Sunday, May 31, 2009


As you read this I hope I'm still in bed... but I'm probably not!

3 KIDS... one dog... and we are all cooped up in a little house.. thank God for Playstation!

I am going to do some SUDUKU puzzles... work the brain ya know? lol

And hopefully we can get out and have a play on the beach.. go for a walk... check out the local shops, have lunch out.... bla bla bla.

I will be back later on with photos hopefully of our day...

Alrighty ladies and gentlemen, due to unforseen circumstances (internet cafe closed lol) Chris will be unable to update todays blog, so you have the pleasure of being subjected to STEVE (a.k.a. number 5 child)!!!!!!

Weather is very nice in whitianga, Chris, Stew and kids had a lovely day (I assume lol), they ventured to an indian restuarant for dinner, it was lovely (so mum says). Well other than that there isnt much to say, i had a lovely day, thanks for askin :)

End Of Day: Lovely day all in all, NSV went a little skewif (im just guessing here guys so bare with me). Now just gonna relax and then go to bed. Night Night :)


  1. God women can't you even go away on a weekend and not blog......

  2. That is so funny getting Steve to update! I hope you had a good weekend :)

  3. are truly a good son to your mother!! I do believe I may have gone into withdrawals if you hadn't kept me up to date with what your Mum was up to!!!
    However....would it have hurt you to take a photo and put up for her....preferably one of that cute little Teddy:)

  4. LOL cute post! And a guest blogger, too!

  5. Wow - a guest blogger in the form of Steve! Nice job!

  6. lol, that is so flippin funny, (getting Steve to blog, then have to guess what you have been up to). lol


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