Monday, August 06, 2007


12.15 PM..... and a new blogger grandbaby is born... a wee girl named Sarah Kate... born on her Daddy's 30th Birthday.... and Felicity has her first Grandchild ... how awesome is that? It was a special moment, to give Felicity her first hug and congratulate her on becoming a Grandma.

Today: Kids to school, finish getting the house back to 'normal', take Felicity to the airport so she can go back home, then tonight if I'm not knackered I shall go to Body Balance at the gym....

oh yeah, and when I get time I shall read some blogs! Feel awful not being able to get to read up on what's the 'haps'


  1. Congrats felicity! wellcome to the world Sarah Kate!

  2. Oh how exciting...
    Love the loo paper rolls... hahaha
    Oh top photo at the tree...

  3. Looks like you all had a blast, loved all the photos I can pick some faces but there are a couple I don't know. Thanks for sharig the photos.

  4. Love the photo's, keep em coming.

    Yes I actually remember my last visit to your loo thinking, "I hope she has more"......hahhaha

    I bet the house is quiet now? And I bet you are hating it!

  5. Looks like you guys had an awesome time at your party!! And the loos paper rolls is funny... but thats what happens when you have a house full of females!!

  6. Ha did I ever laugh at the toilet paper! isn't that something how women can pee?? You should have just given a roll to each gal as they walked in the door and told them to use it wisely.

    Can't wait to see more pictures.

  7. First chance I've had to catch up on blogs. Hmmm can't say I like all the pics and how come you chose so many of them with me doing the finger? Or maybe i did the fingers all night ... hmmm, not a good look, shoulda bitch slapped me to snap me out of it.

    Hey something i realised while staying at your place ... your computer beeps at you when you get a comment ... that means that you'll be beeped at in the next minute ... coool ... ok blonde moment!!

  8. Looks like you girls had a ball. Love all the photos.

    How unreal having your kids all together. What a nice photo of them all.

  9. Congrats on the new baby for your friend!
    Thanks for sharing the photos, looks like a great time. I know what ya mean about the toilet paper! Lots of girls in my family and we used to really go through it.

  10. Holy shit (or wee as the case may be).. that is a whole lotta toilet paper batman!

    I wish you had named the girls in each group shot, I cant seem to recognise alot of the women.

    Back to read the previous post!

  11. ooooooooooooo whenever i go to dads he always moans about toilet rolls and me hahahahaahahhaha

    looks like you had an awesome time...

    home alone for a few hours...i bet you've been up to trouble ;)

  12. Oh, Wow it looks like you all had a wonderful time. Pity there is so much water in between Tassie and NZ. Wanna and I could have come too ;-)

    Congrats to Felicity.

    (re - mini tramp - I mainly jog on it with weights in each hand while watching TV for 30 mins - love it!)

  13. LOVE the pics...especially the TP rolls...hahahaha!!

    Welcome to the world Sarah Kate. I adore that name!!

  14. All men are arseholes... my ex husband is thier king..... haha

  15. Looks like the party was fun...and the TP'd your house...

    And your kids...looks like a police lineup!

  16. OH MY now I know why my cheeks hurt the next day...

    I am not a drinker usually so WOW!!!

    The things we do when we have alcohol in us aye... mind you I wouldn't have had any alcohol if I didn't feel comfortable in everyones company.

    Thanks Chris

    It was the best party ever.


  17. Sounds like you'll need a week to recover from your weekend! Love the picture of the loo rolls. Great photos too.

  18. Thanks for putting all the photos up, I had fun looking through them all. It looked like an awesome night.

    It must have been brilliant to have all your kids together, you must be a proud mum!


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