Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The poor little bugger has a cavity and has to go to the Dental Nurse this morning.... I am freaking out! I seemed to live in the dental nurse's chair as a kid! I HATE THEM ! I will stay with him and try to make it not too unpleasant an experience for him... I think he's only the second of all my kids to ever need a filling....

Stew just delivered me morning latte... and he thinks Griffin's appointment should be postponed as he's coughing and all snotty... so maybe we will go and she what the Dental Nurse thinks....

Rest of day: take Izzy for a walk, do the housework, go into town and get Healtheries stuff to do De-tox like Lynn, not much else on.

Stew is going to Wellington today, he will be away till tomorrow night, I hate it when he's away!


  1. Poor Griffin, hope he is feeling better soon.

    Are you gunna do that Ultimate Cleanse that Lyn is doing?
    I have also been thinking about it and emailed her yesterday for all the details. Sounds quite hard really (thinking of what food to eat for 2 weeks) but I really think it will do me the world of good.

  2. Hey Chris, just wanted to let you know not to worry, I took no offense at what you said on my blog. Trust me, I called myself way worse names then you did! I needed to hear that stuff, make sure I don't do anything that stupid again! :-)

    BTW- Your gadget looks cool, I could use one of those to curb my blog reading and tv watching!

    Have a good day.

    Love Tully.

  3. How is the support group going to work?? Do we all log into a forum or something or are you literally expecting us all at your place???

  4. too weird! you were leaving a comment on my blog as I was leaving one on yours!

    going to the dentist sucks! poor griffin. but I must ask, why is it called 'murder house'? is it really THAT bad?

    Note to self- have boy start bringing me a morning latte. wtf?!

    Good luck with the detox!

  5. You certainly find out who your friends and family are in a time like this don't you.

    We love ya!! and would be upset if anything happened to you that is for sure...

    Keep your chin up my friend and enjoy the shopping.

    Love Chubbymum

  6. Poor Griffin :( That's no fun!

    I know what you mean about feeling like, even though you're there for them, they couldn't care less about you. It sucks.

  7. Poor Griffin, hope is feelin better?

    Love the new Gadget, I have one in the bathroom for the kids showers!!

    As for ya family, can't pick em eh? The only time I speak to my brother is Birthdays. It's sad.

  8. I'm wishing you well for Thursday, even if your family doesn't!

  9. oooo ... remember to include acidophelus yoghurt too (helps with digestion in the bowel). I add fruit to mine in the blender to make it taste nicer.

    And I'm impressed with the 'links' you're doing ... very good. You can't have been to drunk that night then huh?

  10. Hi Chris - haven't been able to comment until now - but hope Thursday goes well, good news to hear you may only be in for the day!

  11. hris family is like that yeah, I hear from mum but only from my sister when it will benefit her, hubby hears from his dad and NEVER from his brother, i dont hear from my nephew, infact there have been times that I have spoke or waved to him and he has seen/heard me and yet totally ignored me! I put it down to teenage (16 y/o) crap but the fact is its damn rude, he never makes an effort with Jase and yet if a cool band comes to town Jase is the man that takes him to see it.... fucks ya off huh. *sigh*

  12. You know what they say, you can pick your friends but you cant pick your family. Try not to get to upset there mate, you have other things to think about at the moment. I myself will be thinking of you on Thursday and sending you my very best wishes.

  13. Oh no... dentists are no fun....

    Hugs girlie...


  14. ooooo dentist suck...

    spotty and coughy...bug going around at school - three weeks contagous if its the same thing. joy!! not.

    logo looks super cool!!!!!!!!!!

    ditto on the picking friends not family!!!

  15. Logo is coming along just great! The timer thing is a good idea too. Might have to start setting some limits to the time that I spend on the computer at once too. Smart idea.

  16. hey

    yay my internet is finally working at home again!
    I think the name for the support group is great!
    funny thing was that i was out at north city on Sunday and for some reason I was thinking about you! do not worry if i did see you i would rush over and say hello to you.

  17. I REALLY love that logo. Very fresh, clear and precise. Good on you Sandi Bee!

    What are you talking about? We ARE your family ;)

  18. Oh I hate dentists too .....
    Thanks for your comments about your brothers .... it does suck ...just not fair!

    Hope all goes well for your op.

  19. Anonymous11:46 PM

    oooh i want in on this club!!! :):):):):):):)

  20. NO freaking out at the dentist. The bigger deal you make it the worse the kid will be!

  21. The song is called 'We All Fall Down' by Janell Marie.

    It is lovely. I too keep listening to it and I shrink my blog down and go back to the desk top and onto other sites from there just so I can keep listenng to it...TeeHee

    Families...you know what my mother lives about a 10-15 minute walk and a 5 min drive away, my sister lives about a 25 min walk and about 10ish min drive away, my brother lives 7 mile away in Whitley Bay and my dad about the same, My youngest sister lives about a 40 min drive.

    I haven't seen my mother or sister for 1 year.

    My brother hasn't bothered for over 2 years now and my dad and youngest sister since Christmas.

    I was the last one to go and visit them and ring them and they have'nt bothered with me soooo........*BLOWS BIG RASPBERRIES* at them.

    It is a shame we can't choose our families eh? Ah well - but I think as long as we're alright that is all that matters so as long as you are all alright then it just does not matter what your sister or neice thinks or has said.....I say....let the buggers get on with it....wooohoo
    I think I am just past caring about what my family think, say or do now to be honest, there has been a lot of bad over the years and favouritism etc.

    You have a lovely family of your own and a fab hubby so enjoy your life as it is.

    Because of our lives and families is probably why we like that song so much.

    Sorry that was a bit long

    Hugs to you


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