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What does 'Core Reasons' have to do with losing weight? Why does my Doctor have to try and find a long lost 'reason' to blame our weight gain on???

Isn't it just cos we overeat? Don't get enough exercise? Eat for the hell of it? Like food too much?


In my case he's decided I overeat cos my early childhood was a bit violent (not towards me I might add) and I'm living my life waiting for a 'catastrophe' to happen all the time. I don't get it.
Maybe he can explain it later on.. or maybe I will poo-hoo his high brow theories and tell him to piss off?

In Stew's case he reckons it's because he is always trying to do 'better'... and he feels a failure. FAR OUT.

For whatever reason... we will stick with this new programme because we both want to lose weight and be healthier/happier... and maybe, just maybe we will satisfy whatever REASON our doctor is doing this programme!

He has got funding for this programme from SOMEWHERE, and he's totally enthusiastic about it.. maybe he wants to prove a theory, write a book .... whatever? He is taping our sessions... HELL I hope I don't look as fat as I feel! LOL

So, today Stew and I are going to sit down together and work on our 'flash Cards'... that outline the most important reasons why we want to lose weight.

We will look at these cards whenever we feel like eating when we shouldn't, or overeating....or eating the 'wrong' food. It's all about training our BRAINS to not work in the CAVE MAN mode....
Shit it's all a bit wishy-washy for me. BUT I WILL do it.

NOW.. wasn't that fun for you to read? Where's a photo I can hear you say!
WAIT FOR IT... the day is just beginning.....and I'm not even out of bed yet!

I want to get some practising done on my new sewing machine today ... and Stew is hoping to take the kids to the movies too... he didn't get time for it yesterday.

ONWARD.... I'm feeling GREAT. so there. Did I mention the fact that in the last 6 months I have actually stayed the same weight? THIS IS GOOD. Not great, but hey, I havn't gained.

Today has gone as planned, except for one major thing... I can't get my sewing machine to sew! It just keeps jamming up the thread.... it's driven me mad all day. So. ... no sewing.

Stew took the kids to the movies, and while they were there I went and picked up Brylee's quilt from the professional quilter:

ABOVE: the quilt.. I just need to add the binding around the outer edge now... most of that will be hand sewing. GREAT.

ABOVE: I'm thrilled to bits with the detailed stitching I chose for the outer edges of the quilt! Brylee loves it... she's totally into "Hearts and Love" ... her words not mine! Rather cute.

End of Day: and I rang my Patchwork Tutor for help with my machine and she came around.. but could not get it to go either, so I will have to take it back tomorrow to the shop. Stew and I had a lovely dinner of chicken (no skin) with coleslaw and a yoghurt/basil dressing... it was delicious. No carbs at dinner time. WE are doing well. nite nite.


  1. Well I eat because I am bored, because I can, because I was always told to eat everything on my plate because of the starving children in Africa, I eat because I replaced smoking with biscuits, I eat when I am depressed and I have a husband that doesn't think I need to lose weight so brings me choclate, chips etc.....I am doomed......good luck to you both and least you have each other for support :)

  2. Hey Chris, it sounds like he's got you following his own version of "The Gabriel Method" which beetricks and I are doing.

    If you plan on giving this way a shot, maybe buy the book. When you buy it there a downloadable mp3 to listen to each night that is in affect, brainwashing you into making healthier food choices.

    In all my 20 years of dieting (yes, back to when I was ten!), I have never felt so confident that this was going to be it! Check out my new blog too (attached to this profile), detailing my journey.

    Good luck, try and be open to the doctor, this might just be a different way of looking at things that changes your whole life! Airy fairy much?! ;)

    soulmumma :)

  3. Maybe the doctor was merely pointing out that some people thrive on the dramatics of any situation and draw out the theatrics of it all, or as some of us seem to live from drama to drama even everyday in some small way, is he a witch doctor! lol or maybe its the lull between crisises(is that a word) that is our downfall, surely there is a thesis somewhere out there for it surely! hopefully as the course carries on you will warm to him BUT we dont have to like everything all the time do we?

  4. Hi Chris

    mmm. Interesting theory from your Dr.

    have a good day sewing


  5. Sounds very similar to what the woman I'm going to believes in - and I reckon there is something in it!

  6. the quilt is just lovely. I have 2 that my mum made for me when I was a wee girl. The oldest one she gets out and puts on my bed every tine I come home... such a lovely thing. I know Brylee will cherish it forever.

  7. Glad you going to keep on with this new weight loss plan, having Stew with you will help I am sure.

    Here's hoping you can fix the sewing machine to stop that jamming...and ohhhhhh LOVE the quilt you did Brylee.

    ohhhh those menopause tabs I am taking Chris are Natures Way....menopause night and day. At them moment they are working or the flushes have abated for awhile.

  8. dont know about the doctor but love the quilt chris looks great i just bet brylee loves it

  9. Anonymous10:42 PM

    shit woman you need to stop over thinking things,

  10. I love that quilt - I love the quilting stitch done all over it!! Oh and I so hope that machine gets sorted!! Let me know what your new diet is, we are after any new ideas.

  11. That quilt is awesome! If you get bored, my birthday is in Nov *wink wink* lol

    I used to agree with you about the eating. I thought i ate just because i liked the taste and didn't care about the portion sizes because the good tasting food was better at the time than my figure. So i failed a lot of diet programs because they all start with "why do you over eat?" and "coz i wanna" didn't pass as an answer. I resented the fact that, unless you are totally screwed up and eating your feelings, no-one can help you lose weight....
    ..That was untill i started seeing my therapist. After he asked a series of questions, i began to realise that i over eat to stay fat, and i stay fat because the fat is a wall of safety because i have abandonment issues. A LOT of abandonment issues! I just didn't see it before, but now it's sooo clear, and i can fix it :o)
    I should talk about that on my blog!

    Hugs for the first commenter, Libra [[HUGS]]

  12. OMG - i'm sitting here picturing you going stir crazy with your sewing machine not working!

    The quilt is just gorgeous - but let's face it aren't all your handiworks? :-)

    I think if we knew the answers to why we overeat we wouldn't be the weight that we are! It's such a head battle - has so much less to do with food and exercise, i've been doing a lot of thinking of late too and have come up with some theories - now to put them to the test.

  13. What a busy day! The quilt is beautiful :) You don't look over weight to me. I always say I'd rather be fat and sassy and happy than be thin and miserable. As for your machine...I sew too and for a while my thread jammed up too. Turns out the problem was the bobbin case was in upside down and the thread in the bobbin was wound backwards-check your bobbin case make sure everything is good :)
    good luck!
    ♥Sweet EMJ


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