Monday, August 13, 2007



- a support group for people who are struggling to stay on track with their diets and want to meet and talk with like minded people.

WELL ???? What do ya all think???? Common sense prevailed I'm afraid and I decided I could not have "Tarts" as it could be taken the wrong way by potential members!

Next ....Today: kids to school then straight off to the hospital for my pre-op appointment, where I will find out exactly what they plan to do to my nether regions.... how long it will take, if I have to stay in overnight, blah blah blah..... I'm not THAT nervous, really I'm not !!!!

AND.... today in the USA a wee man is being born (well they are 17 hours behind us, so maybe not quite yet) to Carmen and Kim..... and I'm so excited... his name is going to be Christopher.... I'm thinking I will call him Chris (what a fab name!).....later.....

Griffin is coughing fit to kill, threw up a lot yesterday and so I'm keeping him with me today... oh joy, a bored shitless 5 year old in the hospital with me.... hope he survives the outing without me throttling him.
SANDI : oh thank you so much for the kind offer of coming up with a LOGO for the group.... can't wait to see what you come up with!
Better get me "A" into "G" ......

All went well, saw the nurse for blood pressure etc, saw the anethetist, saw another nurse to sign all necessary forms, saw the surgeon, had bloods taken (the shits).. and all this took 2.5 hours.... Griffin did get upset so Stew came and took him home. Not so stressful afterall.... and all should go fine on thursday, and I am probably able to go home afterwards, depending on how the op goes, and how I feel afterwards. Then I suppose we wait for the biopsy results again....

Am home now, feeling fine!
Funny story:
While I was in with the surgeon I asked him if (on thursday) he could snip off a skin tag on my inner thigh while I was asleep... he said...
"It depends on where it is" ,
I said "I will show you", starting to take me pants off...
He said "NO NO, that's not necessary, leave them on!"
Too late, me pants were off and I showed him .... it was so funny cos here is me, usually so self concious, whipping me pants off for a man who is not my hubby !!! He even tried to stop me! Needless to say, he's gunna snip it off ..... how nice of him.

The vet just rang... Izzy has an allergy peculiar to her... no virus, bacterial infection, fungal infection... so she has to have allergy pills often from now on... what a pain! Well, at least it is controlable eh? He wants to see her on Wednesday night to just check she's on the mend too... another thing to remember! I end up with little notes to myself all over my desk! Memory is going I swear.....

I have just had a lovely time 'yakking' over the airwaves with Amanda, CKK, and Marshy... Amanda had her Webcam on so it was quite surreal seeing her and 'instant messaging' too.

Above: Amanda... and she is really that pretty! Right, enough from me, it's time to go nite nite, been a semi stressful day... need some sleep.


  1. Chris,
    Thanks for the nice comment! I am all for us supporting each is too hard to do it alone! :)

    I hope your surgery goes well!

    Off to check on Carm!

  2. Good luck with the pre-op today.

    Will be thinking of you.


  3. good name, I like it because every one has a different level or expectation of what 'real' is for them.

    can make you a funky logo if you would like... just my wee bit to support fellow tarts :o)

  4. will be thinking of u today Hope u get all the answers u want.

  5. Good luck with your appointment today Chris *hugs*

  6. Hope the pre-op appt went well mate. It's good to know what to expect. Hope Griffin survived it too.

  7. Good luck at the hosp... hope it isnt too boring... Hope griffin gets better soon...

  8. Very sensible name, with a bit of a twist. So you get my approval, make ya feel better?? :p

    Thinkin of ya today with your appointment, yeah right youre not nervous. I could see the shakes in the letters from here!!!


    your support group sounds fantastic!!!!!! i bet sandi creates a super cool logo too!!!! i think something like that combined with a weightloss programme you're comfortable with will be like THE WINNING COMBO aye?!?!! you could like get guest motivation speakers in at times too...and ummm go on walking once a month or something....omg the opportunties are endles. DAMN YOU LIVING SO FAR AWAY.

  10. Glad all went well today.
    I hope Griffin gets better soon, terrible thing thats going around.

  11. Good luck on a smooth operation on Thursday and a speedy recovery!!

    How about fantastic tarts for you group name, nah... I'll think up something better but I'm sure you will come up with the best name.

  12. You're brave to take a little one to the Dr. with you! Haha! Hope he feels better soon.

    As for your op, glad you're not nervous! That's terrific, and sounds like it will all be over soon.

  13. Boohoo..ya didnt chat to me....
    sob... guess it might have helped if I was on my comp... was busy adding special things to Princess Fionas twin sista's gown... Biatch... hahahahaha Shit goota go get ready for work... ohhh i miss bloggin... will settle down next week and I will have more time.. I promise...
    Hair cut over the river tonight.. and more cooking for the fancy dress party after that!!! ppffffffttttt busy bisy bisy..but not too busy to come and comment on the wicked witch of the east's blog.. hehehe (well you are east of me...)

  14. :) wow I am flattered. Thank you Chris. I had a great time testing out the chat box and webcam... glad you came along! Maybe we can all do it again sometime. Off to check out the rest of your posts now. Take care. Amanda xox


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