Wednesday, August 01, 2007

WHAT DO I LOVE??? About not being fat anymore....

Marshmallow did a post yesterday and listed 10 reasons she loves being HEALTHY AND NOT FAT anymore..... and I thought about this and immediately came up with only one OBVIOUS thing to me.....

I love STILL BEING ALIVE, and loving every aspect of my life now.
Before I lost weight I just wanted to die, I was that miserable... I was actively looking at my options, how to kill myself without pain... then I decided I actually wanted to live, I did not want to leave my family, so I did something about it, and I thank myself every day for taking that first step towards a new life. After that first step, I have to thank all my friends and family for the support and love shown to me on my journey back to happiness.

Right, now that's over....

Today: Kids to school, then off to the hairdresser for a colour....and it will not take 3 hours!!!! Woooo hooooo
WRONG... it still took 3 friggin hours, and it is YELLOW!!! If it is still "IN YOUR FACE" by friday I am going back to have it toned down.... can't be looking like a fright for the PARTY now can I????

Ha ha , onward, having lunch (coleslaw and beef rissole) then it's some housework.... yipee!!! *smirk on me face*.....

SEEEEEE: It's kinda yellow on top.... what do we think??? Go back or wait and see if it settles down on it's own???

I want to feel my best on Saturday, not worry about looking like a Troll....I took another photo of "the hair" .... does it look better up??? Shit this is bugging me!

Hmmmm, the next dilema ... do I have nachos now, or wait and go to Body Balance like I should, and have dinner after??? I am starving.... but want to be good.....far out!

I went to Body Balance, it was way harder than I anticipated! Holding certain positions for a length of time... phew! I enjoyed it though, and will definitely be going again.... anyway, home now, had my dinner, yakked to Felicity who's come up from the South Island for the Party, and now I'm going to chill out and watch some telly. nite nite.

NSV TODAY: going to Body Balance

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  1. I'm thrilled that you're still here, and loving every minute of it, Chris :-) We are loving every minute 'with' you also! :-D

  2. What color are you getting your hair done?

    While I still have 30 pounds to go, I like myself a lot better than I used to.

    Wouldn't mind a face lift though...

  3. So nice to find happiness and to decide to LIVE!! But I know what you mean about being unhappy...wont go into detail here but we all have & had problems I suppose some more than others, my son being just a portion of things my life has thrown at me over the years.

    RE-Comment my OH is usually so postive and such an optimistic but even he is now saying my eldest wont change now.
    I don't know what I have done or why he is like the way he is and he has been like this towards me for years and I truly have tried and I have even ignored the way he speaks and the things he says to me but he went too far at the weekend and it all came out although he has been a tad like this before, several times and he never feels any remorse and again I ignore it but I can't now. He is a man and he has his life and I suppose some things are just not meant to be. As long as he is alright then thats that.

    HEY! I gott stop bringing you down eh? So I also am trying to find happiness and to change my way of thinking AND slowly I am getting there and I will be LIKE YOU....HAPPY, POSTIVE ETC ETC........YEEEHEE

    Happy to live!!
    Live and be happy!!


  4. Hey there chick!!! I got your card yesterday!!! Thank you sooooo much... is was nice for someone to do that for me!!! Sitting proudly on my Mantle piece!!!

    Hmmm It is good to be alive isnt it...
    Going for Licence today....
    Will blog about it later...

  5. Keep going kiddo. You're doing great!

  6. Yellow???? Oh dear, definatly go back.

  7. What do you mean yellow?

    Are you happy about the colour or unhappy?


  8. You look lovely in yellow dear....:D

  9. the colour at the bottom is lovely, the colour at the top.... well... it makes you look a little ill... yes you can slap me later... why did they not do it the same colour all over???

  10. You could never look like a troll my sweet!!! If your a little worried I would make the appointment with them for friday arv or sat morning that way you can make the decision then.



  11. It's hard to tell from the pic if it's really yellow mate.

    You look great regardless. We're not coming to have a perv at your hair anyway.

    Wait and see what a day brings and if it bugs ya then do something about it.

    Not long now. Will sort my gear out tomorrow so I'm ready to hit the road when Lyn turns up. Getting excited.

  12. Blonde hair is hard!! My rule of thumb is only let a blonde colour my hair. At least they know how to do their own!!!

  13. I think you look fabulous...

    and you know...
    it does feel so much better to be thinner...

    and nothing tastes as good as think feels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great pictures...

    and congrats on being a hottie girl!!

  14. Yeah, but what about the problems with being thinner. I have to put my diet coke in a cup holder instead of just placing it on my belly when I drive!!!! Also, we could eat anything we wanted when we were heavy. Now we have to count calories. major bummer.

  15. It doesn't look that bad, maybe abit yellow on top, needs another toner, go back and tell them.

    Also, I can't get over your eyes!!! They are so light, they are aquamarine? Lovely:)

  16. I'm with Lee-anne ... not coming to perv at the hair!! :p

    BTW - definately still coming!!! No migraine is gonna stop me!!

  17. Your hair looks better down, the colour looks fine.

  18. I am in Palmerston Nth

  19. Ok, maybe it's a little yellow but it's hard just to judge by the picture. Maybe it'll tone itself down a little. When I get mine highlighted I'm always shocked at first and then later I like it.

  20. Apparently when you lighten your hair and you have different colours in it.. it is harder to get them matching when going blonde... that is what I hear anyway.

    Photos are hard to see hun... but I think you look lovely (like you always do).

    But it all comes down to what you like.

    I have a friend that won't stop bugging me about having my hair straight and when I did it last week I HATED IT because it seemed so dry and stringy.... and she keeps mentioning that if I perserver with it I will like it... now that is making me think that she thinks my hair is horrible the way I have it... BUT you know stuff everyone else I reckon... I have to be happy with what makes me feel good inside as I am the only person that matters.

    What I am trying to say is... make yourself feel happy and if you don't like it then go back and tell her to fix it!!!

    Love ya

  21. Have a snack now then have dinner later, you hair should tone down a bit by it self hopefully, I think it looks good down, eeeek I have to get my hair cut on saturday :S last time i went it was christmas!

  22. No advice about hair.... I have always been dark so i dont know what it is going to do over a couple of days...
    Just wait n see...
    still think you are lookin good for an old tart!!! hehehehe

  23. Think the colour is probably just fine - but for goodness sake lighten up and smile - you look so severe - and I've seen other photos when you smile and you just light up the room!
    Z xxxx

  24. You could never look like a troll, you look incredible for your age. Where are all your wrinkles given youve had so many kids (stress).

  25. Seriously now that there is a picture. You look good. I think you should just wait and see.

    It looks good on you.

  26. i think i've left a few comments below - sometimes i comment on everyone's blog and sometime's hardly at all... depends on how i'm feeling i guess and if there's something that i need to reply too - its nothing against you personally... i think your blog is great and you look awesome... :o)

    i do like the hair and would wait to see if it dulls down on its own... i wouldn't be able to sit for 3 hours - that's why i have short hair and color it myself (45 minutes tops!)... :o)

  27. Do believe we've all had those deep dark moments. Lucky for us you are still here.

    From the picture it seems that you are right about the color. I would go.

    As per the no-shows they did not apologize. C'est la vie!

    Have a wonderful day!

  28. You look great! Your new exercise program is a great idea!

  29. I like your hair.


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