Wednesday, August 15, 2007


My friend Carmen and his wife Kim had a wee baby boy yesterday... I have been eagerly awaiting his arrival.... I have already bought him an All Blacks jacket, but think I need to go get something blue..... can't help myself! Here is a couple of photos of the new arrival:

Welcome to our world Christopher Thomas......6 pound 14 ounces of joy. NIIIIICE Name : Chris for short of course!

Sarah is a BIG SISTER..... I bet she is going to have some fun with him!

Ain't infants just gorgeous?

Today: shopping for blue ..... killing time really, just want tomorrow to be done and over with... must shave my legs, can't have the surgeon getting a rash from me legs! What about the va ja ja? Nah, let him forage! eeeewwwwwww. ha ha ha

I've had a lovely morning! Bought Christopher a lovely wee blue outfit, and Sarah a wee gift too... and some new flannels and coffee mugs... cos I felt like it! Then I met my friend Chris D and we had a lovely morning tea (well mocca) and a yak... that has killed the morning.... now just the afternoon and evening to go...

IT'S LIKE THEY NEVER LEFT.... I didn't even know they were here... they are all upstairs in Mike's room playing some computer game... all of them have a computer linked up to god knows how many others out in the universe!!! So funny! And...

They inform me that they may need to move back home for a while to save up a bond so they can get their own place without flatmates... cos all their flatmates are leaving to live in Wellington etc so they can't afford where they are now!!!! Like, didn't I just have a party to CELEBRATE THEM LEAVING !!!!!
CRANKY: and anyone else who thinks I've just gone mad... NO, I am not letting them move back into the house, they can stay in the GARAGE until they find somewhere else to live !!! Not in the house!!! I am not THAT NICE!!!

End of day, just have to shave the legs next, then I'm off to bed, hopefully to have a good night's sleep! Will know for sure if the kids are coming home (for a while) in a week or so.... will no doubt keep you all up-to-date! NSV Today: none really! nite nite



    Not so when they reach their teens and 20's.....aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!

    Try to have a good day.


  2. Good luck for tomorrow chicken, I'm constantly thinking of you and sending positive, no pain vibes.

    I just love shopping for babies, have fun.

  3. So cute... don't wanna another one though he he he.

    Things will be fine tomorrow hun... I will be thinking of you.


  4. Beautiful bub, cluck cluck!! Enjoy shopping for him.

    Good luck tomorow, I'll be away til Sunday night but I'll be thinking of you:)

  5. Just love new borns!! Cute little boy he is too!

  6. OMG he is perfect! gorgeous little miracle :o)

    Good luck tomorrow sweets xx

  7. You are such a funny tart - yep let the surgeon go searching!!!!!

    Hope all goes well and tht you are back here letting us know how you are soon after.



  8. That poor doctor!! lol...
    When I went in for my cervical CIN3 operation I was cracking jokes to make light of a shit situation ..(which I do often) ... As they (a room of students too I may add!!) were putting me asleep with the gas I said ..."You poor bastard .... what on earth made you choose this profession?" "you must see some sights!" I laughed and so did the whole room ... that was the last I remember!! *giggles*

    Hope you have a relaxing afternoon with only positive thoughts .... It will be ok!!

  9. STOP IT!! DAMN IT!! You're getting me all clucky ... I have ENOUGH kids ... aww but babies are just too cute!!! GRRRR!! I gotta get outa here!~!!!

  10. Are you honest to God going to let them move back in? CRAZY!!

  11. ...and good luck with the op!

  12. HI Chris,

    Just wanted to wish you good luck for tomorrow. I'm sure it will all be fine.

    Bugger about the kids wanting to move back in... just when you thought they were gone for good!!

  13. Cute Baby.

    Good luck tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you. Hope your 'ginie
    dosen't get a shave - Owwie!

  14. Awwww thank you dear.

    And I told you they would be back!

  15. All the very best for tomorrow Chris. I will be thinking of you.

    I hope you are planning to blog from your hospital bed!!

    Aren't newborns the best thing in the world.

  16. Does that mean another party when they go again????

    We'll all be thinking of you tomorrow mate.

  17. I hope things have gone well for you by the time you read this!

    Teenagers can be real butt heads at that age. One hour at a time.

    = P

  18. Had to come out of lurkdom to wish you well for tomorrow.

    Take care and I look forward to reading the post that says all is well.

  19. Good luck 4 2morrow ;)

  20. Good luck for tomorrow!

  21. *sigh* My parents put us in the shed!!


  22. Will be thinking of you tomorrow - I'm sure you are going to be in very capable hands and all will go well! Hope you are home in your own bed tomorrow night and this is all behind you.

    Seriously - are those kids coming home again!!!!

  23. LOL @ Mellisa ;o)

    Did you get Mike (right kid?) the New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand beanie so that he doesn't forget where he came from?

    All the best for tomorrow. My legs are crossed for you (yours, of course, will not be - eek! I hope like fuck you find that funny). Do youthink they will give you your skin tag to keep in a jar?

    OK, I am going now.

  24. cute wee baby shopping is addictive I am thinking of joining a 12 step program.

    Chris will be thinking of you tomorrow kiddo-hope u manage to get some rest tonight.


    hugs and kisses

  25. Hi Chris,

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow and wishing you all the best for the 'procedure'.

    My parents solution for not EVER having to have myself or any of my siblings back home was to loan us money so we could afford to stay away. lol
    Now I think about it, it was a great plan, although I'm not sure exactly what went wrong as my 42 year old sister is now back living with them and has bought her 19 her old daughter (my neice) with her. LOL,, but i secretly think my parents like having them there. They are great company and are both fantastic cooks. Last week when my mother came to stay, she made the comment that she didn't couldn't remember the last time she had cooked. (like having their own live in chefs)

  26. Good luck Tart!!!
    Hope all goes well and you are up and adam real soon...
    Battling toncillitis at the moment..ffs..I NEVER get sick..and in the last month I have been terrible.... boohoo

  27. Good luck on your operation! Yeah, don't let the teenagers/20 somethings back in....they moved out right?
    Cute baby!


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