Friday, August 10, 2007


A lovely friend in Aussy suggested I set up my own Weight loss group.... so I might ! Thanks CKK for the suggestion.

So this morning at our coffee get together I am going to sound out my girlfriends and see if any are interested ..... might start real small to start and see how it goes.

Lots to think about, to plan etc, but it is a challenge in itself so might take my mind off other pressing issues (Thursday) and stop me obsessing all the time about my weight going up and up. If I can help others maybe I will end up helping myself ??? Who knows, but it is worth a try. If this doesn't work, I will consider SureSlim or Jenny Craig or something similar... I am desperate!

Right! It's on.... we are a 'group', no name right now... only firm plans are:
- Meet on Saturdays, 10.30 am
- Take turns at each other's homes for now 'hosting'
- No rules or regulations
- No pressure to weigh
- No "specific" programme to be followed (whatever works for you is fine)
- Support being the operative word
- Meet and chat over how our week has gone, any tips/ideas appreciated.... all welcome
- $2 each a week to go into "kitty" for end of month biggest loser prize, based on % lost. If you don't weigh, you don't qualify for prize.
- Other incentives at discretion of "Founder" (ME!)

I am feeling quite excited!!! First meeting place will be my home, as long as I am "up to it" on Saturday... will keep you posted!
Failing that, it will definitely be "on" the following saturday.

This is what I am calling our Group for now.... all and any suggestions accepted, final name will be announced in due course.... bring it on....

I go out on a saturday morning to "play Ladies" and Stew is left at home to....

do the washing!!! How spoilt am I ?????

It has been a very quiet afternoon, a girlfriend came around for a visit....and that is it! Stew is making dinner (home made burgers) and I am really looking forward to that. Found a huge flea on Izzy this afternoon.... yik yik yik, my girlfriend thinks fleas might be the problem with her skin... but I'm not so sure.... I think she got that flea while she was in the Vets kennels cos she has been regularly de-fleaed.... I will be really upset if I've spent hundreds of dollars to be told the problem is fleas! Grrrrrr.

Looking forward to a quiet evening again, nothing much happens here in the evenings!

End of day... have had a sauna, nice and warm, going to bed to read....NSV Today: Setting up new Support Group ! nite nite


  1. You might want to try nutri-system. I got fat on recruiting duty and needed to loose weight before reporting to my next duty station. Went on the Nutri-system plan and went from 230 pounds to 189 in a month. It worked really good because I hated their food and didn't even eat as much as they allowed me to.

    PS: Spending 5-6 hours a day in the gym didn't hurt either.

  2. All you can do is try so YEAH! Sound your friends out and see what they think.
    I think it is a fab idea and everyone else will no doubt think the same and like you said, it will help you AND EACH OTHER.

    I hope you have a good day

  3. Thats an excellent idea! You really should set up your own group. WIth lots ov NSV's.

  4. what a great idea to set up your own group!
    Let us know how the first meeting goes!

  5. Lol ... how spoilt are you or how well trained is he? :-)

    The weight loss group is a FABULOUS idea! I used to go to WW meetings with a girl at work during our lunch breaks, and after we stopped we were always going to try and set up a lunch time thing on Mondays and it never happened, you've inspired me to get it going again!

    I agree with trying new things - I think we get too complacent on the same plan for too long - how I hate complacency, it has so much to answer for ... lol

  6. That sounds like a fantastic thing to set your own group, if anyone could ralley around and organise somthing it would be you. Let us know how it goes.
    Also, hope your feeling better about the thing at school, we had a drama with Pep and didn't want her going to religion and took forever to settle that with the school..they think they know whats best???? yeah right.

  7. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Hi Chris! GHD stands for Good Hair Day!! (just read Erica's blog and your comment wondering what it stood for)
    S x

  8. Sounds like a great idea to start your own wt loss support group. I would love that around here as I do miss wt watchers sometimes.
    You will be a good organizer for this group and I think it will help you get to your goals too!

  9. good one for you starting a group of support...good incentive for u.

  10. Hey - like the idea of your own group - be just like us lot in blogland only more in your face - is that possible???? Now big news..... drum roll.... tah rah.... just booked our flights to come to NZ at the end of November. Going to a friends 60th which is being held at Waitara on Saturday 1st December. We're flying into Auckland on the Thursday and will catch up with some friends there, then to the party. So thinking that we'd pop into Palmy on probably the Monday then head up to Gisborne to rellies there then back to Auckland and fly out again on Thursday 6 December. Now I suppose you're going to tell me you're heading off to Timbuktu then!!!! LOL

  11. Chris, That sounds fantastic - I'll firm up arrangements once we get back from this trip if that's OK - haven't even told the 60th birthday couple that we're going to be able to make it (they only live up the road from us but have strong roots in Taranaki!!). I'm excited already - I'm ready to burst!!

  12. Anonymous11:41 PM

    good luck starting your weight loss phenomenon... i am sure u will have a great time no matter what happens.. hehe but with all these "no rules" i wonder if it will be a chin wag and the money will be spent on tim tams.. or was that my fabulous dream world again? hehehe


    anywayyyyyyyy... i like it when boys do the washing.. hehe i made my boy cook me dinner again tonight. yay!

  13. Support group sounds awesome!!!!

  14. Storm had a major skin problem that left her with no hair on her knees and behind her tail and bleeding infections in both places from her chewing at herself. Turned out to be Dandruff. Some antibiotics for the infection and olive oil in her food.

  15. Wow, that would be just great! Good for you. Wish I lived on the other side of the world for sure!

    As far as hubby doing the wash - my jaw just dropped - I have been waiting for my hubby to clean the bathroom for about a week now - will give him a few more days before I kick his butt!


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