Sunday, August 26, 2007


Detox "debrief"....

- It was hard going

- The pills were difficult to swallow

- I never got the shits

- I did not lose weight, I gained 2 kgs !

- I feel "invigorated" and "clear headed"

- My clothes fit better, even though I gained, weird!

This detox was not for me .. if I was hoping to lose weight (and of course I was), but on the plus side, I am sure it has helped get me back in the right frame of mind to 'diet' properly again. And I ate masses of fruit and veges which is not normal for me, but no doubt good for me. I will continue to eat more fruit now with the help of the blender - smoothies are fantastic made with fruit and yogurt!

I am off to Wellington shortly with the Blogger girls from here, to meet the bloggers girls down there, a brunch and Expo await ...... oooooooo brunch..... and I can eat something delectible..... *DROOLING ALREADY*. Later .....


  1. oooo I LOVE WELLINGTON..hope its a beautiful sunny day for you....


  2. Shitty - quite literally.
    Sorry you didn't get the results you were looking for. It's such a bummer to push thru that week - and that terrible food and not even get that "big moment"

    Glad you're feeling good. :)

  3. Well done completing your detox!! And although no weight loss...THAT MIGHT SHOW AT NEXT WEEKS WEIGH IN - there has still been so many positive's from doing the detox.

    Enjoy your day and your something delectable!!

    Hugs hugs to a lovely lady

  4. Oh well you gave it a go, and feel better at least.
    Enjoy your day:)

  5. Well then the detox worked then!

    Even if you gained weight, but if you feel better and clothes fit better, then it was a complete success!

  6. I thought i would lose more weight than i did but like you I gained more energy and it got me into the right mindset.

    I did find however that I blew out the next week because of everything I had to go without while on detox.

    I still believe good old ww is the way to go long term, but still thought the detox was worth it for me

    have fun in Wellington today!

  7. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Hi there Chris,
    I have been reading your blog for a while- hope you dont mind!
    You are very funny and a wonderful woman taking on your grandkids, There should be more like you out there.
    Hows that blender, I just ordered that same one here in aussie land, I hope it was a good choice, glad your op went well, and I bet you are over the detox...
    What a woman, dont think I could do it, I like real food tooooooo much...

  8. Hey

    have a great time in wellington.

    you have done so great on your detox, I do not know if i could have even done one day of a detox!

    do not worry about the gain, it is great you are eating more fruit and veggies and the loss might show on the scales next week.

  9. sounds like a gr8 day loved the waxing shot...what we go thru to look beautiful

  10. As long as you feel good, that's the main thing.

  11. I'm impressed you attempted it! good for you. Have fun in Wellington....not sure where it is, but it sounds very regal....and those wee lil blonde people in the picture are cute as can be!

  12. No more mo'? Brilliant! Must remember to do mine in the next day or so.

    Love the pictures of everyone and "Good luck for next week Helena!"

    Now, you know me and my opinion and if I didn't care, I wouldn't say anything.... ;)

    Chris, my dietician spoke to me when I began my challenge in '04 about the effects of drinking diet coke whilst trying to lose weight. I knew what it did but couldnt seem to word it right here.

    I KNOW you love it. I KNOW you aren't probably about to give it up in the next 10 yrs but stiff bickies, I really wanted to show you this because I believe your detox results were directly linked to this.

    "Diet Coke, regardless of how many calories it has, wreaks havoc on your fat loss efforts and will ultimately cause you to gain weight. There are two main reasons for the Diet Coke fallacy.

    First, the sweet taste from Diet Coke elicits an insulin spike, which blocks your ability to burn fat.

    Second, artificial sweeteners found in Diet Coke disrupt satiety, the feeling of being full.

    Combined, the actions of Diet Coke go against a healthy lifestyle. Understanding why ensures that we think twice before consuming it.

    When it comes to losing fat, it is more about how much sugar (or sugar substitute) you consume rather than calories or dietary fat intake. Hence, the goal is to consume as little sugar or sugar substitute as possible (including fruits and their juices). Why? The sweet flavor elicits the release of insulin from the pancreas to enhance the uptake of sugar by the cells so that it doesn't linger in the bloodstream.

    Once insulin is released it inhibits your fat burning hormone called HSL (hormone sensitive lipase).

    This hormone is responsible for releasing fat into the bloodstream to be utilized as fuel. If inhibited, your body is unable to burn fat and will then begin utilizing amino acids (from muscle) and carbohydrates as fuel.

    This will leave you feeling tired, grumpy, and sloth-like toward the end of the day. Not to mention, you will become abnormally hungry.

    Those with large amounts of HSL burn fat all day and look thin and slim. Those who inhibit it by eating or drinking the wrong substances grow fat throughout their adult years. "

    There is more of the article over here...

    The purpose of a detox is to get rid of everything fake from your diet. Flush your body with pure foods and fluids. I believe the diet coke failed you on this occassion Chris.

  13. OMG congrats on your brilliant "fanny" results honey, what a relief. I'm so pleased for you. Those pics of food have just made me hungry - for pizza and chocolate cake - haha, thanks!!
    Bugger about the detox making you gain weight but if you feel better and your clothes are looser that has to be a good thing.

  14. When I read "lady mo" I automatically thought it was your fanny (bikini line) getting done .... Then you said you got a pic of it ... I nearly choaked on my water!!.... I was most greatful to see your other 'lady mo'!! *giggles*

  15. Sounds like a fab day - coffee, chicken, steak, chips - geez you must have thought you were in heaven!!!! Sometimes that's the best part of a detox (the end), what a shame you didn't see those scales go down - oh well at least its given you a dose of motivation.

  16. I can't believe you were slack on the pics, but I'm glad you had a great time. That's the most important thing. I was thinking of you girls today. Was going to send you a pic today, but unbelievably I have this great big zit and I didn't want to show it. Vain I know. But true nevertheless. But I was thinking about you and I'm glad you had a great day. Hope you enjoyed your dinner tonight. I know I did.

  17. Glad to see you had a nice time out with the ladies.
    I was thinking your 'lady mo' mean a diff. sort of waxing, ya know, down there. ha! I may try it some day.
    Glad your detox is over and doubt you gained...maybe water retention?


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