Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I know I'm doing a detox (thanks Janene and Jules)... but cutting out diet coke totally is tooo hard! And while it is advised to not have any caffein on the programme, it is not totally OUTLAWED if you cannot do without it..... it is OK IN MODERATION..... so there! I am getting enough headaches already without adding caffein withdrawal to it. You try having no meat, cheese,dairy, fat, carbs, blah blah blah and stay sane! I am doing my best. RANT OVER, and this is me WITHOUT DIET COKE: I am proud of the fact that I am only having 2 glasses a day..... now... Today : Off walking with Janet and Izzy, into town to get da pills and potions.... then home to try and swallow them!

For any of you thinking of doing a detox, yes... the first 3 days are murder.. then you start to feel bloody terrific.. as I am today! Not hungry, masses of energy, clear headed and rearing to GO!
LOOKEEEEE..... I got it, I got it... now I'm gunna read it... then take it....
UK LINDA: you are a nutter, I sooooo do not talk like that!!!! ha ha ha.
I just swallowed ***40*** friggin pills.... nearly gagged umpteen times... and it took me 30 minutes , BUT I DID IT!! Now I just have to do it 9 more times..... over 5 days.

TIFFANY: I don't know mate, I havn't stopped the diet coke!
SUE : No mate, I don't rattle, I gurgle.... endlessly.... my tummy is really NOISY ! Who needs the kids at home with all the noise I'm making on me own!

***** NEWS FLASH******** Lynn Has NO INTERNET... but she is surviving!!! She will be back asap. Bummer.

is served. Have pity on me....
I'm a pill popper, a pill popper, OOOOO Yeah! It's easier to do it while distracted... I'm watching Coronation Street... one of me favourite programmes... Real dinner tonight for me was some brawn rice and veges..... don't go and envy me now!
NSV TODAY: I went walkies, I 'did' the pills, and I feel bloody fantastic.
And for all you perves out there...NO, nothing has "happened" yet. And there will not be any photos either, so there~!


  1. You goin to get da pills...I love the 'da' bit..teehee

    I is gettin eadaches too man but we get fwoo it...YEAH?...teehee

    Anyway, I is glad you is getting fwoo ya detox...you da man!!.....teeeheee

    I wouldn't be able to say that if I hadn't seen the Ali G...teehee...he is crazy man!!

    Have a good day hun

    Hugs to ya

  2. Good luck with da pills girl..
    Have a top day!!

  3. Yeah man, you does like pics as I sees on ya blog...teehee

    Hey man! I doesn'nt mind ya want'n me before n afta pic of me house.
    Ized get em dun soon.

    Ized in da house now man!...teehee

    Ized gettin help off me kid to write this post.

    Hey! Keep it real....yeah man!

    Ized gettin gud at this....teehee

  4. Hey, we is doin detox...Yeah?...Gotta keep a check on da batty sludge....teehee

    Keep it real man!

    Sorry hun, I just had to post this.

    Hugs to ya man

  5. You hip an' a happenin!!lol
    Good luck with the whole Detox thing.

  6. We must stick together as Skid Row once said. They went on to become one of the best bands on earth, I think all will agree.
    Hope that system works for you.

    Hang in there and don't give up. I think a villain has disabled my avatar link. Off to the batcave!

    "The Captain"

    The food of the universe shalt be used for not only the good of the people, but the satiety of mankind, whilst he wishes away the art that forces him to be there.

  7. 0.o 40 pills?
    there is life after/without caffiene? how is that possible?

  8. Do you rattle when you jump up and down?

  9. Yuk - I think I would bring them straight back up again. You should maybe get used to taking them though - and here's hoping you get a nice big kick start!

  10. uh huh, 2 glasses of diet coke...but when you use the big glasses, thats cheating!


    Good job...keep it up!

  11. GAWD, 40 pills I'm gagging at the thought of it. Good luck on your detox.

  12. That's a meal in itself! eewwee .... No pics of ya shit tho hey!!?? *giggle*

  13. lol are you sitting on the toilet now???? ACUTALLy dont tell me that lol...

    i love that screwed up face photo hahaaha

  14. The parsley looks quite yum - enjoy!

  15. LOL - There's nothing like being away from blogland and catching up on a weeks worth of your entries to give a girl the good laugh she needs!!!

    Good on you for sticking with this detox - just like Lyn's results i'm anxious to see yours.

  16. HEY! I is liking dat dinna man....teehee

    I know you don't talk like that I is just going ova da top....YEAH?....teehee

    Good luck with taking the pills, you is doin fiiiine...man

    OMG I just can't stop....HELLLLP!!!

    I hope you....I am so wanting to write....I hope you is...teehee

    Right, control....deep breath in annnnd slowly out...thats it I'm baaack....phew thought I had lost it there for a moment.

    Okay, have a lovely evening....and keep it real...TeeHee

    The da and man words don't quite suite my pic...teehee

    Hugs to ya hun

  17. What a lovely touch the parsley was! I've been reading your blog for a while now and it always makes me laugh. It's very refreshing and honest. I've just started my own up again after a big break. I also had surgery like you to remove excess skin (but have since put on weight again). Good luck with the detox.

  18. You are hilarious! Nutter...

  19. aaaaaaawwwwww

    at least you can say you ate your greens?!

    its one of those fancy big plate small meals from a posh resturant aye?!

  20. I'll stick with shakes, you are a bloody legend :)

  21. You can't be frickin' serious!! That is piss funny! op eyou survive.. What out for parsley in your teeth!!

  22. Good luck with the detox, I'm like you and hate taking pills. I gag on them a lot.

  23. Goodness, you'll be *rattling* with all of those pills inside of you, haha.

    Still, at least they should help to keep you full as they must be taking up a large part of your stomach ;-)

    Keep up the great work with the detox. You seem to be feeling the benefits already!


  24. Wow I missed so much. Your party looked like a huge success. Hope you get the results from your test soon.

    Good luck with your detox. I'm still rushing to catch up on the backlog of stuff. Just popping in for a quick hello.

    Keep up the positive attitude. ((HUG)) You can to anything you put your mind to.

  25. Lunch looks amazing. What presentation! 5 stars! :)


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