Thursday, August 16, 2007


NO bastard is ever going to call me that again, I swear to god!!! I am so fired up.... I am going to pull my bloody finger out and lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF FOREVER.

Nice start to the day EH !...... I am going to take it easy I suppose... but just you wait till I'm feeling 100% again, I am going to make some changes... no more burning myself out at the gym and then giving up, I will work out a doable programme FOR LIFE... same with the dreaded "diet".. it will not be a bloody diet, it will be a way of eating healthy FOR LIFE, cos I have a lot of life left to live and I am going to be happy, healthy and FIGGIN SLIM.

On a happier note, I have woken up feeling much clearer in the head, taken some pain relief cos the belly and lower back are sore as... but I'm good! Looking forward to tomorrow when we have our first "Keeping It Real" meeting! I shall work on printing out some 'stuff' for it today, and might even go for a gentle walk ... depends on the weather, I think it's raining out there right now. Stew is home today to take the kids to school etc, so I shall be able to just relax.


  1. Pull finger, pull finger!! Ha ha ha... no your comment didn't piss me off, made me laff actually, I was having a crap day... Methinks TOMs coming coz I burst into tears this morning for no reason....
    Sooo am back on track... tis all good.
    You're doin good, understanding that the guy at the hospital wasn't out to hurt you (no, the other one), just telling you what you obviously needed to hear to get your arse moving again.... Go you!!!

  2. Isnt it funny how everyone has a different criteria for being classed as fat....
    I was fat at 110kg....
    And for someone looking at me now that weighs in at 45kg.. would still see me as 72kg.. I still have a fat arse thats for sure..fkn thing follows me everywhere!!!
    Good for you for not wallowin in his hurtful remark and turning it into a positive.. good luck for your first meeting.. I will be there in spirit... hehe scotch spirit of course... hey sit that photo of me in a chair with a coffee and pretend I am there!!!

  3. OK - so it looks like we are both on a mission. Great way to start our Saturday morning meetings!!

  4. Chris that is awful what the Dr said.. but take it on board and nothing will motivate you more!
    Great planning.. What ever changes you make to your life, make the doable for the rest of your life. No saying that you have to eat and exercise the same day in day out.. but nothing to hard so to restrictive. Good clean, low fat food! Good luck!

  5. Sometimes it takes a wake up call from an external factor to get our butts into gear.

    Forget the walk today mate, just take it easy and use the time to plan your assault on the enemy (fat).

    Hope your inaugural meeting goes well.

  6. He did NOT call you fat! What nerve!

    I am finally back on the wagon with the watching it thing myself....I got tired of the whining and doing nothing about it plan! :)

    Good luck and if you find something great...please share!

  7. Did he actually say "fat"? I think it's good too. "Overweight" doesn't cut it, it's the fat that is the problem, not heavy muscle. With all the skirting around the issue and want to be PC I think hearing someone say it as it is highly refreshing (I am assuming he he wasn't cruel or insensitive).

    It's a good wake-up call for me too as other than diabetes and an increased hisk of heart disease I don't think of the health ramifications of my fat. That fat (and we're not talking 300kg) can prevent part of a medical procedure is scary. OK, so it was 'only' that they could not gas you, but who know what else fat affects?

    Never again hey? Good on you!

    Now, take it easy. Enjoy the peace and quiet with Stew and look after yourself. You hear me?? Hmmm..

  8. Glad your feeling better today and are on the road to recovery.

    Sounds like you got just the shock you needed. I'm glad to hear you have the right attitude about it and it didn't send you into a depression and reaching for the choccie biscuits.

    I had to have an op a few years back and the doctor told me a couple of weeks before the operation that they couldn't guarantee that they would be able to do it because I was so fat that they might not have tools long enough to get through my fat. Oh my god, I nearly died of embarrassment. I didn't tell anyone I was having an op, just in case it didn't end up happening and then I had to go back and tell everyone why.

    Anyway, I spoke to my dr in pre op and told him my concerns about what the other dr had told me and he told me that was bull sh*t and that the other dr had totally made that up. What a relief.

    Anyway, I wish I had of had your attitude and came back and used it as motivaion to lose weight. From that point I gained another 24 kilos over the next few years and I am now back at the same weight I was when I had that op. At least I did smething eventually I guess.

    Sorry for the essay...

    Take care and take it easy!

  9. Dr's are good at being bloody up front at times. Years ago, I went to Dr for a specific issue (I was 65kgs at the time), and he mentions that he also specializes in weightloss! I was completely floored!!
    It's great it has motivated you, but I would have kindly mentioned how much you have LOST!!

  10. you go girl, im very proud of you, many ppl would just feel sorry for themselves and hurt by what he said bu you... you are amazing... you have taken his comment and turned it into somthing positive and are using it to fuel your ambition, bring on health y slim Chris!! wooohooooooo!

    ... Erica x

  11. I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to leave a message for you yesterday, but I was thinking of you all day and have been here at work itching to send you a "hello, how are you" today. Hope I can catch you over the weekend. I hope you're feeling okay honey.
    I will email you soon,
    love you ya crazy tart!

  12. As for my situation with going for the walk with my son and those kids... (in my post this week) it takes one thing to make us think OMG let me stop this and get on with it. You can do this aye!!

    So he said the right thing at the right time for you aye.

    You go girl!!

    You are the strongest person I know and I can see you at goal really soon hun

    Love Chubbymum

  13. So much for bed side manner, he must have skipped that class lol.
    Glad you doing ok though can't wait to hear about your first groups meeting, good luck :)

  14. Come on you, did you forget the old fable?

    Slow and steady wins the race, says the tortoise to the Hare....

  15. Take care of youself - I hope that you are feeling better soon!!!

  16. So sorry chickey that I haven't commented until now. Not that I wasn't thinking of you!! Been out on jobs all day.

    That horrible man, you wait... I'll beat him up for ya!! But good on you for choosing to make something positive out of it!! And I have a feeling this is it for you ... this is the lightswitch you needed!!

    I'm actually really excited reading your post today... yay you!!!

    Take it easy and rest up!

  17. hey - I've added a bit more to today's entry to explain the childcare thing - sorry if I appear to chop and change. Can I blame my age?

  18. Sounds like you're in great spirits and got your mojo back. Got mine back too.

    Hang in there with the detox, remember by Sunday you should be over the hunger and have heaps of energy and starting to feel skinny.

    I love the dress and I love the color. Especially in the summer with a glorious tan. Don't look too gorgeous tho.

  19. Hope you're still feeling okay and get lots of pampering in the weekend.

  20. I think that guy hit a nerve with you! I mean, not one wants to be called 'fat'. Ok, I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt your feelings and he could have said it better.

    I'm glad it's got you fired up and hope it fuels your fire! Lovely dress you picked out there and hope your feeling good soon.

  21. dont be silly, anything from you is've pulled finger and achieved so much....i have never...

    i need a good talking to coz sometimes i really dont know what to do...

  22. You're welcome ;o). I had to text Stew because the place I ordered them from days ago said they would be delivered first thing in the morning and when I hadn't heard anything I figured something was up. "Oh, I'm sorry, we forgot about them" - at least they're there now.

    Dress is nice, why don't you find a pattern and make one? You could always pester Wanna for advise as you go...

  23. Glad you are feeling better today. The dress is amazing - wow. Soooo nice. I would be all over it. I will need to find something nice for a big family day on the 25th, will share then.

    The flowers are amazing. What a beautiful arrangement. Would look just amazing on my table actually. :) Isn't it nice to know that so many people are thinking of you??

    Take care of yourself and feel better soon!

  24. isnt it awesome to know that so many people are behind ya! You rest up and dont go being superwoman ya hear! Used all that loo paper yet? LOL

  25. WELL DONE on the detox day...fantastic!

    RE-Comment No my mother has not seen her grandsons in all that time ORR her great grandchildren...bitch is too mild a word for that woman, she is truly a HORRIBLE!!!! Woman, I could tell you some stories one being when I was younger and TOM turned up she wouldn't buy me any sanitary protection (I never got pocket money) I did ask her and all she said was "not again" I could help it and when I got home that day there were san protection on the stairs and believe me I was so grateful afer spening a day at school with loo paper in my underwear and she then said "No they are not for you they are for Jacky" (my sister) I told her about the loo roll and she said I could get one san protection out of Jacky's, THANKS EH??...NOT so I had to ask my boyfriend (OH) for money and of course he asked why and I had to tell him....embarrassing BUT that is just ONE of SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many things, so you see, BITCH is waaaay toooo mild a word....I hate her.
    One of my sisters is sooo far up my mothers a**e it must hurt.

    Like I said, as long as we and mine are alright then *raspberries to the lot of them*

    Back to better things. That dress looks absolutely gorgeous by the way....REALLY VERY PRETTY!

    Try to get plenty rest so you will be 110%

    Huge hugs to you

  26. You sound great today Chris. I'm glad you have had a good day and feel so positive.

    You sure have inspired me to finish this journey.

    What a sweetheart CKK is. Clever girl with the card on the flowers. What a lovely, bright arrangement.

  27. Way to take that brutal comment and turn it into fuel for your fire, Chris!

    Glad you're feeling better, and that dress is GORGEOUS... if that isn't incentive, then I dunno what is!!

  28. I like positive motivation myself. But motivation is motivation. Looking at life changes is great way to do it too. At least that has been my plan of attack.

  29. sorry that you had to hear that from a stranger but like you said, sometimes it takes just that to put things into perspective again... you are a beautiful person regardless of what the weight says... :o)

    love the dress and the flowers! :o)


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