Saturday, August 18, 2007


Yipee, another day of detox... fruit, veges and's hard going I tell ya!

Today is the first day we meet as a "group" too, it will just be the usual girls morning tea I reckon.... until we spread the word and get some new members... but that's fine. I'm kinda uncertain now about it all... will there be enough interest from others to make it worthwhile, or will it just fizzle? Or will it get too big for me? No idea!!!

What else on today? Mike is off to Napier to Represent the Manawatu at a Netball Tournament... he's such a good sports person! I'm really proud of him... my baby!


  1. That dress in the last post is very pretty.

    I'd worry less about people joing, but rather what you wish to accomplish!

  2. Great to catch up. I enjoyed the get together and I'm sure everyone would have got something out of it to help them along. I did! Thanks Chris - and it reinforced to me how I've sort of created my own barrier in losing weight by 'accepting' the medication will stop it.

    Freeze a couple of muffins for when you can have them!

  3. Good luck with the passed on muffins.

    You have good will power, that is evident.

    DO you like WW? I have often thought about it.

  4. Hey. Congrats on making it thru day 2 of the detox. You deserve a pat on the back for getting thru it.

    I checked out the website, just curious of course. Your monies turns into about $82 (Canadian dollars) for the entire cleanse, I would consider it, but it looks like it something that can't be shipped over the water. I am very curious about how you make out with it. You take care.

  5. OMG Chris! I haven't blogged this week and I just caught up with you and you have already had your op! Glad you are home safely. xx

  6. Your pan of veges look lovely!!
    I'm getting right into veg etc.

    Oh BTW, my grandaughters are now 2yrs and 1yrs and my mother hasn't bothered to see them at all....nope, never seen them.

    Hope you have a lovely evening


  7. Congrats on the loss and what a gorgeous dress.



  8. I LURVE the dress too! very flattering style.


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