Thursday, August 23, 2007


I am really looking forward to today, there will be lots of new stuff in the Hospice Shop that I havn't seen! OOOO wonder what I might buy today?

Just got on the scales.... bugger me if they havn't gone up some more!!! What am I doing wrong? I am only eating fruit,veges and yogurt for fuck's sake! Can you eat too much of them? I have been pointing them and only consuming about 18 points a day... DO THE PILLS have points in them????

I will not let this make me stray from the detox though, I have not come this far to turn back now!


  1. I think maybe you are eating too much fruit and veg and retaining water because isn't fruit and veg mainly water?? So maybe try to balance it with other foods that will counteract the water content in the fruit and veg and make you go to the loo a tad more to get rid of the water.
    I think things like the seeds, nuts, rice, pulses etc help....I'm sure I will be corrected if I am wrong.

    I have to be honest and say I peeked at the scales this morning and I am losing weight and I am also eating tonnes of fruit and veg but I am also eating loads of other stuff too and that is why I wanted to follow a tried and tested detox plan, so I wouldnt retain water and so the scales would be kind to me.

    Hoep that helps

    Hugs to you

  2. Forgot to say, I wouldn't eat less because a detox isn't about starving yourself it is about eating the right kinds of foods.

    I was going to count points during my detox but I decided not to and I am eating as much nuts, avocado's, Olive Oil etc as I want to and like I said in my previous post I am losing weight and it will be because I am eating the right foods that are easily digested by the body.

    I know fruit and veg is easily digested but it has to be balanced with other foods.

    Hugs to you

  3. thanks for your the lovely compliment hun, unfortunatly i carry weight on the bottom 1/2 of my body and not the top 1/2, im very much a pear as far as shapes go.

    I wouldnt cut your food intake sweets, dont starve yaself, i'd do as linda suggested and eat some nuts (hahaha... sorry just my dirty mind at work... )

    Maybe dont count points, im scared about not counting whilst whining and dining Sandra Cabot, but I will have faith in the brainy tart and see how I go.

    Have you measured yaself?

  4. Ahh I know ya wouldn't be that harsh woman, I was thinking of the cat in the fridge door as I was typing... (still giggling over that one). Have calmed down a wee bit too after taking him to the vet... Sigh. Bloody hell.

  5. Keep at it girl, it will happen!


  6. Maybe a better idea to leave the weighin till the end of the detox. Although I still find it wierd that you are not pooing, or are you now??? Maybe you're eating too many starchy veges and fruits - are you eating bananas and root veges?? Who knows

    Have you had your operation and I've missed it cos you mentioned not being able to have good times for 6 weeks?

  7. fruit may be the problem.
    On the plan I follow I am not suppose to eat grapes or bananas as there calorie content is too high. Alot of other fruit has a lot of natural sugar in it so although your points may only be 18, you may be having too many sugar points. (just a thought) but in saying that your body is suppose to be able to use that 'instant energy' alot better then processed foods so the scales (and pills) must kick in soon. (surely ?)

  8. good job on detox....keep it up....

  9. Hey Chris - maybe you're not eating enough and your body knows it so it's holding on to everything. My advice - throw away the scales if they're doing your head in or weigh once a week. I know that's easier said than done but perhaps hubby can hide the damn things.

  10. Ahhh, it sounds very hard. I'm not sure what advice to give except to keep trying!! :)

  11. Dog hair is the bane of my existence.

  12. LOL at Griffin picking his nose! Good one Brylee!

    Hard Chris - but keep of those scales for a few days. You are trying so hard and that's when it gets to you when there is no instant result. Just think, only a week ago you had a op, now you are doing this, maybe your body is still recovering.

  13. Did you manage to work today without buying anything.

    That is apart from Briscoes and the and your new blender.

    At least you're loving the yoghurt and fruit - that's got to be a good thing aye.

    Regardless of what the scales are saying you have to be feeling skinnier and your clothes better cause you have not been eating crap!!! Only the good stuff. Just as well you've got plenty of toilets in your house.

  14. It will all come out ok Chris... maybe it takes a couple of days or a week before it shows up aye... some people are like that?????

    We all know you wouldn't hurt an animal hun and I am sure that Weesplat was just kidding ya as she likes teasing you hun.

    Sounds like you are going to have heaps of fun with your new toy too.. wohoo


  15. Maybe you're not eating enough and your body is retaining the water or something. It will move, the wt that is. Maybe weigh in once a week?
    Good going for Brylee on her award.

  16. I wouldn't stress about the weight gain, as the detox keeps going and ya crap it all out you might be surprised.specially if it took 5 days b4?. Fruit is high in natural sugar though? I would eat more veg and only 2 pieces of fruit per opinion only tho:)

  17. scream at me if you like ... have you considered that the gas and shit thats in diet coke is reacting with the pills contents and bloating you up?

    Loved the pic of Brylee, man shes a goer that wee girl LOL can just see Griffin pickin his nose too LOL awwwww dont that make ya sooooooo pwouddddddddd!

  18. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Thanks for the comment on me blog pet.... am not getting my knickers in a twist about the conception stuff to be honest, just keeping an open mind about whats out there coz I sure as fuck am NOT going to get IVF!!!
    Sue xxx

  19. I have just been catching up on your blog - I still love the way you write! You're barking (in a nice way')

    Glad you've finally had a dump by the way - I can't imagine 5 days away from the porcelain - I think I'd die!

    best of luck with the detox thing - not tried one myself, interested to know how it goes.

  20. hey

    you are going great with the detox. I agree with some of the others maybe you are not eating enough?
    I am very impressed that you did not eat anything at the movies! I really want to see Die Hard 4 but no one else i know wants to see it :-(

  21. Good job fighting the urge...

  22. I have felt like IZZY all week. Loved that pic!

    Patience I reckon is all you can hope for!!

  23. Awww, Izzy is one cute gal!

    I don't know how you're managing this detox, but if you're feeling good, then stick with it!

    I'm going to have to get on some kind of strict regime soon, just to snap myself back into that mode where I'm focused.

    You're a better woman than I for resisting brownies!

  24. I refuse to completely give up my diet coke too. I do try and not drink as much but some days it's just about all I consume.

  25. I'm pulling for you to get through this rough patch. Hope tomorrow proves a little easier. Take care

  26. I've only just caught up on your blog today ... ok here's what I think ...

    Firstly, did you lose weight while just doing the diet (no pills)? If you did and are now putting it on this could be happening ... you say you aren't able to drink much water only diet coke ... the water helps the body flush out the bowels. And the diet coke (unles it's decaf) will be causing further fluid retention. I stopped losing weight when i started on the pills and I think it was like a concrete mix like effect. Watching what those pills did to my smoothie that day when opening the capsules into it. It went like a thick mud/concrete like mixture. So that must be what happens in our system. It's like it fills up all the cracks in our bowel, sets, and then sticks to the plaque and then the whole lot gets pushed out. make sense? So if we don't have the water to flush it all out, it's all going to stick inside. Well it will come out eventually but in the meantime you will have supposed 'gains' but not really true gains, just filled up bowells. I wouldn't be too worried about it, try if you possibly can to drink more liquid that isn't caffiene based, even if it's watery soup? or watered down juice?

    I think by cutting down the intake will do a damaging effect on your motabolism. If you've been pointing it out then that's the main thing. Don't go below 18 pts!!! Infact I personally think 18 is too low. You're body will be hanging onto everything if you starve it.

    Hope this helps a bit. But the quick answer ... yes my weightloss stopped and went up slightly when i started on the pills but eventually it came out (so to speak)


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