Sunday, August 05, 2007


Woke up this morning....NO FUCKING INTERNET!!!! Oh my god... it has taken 3 and a half friggin hours to get it back.... I was going into shock !!!! And ready to start throwing things.... ANYWAY...

I have it back.... and my house if settling down after last nights festivities... all the girls have gone to morning tea and I'm spending some time with my kids before they bugger off home again.... they won't all be together again for goodness knows how long, as Russell is moving to Perth in two weeks.....

So, for now I'm off to spend time with them, I will be back later on with more photos...... shit, I busting for a pee..... hmmm maybe I drank a lot last night eh? ha ha ha !


  1. So glad it all went well...

  2. Very excited to see pictures! Glad that things went well and you had a good time. I would have the shakes if I was without the internet!!!

  3. looks like fun was had by everyone!! great piccy's too.
    Glad everyone had a great time:)

  4. Aww looks like it was so much fun! can I come nect time ???? LOL

  5. This whole week I have been having internet issues, it was cutting in and out every few minutes. Today (Saturday) it went out and with it our phone! I ended up with some lady at the cable company on my wife's cell phone begging to get the internet working! She fixed the modem over the phone somehow-just in time for me to have to leave to go out on a six hour outing with the family. At least the family better than blogging. All that to say-I sympathize and I also wanted to throw things today!

  6. Hi Chris,

    Thanks again mate for an absolutely AWESOME night!!!!!

    I'm glad your internet is back on, I was worried what you were going to do to the Telecom people.

    Felicity - how exciting for you, has she had the baby yet?

    I wanna come back!

  7. WOW that looked like fun!!!!!!!!!!! COOL!!!!!!!!

  8. Looks like you all had an absolute blast! I got goosebumps just from looking at the pictures! FANTASTIC!!!

  9. HAHA!

    Jobs done! Thanks sport.

    It is wonderful seeing you all with smiles on your faces. THAT is living life and THAT makes me wish I was there even moreso now cause I know you would have all been a scream.


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