north or south island. DH is a keen photographer

    Many thanks


  3. Beautiful photo of my Teddy boy!!!! The other shots are not too bad either!! I don't know about the Americans etc....but I LOVED hearing your voice!! You don't really sound like a tart!!!!!! haaahaaaawahaha

  4. Go Chris.. videos and voice over... you are getting clever at blogging. Great photos. It's been absolutely freezing down here. Snow in Woodville and we sure felt it.

  5. Have met MargieAnne but been a few years and yes I will catch up with you to :-)

  6. Was so good to see you. Sorry I was kind of distracted. I've never been good at chatting and talking .... I'm not your typical multi-tasker but don't let on.

    Why not gather in Whitianga sometime .....maybe September/October, - not Labour Weekend.

    Believe it or not I am kind of shy meeting up with you clever talented people so if I seem stiff that's why.

    Never been to the Indian Restaurant but I had lunch at Cogill Cafe on Sunday ... I'd have let you know if I'd thought of it when we met on Sat.

  7. Hey wow! I can understand you! I have trouble understanding some accents but I understand the Queen, Tony Blair, the Australians and YOU. LOL good company, eh?

    What a beautiful beach! And such a short walk from the car!

  8. love HEARING you the beach is beautiful!

  9. Yay for getting your own computer :) :) :) Great photos - I could do with a bit of a lie down on a comfortable cushion on the lounge.. LOL

  10. Whitianga looks beautiful!

    Lovely to see your smiling face in the pics, instead of your grumpy tart face! ;)

    The cheek of teddy on the pillow!

  11. Teddy is so cute too! I wanna give him a big squeeze!

  12. It looks like everyone had a good time.

    I have to tell you - I thought I saw you in a restaurant in Texas on Saturday. There was a woman who looked just like you. Did you do some intercontinental traveling over the weekend?

  13. Oh the Indian food sounds wonderful. I LOVE your voice Chris, although it sounds pretty much like I expected it too!

  14. Nice to "hear" you :)

  15. I KNOW that video with your lovely voice was just for me! :) Thanks! My favorite was was "Hello, Darling." :)

  16. Great pictures Chris, and your voice on the video is exactly as I'd imagined it. Love your accent (even though I'm sure you'll say you don't have one!)

  17. We loooove Indian food! We just had it today at a restaurant. My kids love it too. Yummmm.... great, now I'm hungry.


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