Tuesday, August 07, 2007


For the last three weeks I have woken up feeling like crap, sore tummy, sore back... and expected TOM to arrive any minute... IT FRIGGIN HASN'T... and I'm really getting pissed off. Why hasn't it??? I know, I know, menopause and all that crap is no doubt going on, but hell it's such a pain. So, now that I have talked about it... I'm hoping it will arrive and be over before I have my operation! I SOOOOOO do not want them to put my op off cos I've got friggin TOM.

Today: walk with Janet and Izzy (oh joy), then vacum this friggin house, it desperately needs it. And I've got a huge amount of clothes and stuff to take to the Hospice Shop, clothes that no one wanted, old china from my house (de-cluttering is fun)..... yarddy yarddy yarddy....

Not walking, too wet... taking Izzy to the Vets in a minute, her skin condition is going crazy.... hope it's nothing too bad!!!
Last night, Stew came home from work and said "what's on OUR blog today?" HUH??? Like, when did it become "our" blog????? Should I be worried???

I've had a very busy past hour, took Izzy to the Vets, she got ADMITTED !!! Wasn't expecting that! She has to have biopsys, skin scrapings etc... $296.00 Thank You !!! I have to pick her up later on today.... I felt so awful leaving her there, a dog was already out there howling it's head off...poor Izzy.
Then I ducked into the supermarket to see Mike, and ran into three seperate people who I knew and ended up yakking with.... so what was supposed to be a 15 minute outing took much longer.....

Picked up Izzy, she's sleeping it off... then picked up the kids and rather typically it poured down bang on 3pm when we were walking home.... and what have I been doing today??? The following picture should tell ya what happens when you sack your Ironing Lady....

I friggin well ironed!!! Gawd I HATE IROINING !!!! Now I shall do the vacuming....hmmmm, I do seem to be putting that off don't I ?

I did the vacuming (10 points to me), and Stew came home and asked me if I loved him still, considering the fact that he's an Arsehole...... ha ha ha... I told him "Yes"... of course.

Izzy is ok now, not very happy with me though. She's got a couple of stitches above her eye and on her rump from the biopsys....

This look says it all.... "I am pissed off mate" !!!
I am off to bed, soooo tiring being a good wee wifey.... shan't be doing those friggin shirts again for two weeks....WANNA: you just a jealous tart eh? nite nite.


  1. AHahahaha, you do all the work, he takes some of the credit.


  2. HAHAH!! @ Stew. He probably saw how much fun we had on the weekend and now wants to join in our club ... how sweet!!

    Hmmmm, and yes I'm starting to agree with you on the pisshead thing on the weekend. I think every photo I've seen of myself on everyones blogs has me looking pissed!!! I don't remember being that drunk? Was I? Never mind don't answer that!!

  3. 'whats on our blog' lol love it, cam asks me when something happens...."bet you'll blog that!!"
    i'm sure its nothing but a mock like i get....i call it JEALOUS..

    hope you're feeling better...

    sorting is good..i need to do some sorting too!!

  4. What awesome photos. It was great to read what everyone said on there blogs. Thanks heaps mate for a truly fantastic weekend. You're awesome.

  5. OH no, poor Izzy....

    our dog (golden retriever)
    had Lupus... they did some scapings of her nose.. yuk.....

    Vets are awful expensive anymore...
    I remember 25 yrs ago when we had a dog.. we'd spend 25 to 30 dollars for a vet visit..
    we NEVER EVER get out of the joint for less than $300 ...
    they have you over a barrel!

  6. Great photos - thanks for putting them on.

    About your back etc - please, please follow up with the doc about your operation. Its crazy its being left this long. When I had this, I had my op the same week! (mind you I went private).

  7. Don't want to alarm you it is prob. menopause or something but when I talk of back pain, that friend of mine who has cancer said she had back pain and it was cancer in her bones. Ok, sorry to say that but I really worry that that operation they are putting off is doing you no good!!
    Ok, maybe I'm just a bit over-reactive but ya never know. Go to your doc and see what they say but sounds like you have to wait for them to see you for the operation.

  8. Just coming over via Angelfish's blog.

    Damn you had lots going on, but I imagine with all of your children, you don't get much down time.

    I hope you get to feeling better.

  9. Your doin well! I DON"T iron.hehe I need to vac and wash the floors but my little sick man is asleep AGAIN...

  10. I hate ironing as well. I'd rather have bamboo sticks shoved up my toenails than do the ironing. lol

    Sorry, to hear your not feeling well,I agree with Lynda,follow up your op please.

    Hugs to you my friend (and also Izzy)

  11. oooooooo you and me both re: vaccuming!!!!

    go the ironing girl, you're a good wifey..cam will be sh!t out of luck when we get married hahahaha

  12. Aren't you good doing the ironing! I hate ironing and manage to put it off for as long as I can - but I think it will be beckoning me this weekend.

    Hopefully Izzy will be OK! And that you are feeling better soon.

  13. LOL at your doorway full of shirts, looks just like mine after ironing...hate it too and leave it until it has to be done...can't decide if it's good or bad that he has enough shirts to see him through a month before I really need to iron.

  14. Awww, poor Izzy. How are the kids going walking 'home'? Hehe...

    AT least the ironing's done, that's something to like about it. The rare times that I am in the mood I actually find ironing quite satisfying - sick, I know!

    Judging my the photos you had a ball on the weekend, I'm glad to hear it. For some reason your caption along the lines of "Jorja...DID NOT WANT TO PUT THOSE FRIGGIN GLASSES ON...NO WAY" really gives me the giggles for some reason...small things.

  15. LOL about the comment from your hubby. "Our blog" - he really must have had a good time with the blogger gals this weekend! He's feeling like one of the gals! Hehe.

    Ironing? Whats that? I don't even own an ironing board - I guess I have only been married for a year - I have lots to learn, haha. Take care and hope you are feeling better soon!

  16. Oh I was gonna do that ironing for ya hehehe
    Long day here
    poor Izzy

  17. Oh lovely.... Ironing is the best isnt it.. NOT!!!!

  18. yup I am jealous alright... when are ya coming to cook and iron for me.... hahaha

  19. Poor puppy! My parents dog had a mole (or something) removed from his "cheek" about a year ago. It took a really long time for the hair to grow back and when it did it was completely gray!

  20. I hate ironing!

    Your dog doesn't look too happy either.

  21. haaahaaaaaaaaaaa! The look on that dogs face is priceless!!!!!


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