Saturday, August 25, 2007


To say this detox has been hard would be right.... but only in patches... taking the pills is goddam awful for someone who struggles to swallow even one, and on occassion you would kill for meat/bread/cheese etc.... but on a whole it hasn't been too bad! I havn't seen any movement on the scales except up, but that will be due to me not drinking water, I know this.... so I accept it. This has been the longest I have managed to stay on track and follow a plan, so I am thrilled about that, it has been a fantastic kick start to my healthy eating lifestyle again.

Today we have our little "Keeping it real" meeting again, wonder who will have done well this week? I am thinking I will be the only one to have GAINED !!!


  1. Awesome news about your results, good luck with the weigh in today :)

  2. Woohoo! So glad to hear that your results have come back clear!!!! :)
    Yay for last day of detox too! You have done so well so you can manage today!!!
    Have a great weekend :)

  3. Glad to hear you are doing so well. Those scales are shits! It will all pay off in the end!

  4. Good luck on the weigh in!

    And stop posting pictures of stuff you cant have, Its counter productive!

  5. *drool* you tease you

  6. Well done on being so good thru your detox....
    Do you actually feel any better for it???

  7. sounds like you're having a lovely weekend....

    congrats on it being your last day...getting to the end is an achievement, you've done well....

    question: how do you make your smoothie? some people do it different and curious how you do yours...

  8. sorry for sharing my weight with you....thats nuts....

    you've done well, if the numbers aren't telling you anything - dont listen you have made an awesome achievement in following it with such good commitment and determination!!!!

    thanks for the smoothie recipe!! sounds yummmmmm

  9. Thanks for this morning! Well done Chris on lasting on the detoc - I do think you will be benefit from it, ignore the scales for now!!

  10. Yay last day, You've done gr8!!

    Thanks for showing us that food.....:P


  11. Woohoo girl - you've done great! I don't think I would have been able to stick it out for 10 days.

    Glad to hear the meeting went well, are you telling me that you actually MADE WW muffins, smelt them cooking and still managed to avoid them? If so i'm impressed!

    Lol @ Griffin - perhaps a sign of things to come ;-)

  12. Looking forward to seeing your weigh in results after the detox. It has to have made a difference for you. All those pills - and the healthy no taste food - it will have to show! Good luck girl.

  13. Just to end your day with a laugh Ihave put the pic on the site nite nite

  14. Hey Hun
    Thanks for your lovely comment today!!

    Just to let you know, my lady appointment isn't until a week on Monday. When I said I felt better about my appointment yesterday I didn't mean my appointment was yesterday I just felt better yesterday....sorry if my writing is confusing....I confuse myself sometimes....not hard to do....teehee

    As soon as the letter came through the lettbox I did immediately pick up the phone to make the appointment and the week on Monday was the earliest I could get, I just hope totm doesn't turn up.

    I always make the appointments as soon as the letter comes through the letterbox because if I don't I just dwell on it and get myself into a bigger panick so I make the appointment for asap and get it over and done with.

    Make sure you keep up with your 3 yearly check ups....well it is every 3 years here for our ages but whatever it is over in NZ then DO NOT MISS THEM!! Or I will get on a plane and get myself over there and give your legs the slapping of their lives...I tell ya that for nowt...RIGHT! And don't forget, I know where you live. Now consider yourself well and truly told.

    Must say....that sandwich on your blog looks sooo yummy.....cwwwoooorrr I could nose dive into that with my mouth open...YUM! YUM!

    Have a lovely day when you read this and always take care hun.


  15. Well done on finishing your detox chicky babe... wooooohooo

  16. RE-Comment
    Best to be safe than very sorry, so in 6 months I will still be reading your blog and I will be checking in to see that you have been for your check up.

    Smear tests are SOOOO digrading aren't they? And when we hit 50 then it is titties out for the mamograms, SOO that means every part of our anatomy will have been on display, progged, poked, pulled and twiddled with by a load of total strangers and it makes me SOOO blummin angry that we have to go through these things.

    Have the surgeons told you that you will have to have a hysterectomy? Will that mean the rest of your life being on HRT?

    I have suffered with depression since I turned 18 years old and had my first miscarraige but I think I have learnt to live and control most of it but I do have worse times and this seems to be one of them BUT I think I might be slowly coming out of it....AGAIN! Yeah exercise is great for lifting the mood but when depression strikes then I just don't want to know myself and am just not interested in exercising but we have to push ourselves sometimes and as soon as the depression starts to lift slightly then that helps to motivate me to move a bit more.....a vicious circle really isn't it?

    You know, I hadn't thought about the beach, living so close I think we just take it for granted and don't appreciate how beautiful and relaxing it can be sometimes but yeah, maybe I should take even a walk down sometimes....and I could get some pics for you's all.
    I think it was just over a year ago that I was last at the beach.

    Take care hunny

    Hugs to you

  17. Good going on being at the end of the detox. Hope the scales go down for you. I know, I stuggle with drinking my water too and that will make the scale hard to budge! Now I'm drinking the bottled water and mixing in some crystal light and drinking more. I like those preflavored waters too that we have here called 'propel' or others.

  18. Also, congrats on getting a clean bill of health! I just saw that. Wooohhhooooo!

  19. Btilliant - you finished the detox. You are a braver woman than I'll ever be.

  20. I love tangelos - they are so tangy and yum :D

  21. Congrats for finishing your detox. Food will taste so good tomorrow. You will deserve a treat or two.


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