Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I love my new header... I could look at it all day ....but I suppose I really SHOULD DO SOMETHING!

Hmmmm... what?

I know!... I will do some sewing... on the 'loaner' machine... which is working, bless it's little computerised heart.

I'm feeling great today... isn't that neat? I might even do some EXERCISE too! I kinda worked out an Exercise Plan the other night, but havn't felt like implementing it yet.. too steamed up about me machine... that used up a lot of energy ya know!

Isn't that a gorgeous picture? And it's not even BLUE !

And ... while I'm still here.. Teddy has been VERY VERY BAD! In the last week he has gone toilets inside the house 3 times! First time (saturday), he actually jumped up on the spare bed and did No's 1 AND 2 on the bed! Then he poo'd in the kitchen monday night and last night in the family room... right in front of me and the kids! I don't get it... he has been totally house trained for a year already! Anyone know why he is doing this? I'm thinking it's because it's wet and cold outside and he just doesn't want to go out?

I do know that he is now locked out cos there is NO WAY I'm having him inside if he's going to do that!

ONWARD.... going to buy some sewing stuff....
Well it's been a busy day so far!

First off... I'm thrilled to say our son Steve is moving out of Palmerston North.... he's going to live with is sister, Amanda, in Hamilton. It's only an hour away from us. Also, the twit went and hurt his hands last night at netball... dislocated his ring-finger on his left hand and broke the pinky on his right hand. Derrrr.

Other news.. our son Russell, who lives in Perth... is coming over for a visit. I am hoping he will want to stay here for a day or two. Mend some bridges maybe?

As for today: I bought a few bits and bobs at Spotlight.. nothing worth showing ya.
I picked up my new prescription Sunglasses.. and I would show ya.. but I'm having a BAD HAIR DAY! I brushed the mop didn't I? Now I have a frizz bomb on me head. Must straighten it tonight.

AND I posted a couple of parcels to YOU.... Leslie and Ann(ie)!!! Keep ya eyes peeled in about a week or so.

EXERCISE ?: well shit, I have hardly sat down all day... so there!
Right: I straightened the shit outta me hair... so here's a photo of the sunglasses:
ALL I need now is botox for that bloody forehead eh? LOL
ABOVE: I have put Teddy in the dog box..... god help him if he does ANYTHING in there! I will throttle him, I will.
*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* PEPSI HAS BEEN UPDATED*~*~*~*~*~*~*
End of Day: It's been a good day! Stew likes the new glasses. Good one. nite nite.


  1. Hey Chris!
    I love your new header! It's great!


  3. our dogs don't like to go out in the rain either , and if we go out and watch them, ok, if we let them out, then in again in a few, you can be sure we will find poo somewhere... don't like wet butts obviously...
    LOVE the new header! also the pic of you with wavy hair - very pretty!

  4. Hope you have a good day Chris!

  5. Naughty naughty Teddy! Mum's bichon won't go toilet on the grass when it's wet and cold, have you got a concrete patch he's allowed to go on?

    PS Love the new header!
    PPS Stink about your new sewing machine, fingers crossed they get it sorted quickly for you :)

  6. Have you had other dogs/animals inside lately? Maybe he's getting territorial? All I can think of offhand.

    I know how unpleasant dog poo is!!!

  7. I love the new header too. Rum and diet coke sounds really good after a stressful day at work.

    Have you tried the new Captain Morgan Tattoo yet? MMMmmmm ....

    I'm more of a Stoli vodka girl but indulge in rum on occassion.

  8. Buggar ya template!!....down to my darling little Teddy.
    I am thinking it could be his medication? I had a dog that did this once and it ended up being the medication they were on....they just lost their reasoning. When they came off the medicine.....they never did it again.
    Also....for the clean-up.......
    Use white vinegar mixed with a bit of water. Apparently, if you use "normal" cleaning agents they contain something that actually "mimics" the animal can still smell it and will go to that spot again. We can't smell it but they can.
    If you use white takes the urine smell away. Also, they hate the smell of white vinegar...they can smell it long after we can't and they will never go in that spot again.
    I used to keep a spray bottle with two thirds vinegar and one third water when my cats were little. I sprayed the loungesuite with it where they were scratching and they never scratched there again. Anywhere I didn't want them to sleep or scratch I sprayed with the a treat!!!
    Failing that.......let me know what flight you are going to put him on and I will pick him up this end!!!!!!!!

  9. PS:...When you bring him inside...confine his area for a while. Have you still got that playpen you had around the Christmas tree? Put him in that for a bit so he can still be inside with you. On the lino floor for starters! Then gradually allow him to have more area until you are sure he is coming right.

  10. He might be sick. Sometimes they do that when they have a bladder infection. Trip to the vet to rule out sickness, worms, anal glands,etc... any other changes at home that would upset him?

    make them replace your machine, no headaches,

    your fabric is stinkin HAWT!

    very glad your happy, your blood pressure thanks you...

  11. Wonder what's up with Teddy!?

    The header looks great!

  12. the new header is FANTASTIC! That is such a beautiful piece of material.

    Bad, naughty Teddy! Could be cause of the rain, or perhaps he feels his is not getting enough attention? Maybe he read my blog about Ozzie and decided to copy..

    Hopefully he won't repeat the exercise once he is back in from disgrace. Poor little cold, wet, shivering Teddy... lol

  13. Oh man, your dog is being a little stinker! I wonder why also? I got out my sewing machine today too and did some clothing repairs. I usually like to make aprons from them. When are you gonna make a cute apron? I want to see one! Ha ha! Those are what I like to make. Although my sewing maching is just not as cool as yours. :D

  14. Header and your profile pic look great Chris. I like your hair with the curl.

  15. Good news about Steve, you will be able to see him heaps more now he will be closer.

    It would be nice if Russell at least agreed to attend a family do so that you had all your kids & hopefully even grandkids altogether.

  16. Something is amiss with Teddy, maybe he's thinks it's payback for having to wear the head guard again - LOL!

    My little bugger has done the same thing (on the bed)but his was a dominence thing, he would jump on the bed and sniff out my husbands pillow, then cock his leg and let rip! Suffice to say he now does not come anywesr near the bed - but I must admit I had a good chuckle when he did it!!!!

  17. I love your new header and profile picture! I could use me a rum & Coke right about now. Yum!

    My parent's dog once went #1 on MY BED (of all places) when I was in high school. Poor thing ended up having a bladder infection, so she couldn't help it.

    Hope Teddy gets things sorted out soon.

  18. Love the header...and hey the head of blonde hair looks better than the dark if you ask me...LOL...and I like the sunnies too...I got new sunnies while I was in daughter told me I had to get with the times and buy new ones...BIG ones...LOL...they are big but I like expensive sunnies so cost me an arm and a leg..LOL..ohh...bugger the way....hugs Khris

  19. Maybe it's his meds? Love the glasses. Hopefully things with the oldest will work out well.

  20. How much were your glasses for the lenses? Do you normally wear contacts?? They look good - I was ripped off with mine and still don't have them!

  21. LOVE the new header ....and the sexy sunglasses!

  22. Maybe time for a trip to the Vet Chri. or, give them a call and see what they think. Could be a mix of things. Best of luck :)
    Love the new 'sunnies' :)

  23. I love your new header!

    Ooh Teddy sounds naughty, my MIL's dalmation took a dump on my bed when I watched her, and I about broke her neck! Granted she was a little bigger than him, but still!

    Love the hair and the sunglasses!

  24. Hi Chris, Wanted To Pop In And Say Hello. I Have Been Following Your Blog For Sometime Now (Yes Yes, I Know - One Of The Lurkers Finally Coming Forward!!!!) And You Have Kept Me Very Entertained, So Thanks :-)

    BTW Love Your New Header "It Rocks"

  25. Hello Chris. I hopped over from Karen's blog. I live in Kentucky and post pictures of country life. Horses, dogs, country roads, geese families, grandkids, you name it. Hop on over if you have an inkling to.

  26. Good luck getting Teddy figured out. Nice sun glasses. So much going on. Will be nice to have DS closer to home for sure. Good luck mending fences. Take care.

  27. Oh my funny. I was chuckling at all your remarks when my Myna birds started mimicking behind me! Congrats on your weight loss..hang in there. I think for me..the energy or the lack of it makes the difference as far a me working out (necessary factor) Cheers- You have a great sense of humor!
    Oh, and your header colors are cool!

  28. You look beautiful by the way, and I got a kick out of the post, but I always are a trip and a half.


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