Sunday, June 21, 2009


My totally gorgeous, expensive as hell sewing machine is still not going that well. Yesterday I rang the shop lady back and suggested I come in (with the machine) on Monday morning and sew with it until it does it's 'crappy little nasty tricks' so she can see EXACTLY what it is doing....

She thought that was an EXCELLENT idea.... so that's sorted. If it continues to misbehave she will get me a totally new machine.

ABOVE: Griffin showing off his new pyjamas... we had to buy size 14 then shorten the legs and arms to fit him.... must be made in China, where everyone is an anorexic pygmy!

Today: dunno! Lie in bed? Let Stew sleep in? *sigh* ... I do know that today at some time we will be going to get those friggin concrete things for the driveway extension. Couldn't get them yesterday cos we went out in the car, not the van.

Apart from that.. no plans.
I got out of bed at 8, made the horrors some breakfast, and went back to bed till 9.45! It was FREEZING this morning, but has of course turned out to be a gorgeous day.

ABOVE: unloading the van... now for the hard work to commence! I will, of course, document it all in photos.....*smiles*... NOT that anyone OUT THERE seems to be reading this today! *sniff*
ABOVE: progress... when Griffin saw this he said:
"It looks like we are burying GrandDad again!"....
I was eating (guiltily!) a piece of ginger crunch and nearly choked on it! *LOL*
ABOVE: getting there! (Brylee is looking for worms)
ABOVE: I was not a total slouch while Stew slaved away, I planted out the Winter Vege Patch.
ABOVE: The only bug I want in my garden! He's so cute.
I've come inside now, it's getting cold and SOMEONE has to cook dinner I suppose. *sigh*
End of Day: we gots lots done today... so that is great! Off to bed now, we are both kinda tired. nite nite.


  1. Man that machine would be pissing me off big time now... hope they sort it soon for you :-)

  2. You are showing such patience to go in and sew for them... you'd think THEY could figure it out, but well... if you can solve the problem or get a new machine.

    I hope they can work it out.

  3. I hope you get that machine fixed once and for all.

    There's nothing more frustrating than new gadgets that don't work. Especially expensive gadgets.

  4. geeeeeee hope they can find whats wrong with that machine..and you get a NEW one, you deserve it for all the problems you have had!

  5. That's because you are not boiling in this heat wave. We have all wilted and are panting...

  6. I hope you get a whole new machine, obviously that one is defective.

    We were outside working all day. What are you going to do with the bricks?

  7. Yay for sunday sleep ins!!!!

  8. The "brick" project looks fun ... NOT! - oh, and I'm reading :)). I hope the driveway extension wasn't as hard to do as I'm imagining!! Enjoy the rest of your day.

  9. My sis and I have been busy painting my bedroom...

    Hope the bloody machine issue sorts itself soon, just get a new one, under the consumer guarantee act, you are entitled to a new one if the old one doesnt do what its supposed to do.


  10. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Okay, enough is enough, you HAVE TO INSIST that you get a new machine. I really think that you have a LEMON, I think you are so calm about it all, I would be out of my mind by now. Good luck for tomorrow! I really hope they swap it for a new one. KRISSY - SINGAPORE

  11. So do you plant stuff inside the holes of the bricks?

  12. wow, the yard looks great (and I bet she found lots of worms).

    Sorry, I don't get to read my blogs till the week day during lunch. the family demands too much of my time, selfish bunnies! lol

    Funny, though, you have so many blog friends. I think the most comments I ever got was 4... :-)

    Anyway, do read, don't always leave a comment, and always find it a great laugh. Love ya work! xx


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