Monday, August 27, 2007


That is what I need to do, snap out of it ! I was in a funk yesterday, probably cos the scales went up instead of down like I expected... fuck I hate it when the scales can influence my whole day... so Today I am not going near them at all....

I am going to have a GOOD DAY so there ya shitty little electronic thing.

Today: kids to school, go walking with Janet and Izzy, then retail thereapy is called for! Might just go and buy something... anything will do ..... to cheer me up.

Well that was fun! It wasn't raining when we started our walk, but half way through it was... so I'm home, I'm wet and I'm happy! I love walking in the rain, such a dork!

NSV = NON SCALE VICTORY, and I had to ask someone what it meant too, so you are not a twit for asking! Right, time to get tidied up and go into town.... yaaaaa.

I got a comment from Anne this morning, saying she'd seen a girl yesterday who we used to see every saturday at our normal coffee shop, and this girl had asked after us, so I decided to go visit her at the coffee shop where she worked at lunchtime... and being the sort of person I am, I arranged for Anne and Chris D to meet me there (if they could) and they did! Stew came too... so we had another lovely catch up, and saw Shelly, who is due to give birth to her 3rd baby next week. The wee tart hardly looks pregnant from the back, and her baby is right out the front in this neat wee package... she's "one of those" who will not look like she's even had a baby in three weeks.... lucky tart. Anyway, here's a photo of Chris D, Me and Anne .... and loooooook, I'm smiling!

I'm home now, MANNING MY TRAPS.... did I tell ya we have MICE????? We bought 8 traps yesterday.... no dead 'uns yet, but you will know when we do get one cos...... I will post a photo!!!! *BIG BIG LAUGHS*

"While Mummy was away, the mouse did play" only he did not like my game! Nah na na na.... one down...

Now that's a NSV if EVER I saw one!!!! BLOODY HELL !!! I just spent the last hour scrubbing and cleaning out the cupboards under the sink in the kitchen.... cos there was 'evidence' of mice there too... and I had just finished, put everything back, and bugger me if I didn't catch another little bugger!!! This will be the last photo of dead mice I promise!!!

You can see how they are coming in eh? Up the water pipes.... eeeewwwwww. I have also put down poison, so we should be mouse free eventually!

Now, dinner .....ha ha ha.

Dinner - done

Grocery shopping - done

No # 3 mouse dead - done

NSV Today: Stayed on track, killed me some mice, did the dreaded grocery shopping.

Am a happy girl, nite nite.


  1. I hear ya sister... those scales are doing the same thing for me.... but hey as long as we are feeling good then FUCK the scales huh!!

    Did you get my comparison's yesterday....?? You have lost it in your face.


  2. I let the scale dictate my mood too, that's why I try and not weigh in more than once a week.

  3. Hope you have a better day!

    Am I a bit thick BUT what does NSV stand for??

    Remember the pregnant woman at Coffee on the Tce, she asked where you have been lately! She leaves on Friday.

  4. Forgive me master for I have sinned... hahaha.. I am a slack blogger... Sorry lovely.. I just am soooo stretched for time...
    Glad you finish your detox.. bummer about the gain ... It will go soon enough... take soon..

  5. Yep, my life is ruled by those stupid things....

    Go and spend some money on yourself, enjoy it too!!!!

    Always makes me feel better:)

  6. I LOVE walking in the rain!

  7. I am struggling with my diet as well! UGH!

    I really don't know why I don't have more willpower!

    Hope you had fun with the retail therapy....that ALWAYS makes me feel better!

  8. I love walking in the rain too... it is like therapeautic or something...


  9. I had mice in the yard of my house once, and I used these green blocks that are tasty poison and got 18 dead mice in about a week.

    Unfortunately a couple of months later there were more, so I had to keep putting out the rat bait for a while until they avoided the area and probably went over to someone else's home. Not sure what the poison is called, but it is sold in packs of 12 one inch long dark green blocks and it is awesome stuff.

  10. It's hard not lettin the scales dictate your mood. I find it hard to just weigh myself once a week because it makes me depressed sometimes.

    Oh and thanks for explaining what NSV stood for :)

  11. lmao!! that mousey looks as though he is saying "Oh, let me out, it's breakin me back!!"
    too funny
    I HATE mice, Im quite terrified really....

  12. A good mouse is a dead mouse!!

  13. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for that......NOT!

    I'm not a fan at all of mice but ewwwww that is just yuk.

    Glad you gals caught up for coffee/lunch......noice!

  14. Aw-poor mouse. He looks so pathetic looking into the camera with his dead little eyes. Too bad there isn't a nice way of shooing mice outside. *sigh* good luck killing the rest of them.

  15. OMG, you almost feel sorry for the poor thing.

    Great pic by the way.

  16. WOW you look great smiling!
    aw the poor mouse.. it looks so.. so.. sad "damn you got me" kind-of-dead look..
    i like walking in the rain when im not wearing mascara or when im not in a hurry to get somewhere

  17. Chri, put some Steelo (you know the steel pads sometimes used for washing up - not the ones with soap on them) around your pipes. the mice can't chew through the steelo and they hate the feel of it and they don't get through. Just pull it apart a bit and fit it around your pipes. believe me, I have lived in lots of farm houses over the years that I needed to mouseproof. ;-)

  18. When i gained 9 pounds back i was pretty bummed. I know you will bounce back.

  19. I just had a big old VOMIT at that mouse pic.

    *wipes chin*

  20. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i am reading your blog on a full belly of kai and you go and post photos of that mouse i nearly brought it all up

  21. Are those photos for real?! Jesus give me some warning next time! :-)

    Don't come down on yourself too hard just yet, it wasn't that long ago you had your op.

  22. Awwwe those poor mice but I know what you mean about mice because with us living with the cemetery on the back of our house we get mice so we put down little boxes with small green flat circle things of poison in the boxes.

    The boxes have to be put in the airing cupboard, under the sink and in the cupboard dowsntairs where it gets warm, where the pipes are that lead into the airing cupboard upstairs and they are just left there permanently obviously checked periodically to make sure there is still poison in the boxes.

    The mice just nibble the poison and then go away and die which they apparently just gently fall asleep, so the posion is so much more humane.....I know, I'm just soft....heehee....awwwe poor mice

    Have to say, we don't have any problems with mice any longer....not since we put those boxes down.

    Have a good evening

    Hugs to you

  23. i always feel so silly posting after your day is over! lol everything is done and you are on to your next day already!!! But i hear you about the mice--yuck! we get them here in the fall as things are starting to cool off (like now) and the combines start running!
    Glad to hear you also got away for the day to visit withthe gals and perk up your day! That will teach the scale to try to dictate your day! WHOOHOO!

  24. Shopping for anything always cheers me up!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

    I hope today is a better day for you! We can always use good days. I know I can!

  25. Whoa, I stop over to check you out (cuz you know I like the checkin' out thing) and I see pics of dead traps.


    The first one doesn't even look real! I wouldn't necessarilly decide to never post mousetrap pics, just bring them out on special occassions.

  26. We all suffer from the same symptons of scale rage. You had me cringing with the photos of the mice. They are a royal pain in the arse. Hope you rid yourself of them soon.

    Glad to see you're getting out and having fun.

  27. Eeeks. Dead mouse. Ick.
    Don't think I would have gotten that close to the little bugger. :)

  28. Oh You big bully.... poor widdle ol mousy......

  29. They are awful pictures Chris! I had to race all 6 dogs of mine to the Vet's once as they all got poisoned by rat baits, and it was bloody awful. Luckily, they all got there in time to have their lives saved, but the baits are vicious. They attack the vitamin K in the blood to stop the blood from clotting. They bleed to death internally. Horrific. Traps are definately the way to go.

  30. scales will ruin my day as well..

    i was sooo bummed today ... not losing after doing the treadmill every single day and the bowflex...
    that i went on a binge...
    now i hate myself more...
    it's a vicious circle.

    sniff sniff...
    poor little mouse... that looks like it hurt...

    what about getting those reallllly sticky pads.... they just get stuck to it...

  31. ugh. My diet is in the toilet. I've had three cookies and two diet cokes for dinner. I'm so healthy.

    And that mouse is cute.




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