Friday, August 10, 2007


Ha ha, the first thing I do when I wake up is check my e-mails, then update the blog... well this morning I got sidetracked reading "a couple" of blogs.... and forgot to update till now....

At least I don't have to rush out the door with the kids this morning, from now on those two won't be starting school on a friday till 9.30.... there is a certain programme on a friday morning that we do not want our children to attend, and have told the school this on a few ocassions already, and I found out yesterday that they have been attending instead of being sent to the library as prior arranged. So, now they get to stay at home.... I am pissed off.

So, as a consequence .. I cannot go to RPM like I wanted to at 9.30, so will just go later and do a full body workout instead. Aside from that, it will be a good day I am sure! I'm feeling really positive about the "diet"..... I have been fairly good all week, lots of "NO I DO NOT NEED THAT" going through my head... and I have been listening! COOL.


  1. You? forget to update?? shock horror!!!

    I think (if you want to know what I think) you need to find something to give you back your drive, which you know already. I know how hard it is doing it second time round, I'm going through similar issues of trying to keep motivation up.

    I'm doing a strict 8 day plan at the moment to kick start my losses again, hoping that will give me that spark again. Maybe you could look into doing something like that. A strict 'horrible' one week plan that you can do day by day to 'survive' giving you a good loss and kickstarting motivation. Kinda like a confidence course thingy in the army ... shit scared, hard, can't do it, but making you proud of yourself at the end of it.

    If you're interested in doing the one I'm doing email me @ for the info.

  2. Hey girl...a trip to tassie will inspire you!!! Make a goal..something you rooly want.. and I know you could probably just go out and do it.. but make a promise to yourself that when you get to a certain point/ weight that you can have it/do it!!!
    say get to 70kg and you can come and visit me... that should be enough incentive.. hahahaha I am "special" enough for ya.... hahahaha Just a thought...
    I just kept thinking If I gain anymore weight I am gonna have a stroke and lose half my movement and not be able to do anything or have a heart attack or get diabetes..etc... I did it for my health... But managed to feel better enough in myself to keep going...
    Kik yourself in the arse..get back to gym and zip up ya gob lady!!!

  3. And I mean that in the nicest possibly Tasweigen way!!! haha

  4. Oh and I will get back to and answer your email tonight over a few scotches..coz bloody hell I need them!!!

  5. Oh and oops.. hehe thats alot of comments isnt it!!! haha

  6. I am going to tell this once.... STOP!!!! thinking stupid, horrible thoughts like having cancer will work, You wont have cancer because I'm sure that if the docs were thinking that then they would have had you in hospital a heck of a lot quicker than they have.

    I discovered a lump in my neck about 1.5 - 2 years ago and believe me they had me in hospital so quickly and the lump removed it was just a haze.

    Now then the motivation. Why not try Symply Too Good To Be True? Annette has some fantastic recipes in her books and they are naturally low fat and soooo healthy, she also has her CD rom for a healthy eating plan and not forgetting her motivational CD.

    I have a few links on my blog for Rosemary Conley, Symply Too Go To Be True and Slimetone which is in Wales, these might just give you a kick start and also once you get back to the gym then that might help with motivation.

    Maybe you just got stuck in a rut with not going to the gym and the operation on your mind wont be helping.


  7. RE-Comment
    Thanks for your praise for my bathroom and your painting looks absolutely gorgeous on the wall!! I LOVE IT!!

    I hope you are thinking good thoughts now because if I lived closer to you and you said things like you did then I would slap your legs and in true Chris fashion I would call you a silly

    Hugs to you

  8. It might be a different type of 'programme' but our parents had to pick my brother and I up early one day a week because the teachers could not get it together - even when we reminded them. The last straw was when we walked down to the local church and were given bread and red cordial - talk about cheeky! The funny thing was, my parents also dropped some mormon kids off at home as their parents didn't want them going either.

    As far as the weight loss goes, why don't you start a local weighbridge meeting, like Wanna goes to? There would HAVE to be demand as I am sure there are a lot of people like you, ie. who know all the WW etc, need the group motivation, but do not want to pay $16 a week for it. You would enjoy the social side and it would be a tad exciting to get a group going. Go on, tell me it's a bad idea...

  9. Trust me, if I had the answers I would give them to you- let me know if you find them, I could do with all the help I can get! :-)

  10. Anonymous11:59 AM

    i hear you. i am in the same frame of mind. try calorieking?? they are good.

    but i know what u mean, last night i was thinking oh if i had a stroke i would stop eating crap.. but we dont want to go there now do we??

  11. Hey Sweetie

    I am starting up a christmas challenge on my project yummy mummy website today if you wouldl ike to join in. I am just about to to update my start details and let you know my goals for the week if you wanna join in.


  12. You didnt say that you would join in - your blog address is on the side for inspiration.

    You are welcome to join in. Weigh in days are fridays (I should pop that on my blog!!!).


  13. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Yikes - I wish MY parents would have excused me from the "program" at school.

    Let me tell you cancer is not the best weight loss plan. You do lose weight, but you also lose your hair. Can't have THAT!

    Seriously though - sorry to hear you are disillusioned with the usual round of weight loss strategies.

    I tried a group called SureSlim a while back. Pretty full on, restrictive, but bloody hell it worked. Gave me a good kick up the bum, and I was bouncing out of bed in the mornings.

    Drawback is - no bread. And I likes bread.

    Okay, so I'm off for a coupla weeks, will try to blog if I can but I wouldn't hold my breath.... See you when I'm back


  14. mhmm im hearin ya on the few good days followed by the blow out, was the norn for me since last December. Fr now im aiming on becomming healthy, instead of living by the points and the scales, seems to be working.

    Ohh and according to Sue1979 GHD=god hair day :o)

  15. I guess my plan of attack is to get my arse moving 6 days a week and 5 at the least. If I just get to the gym and get moving, I usually work out for an hour or more. This in turn, seems to make me want to eat healthy. Mind you, it doesn't always...but in general I am doing pretty good. I think exercise is the key. Try to fit it in, I know it's hard and gets boring. Maybe there is another exercise you might want to try? Swimming maybe? I know the operation will put a wrench in the exercise plans for a while but you will get back to it when you feel up to it.

  16. Have to agree with Lyn here - you need to find something to give you back that boost of motivation!

    It's taken me 17 bloody months to find my motivation! And then suddenly I realised I was going to be PREGNANT AND FAT again! And there I was promising I would be double digits for my next pregnancy!

    I'm ashamed to give myself the record for "the longest off track" of anyone I know ... lol ... but even i've turned that around lately!

    You need to cut yourself some slack for the stress in your life while still taking one day at a time and doing the best you can (oh if only I practiced what I preached).

    You'll get there - after all think of all the success you've had to get to this point!

  17. you forgot to update lol....funnnnnnnnnnnny

    go on SMILE.........

    different but same note, as least you know what smile means - i said to a five year old smile and he didnt know what the word meant...HMMMK rough background...poor kid. i'm glad you know what the word means, but you just dont do it lol

  18. Yes, blue is your colour. The jumper is a really nice bright colour. I wish I could help re the diet, I'm also having problems staying motivated.

  19. I'm back! Missed you all. Do know where you are comihg from with the motivation (or lack of) why don't we do our own Sat morning weigh in - or bitch in, whatever will help. Main thing to realise is we are all at different stages but with one common goal - if that makes sense. Sounds as if the op this week for you?

    Are you meeting for coffee in the morning??

  20. Hi Chris,

    I am going through a short motivation burn out myself! Last year I read the South Beach Diet book and did that... found some new dieting "passion" after years of WW off and on. I'm thinking of doing SBD for a week just to kick start my efforts.

    Anyway, hang in there... and yes, the blue top looks great on you!

  21. um, cake on Friday is A-okay in my book!

    I'm gonna check out that Calorie King Website.

    Happy Weekend, girl.

  22. Your eyes just pop in the blue! Very nice!!

  23. Denny Crane!!!!

    I'm dying to hear what the Friday morning program is---taxidermy? Macrame?

    Love your blog!


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