Sunday, August 12, 2007


Our Support Group needs a name!!! It is not to have the word "Weight" in it either! It is a support group, not a weight loss group, even though that is our ultimate goal.... I want something different!

Today: buggered if I know! I think cos it's so wet outside it will be a fluff around the house day.... how boring! There is heaps of housework to do obviously, but who the hell ever wants to do it??? And now that I don't have masses of teenagers at home (YAAA), it is left up to Stew and Me... Maybe it's time I sussed out getting housekeeper?

Stew is in bed right now having a sleep in... hmmmmm, what is that??? The most I ever get is 8 in the morning, then it's up and onto the computer, I am addicted! Hope I don't have to stay in hospital on Thursday, who will miss me if I can't unpdate? !!!


  1. We will ALLLL miss ya hunny!

    I have come up with some sooopid names....The In It To Win It Club


    Ladies At Large


    The Tarts....teehee

    I'm sure I will come up with some more stoopid names...or should I not??....Lol


  2. Hey

    I am addicted too! I will miss you if you do not update!
    Sorry can not think of a name for your support group.

  3. Ok this is too weird!! I was thinking this last week that I need a support group to go to to weigh in and be accountable to. Couldn't face the thought of walking back into my ww group that I used to be leader of.

    Then a lady came in to the shop and we got talking and she mentioned she goes to a local one just like the one you are setting up. They call theirs 'little piggies' group ... too funny!!! So I committed to go each wednesday morning for weighin.

    After your email and now this ... very weird!!!

    Love the idea of your group!!

    Hmm ... names? ... try hards?? can't think of anything else sorry

  4. Okay

    Guys n Dolls Club...courtesy of OH

    Sweet n Savoury Club...Courtesy of moi

    Sweet n Sexy Club....courtesy of Adam....oops he's only

    Pink n Blue's Club....courtesy of moi

    His & Hers Club...courtesy of moi

    I'm still thinking.....


  5. Hottie Girls...

    Skinny Mini's...

    Tiny Tarts....

  6. You sound just like me with your frustration about eating and weight. Don't do Jenny Craig though... recipe for weight gain long term!

    There was a group in Wellington that I used to go to and also I put Karen on to it but its closed now. It was called Positively Slim and their aim was diet advice, weighing in and walking. I don't really like the name but perhaps you could yous the Positively with something else? Like Positively Healthy group? Anyway, I sure need to do something - like get off my butt and move... away from the food.

  7. How about something simple such as just NSV?

  8. what an awesome idea!! you will find it really good having a support group!!

    i know what its like not get a sleep in :) maybe you could ask to have a weekend to yourself :) hehehe go treat yourself!!!!

  9. I will miss you too!!!! :P

    Gee pickin names is hard???

    Friends Support Group?

    Friends without Fat!!

    Too hard basket!! I dunno, someone will come up with a good name somewhere along the line!

    Enjoy your day out.

  10. We'll all miss you if you can't update. Can't you take your laptop in with you!!!

    hahahahaha - just kidding honey, we can wait!

  11. Hmm names. Now my head is spinning. Love the idea of working "tarts" into it. That name makes me giggle, guess thats just the Canadian part of me, haha.

    Tiny Tarts with Big Hearts
    Tarts Unite for the Fight
    Tarts R Us
    Tarts and Tea
    Support of the Tarts


  12. Maybe a name with the word Healthy in it. Will do a bigger comment soon - laptop driving me nuts!

  13. oooooooooooooh! I want that baby beagle!!

    How bout battle of the bloody bulge???? hehe. =o)

  14. I'm so glad you decided to do the de-tox, hopefully it's just the kickstart you need!

    Glad you had a good day out, as for me I've been stuck at home all day (on call for ambo, not allowed to leave) oh well.

  15. How about: Torrid Tarts? I like your idea of Tiny Tarts a lot. It has ZING!

  16. Good luck with your weight loss group, cant wait to read about it, as a weight watcher for the last 15 years i know where you are coming from, somedays I wish there was a pill you could swallow, but sadly no. Wish I lived closer cause you sound so cool that it would be so neat to meet you and share in your experiences, good luck anyway and i will keep reading it may even help me!

  17. Oh don't keep us in suspense - what's the name you're thinking of? Glad to hear you had a good day, can't wait to hear about this detox!!!

  18. HA HA on the "Tart" names. What about Tiny Tarts and Svelte Studs!

  19. What a great idea for your support group - kind of like a cheaper alternative to a slimming club. I am rubbish with names though so I won't even bother to help you with that one.

    How cute was that beagle!!!


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