Thursday, August 09, 2007


Ya hoo for thursdays, I love em.... I will be busy all day... no temptations in my face ..... well of the food variety anyway! Lets hope I see nothing I just have to buy at the shop today!!!

TOM... arrived.... and left in about 3 hours.... bugger damn and blast !!! What's with that? I'm so annoyed by it all now.... and I'm dreaming about the friggin operation... some random old man was heavily featured in my dream last night.. he was the anethetist (sp?) and he was a nutter....GREAT. Getting nervous me thinks.

Right, I better get outta bed...BUT WAIT !!! Stew hasn't brought me my Latte yet.. might wait a bit! *


  1. RE-Comment
    Thanks Chris
    I was still adding pics to the album probably when you were visitng so not sure if you saw all the pics I added.I will of course be adding as I go towards goal weight.

    Fab album slide show site dont you think? I think that album idea is great!

    House pics wont be long now but of course they will be put on the blog so you can see the difference between the before and after pics.

    Oh! I have had toms that only last a few hours but usually it turns up again the next day and is normal for the few days so hopefully it will start again before your op.

    Operations don't bother me in the slightest....strange eh?...teehee
    I'm sure your op will be fine, they'll have done thousands of them.


  2. You LOST - you friggin TART!!!!!

    Must have been all that running around cleaning the tops of the light fixtures before we arrived..LOL.

    I had quite a giggle when I seen the photo of the sent loo paper, doesn't suprise me at all that it was Helena.

  3. I keep forgetting to put my ped on.
    I have updated todays blog.

    I will say nite, nite because it is now 10.00pm Wednesday here.


  4. morning sweets, i'll happly cater @ your next birhday, but for you it will have to be steamed fresh vegies and rice crackers lol sounds a little bland eh?

    Ohh the crazy dreams.... I have random crazy dreams, hey dont help when your already nervy about somthing.

    Have a GREAT day chick.

  5. Keep moving no matter if you reach your goals or not. :)

  6. Too bad about the tom coming and a going, that's strange.
    I think the operation will go fine! But you can't help but get nervous as you don't know what to expect.
    Every time I go on vacation or to a party I gain. Way to go on not gaining. Yeah, musta been all that cleaning to get ready, shopping, etc...

  7. Great job on teh NSV there....

    And that shop just looks cuttered!


    now there's crap on, everyone loves raymond. GOD I HATE THAT SHOW, I'M SURE THATS GOING TO BE MY LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE.

  9. wow isn't that nice of those people to donate that stuff ... hmmm that didn't sound very personal did it? guess ya know what me means.

  10. Hey giel... well done on not buying anything today..wooohooo
    How long will you be out of action regarding the gym after your op???

  11. You seem to be busy. Wanna come over and de-clutter my house???

    I have to work in my closet in my bedroom. SCREAM. They say it is a good idea to toss out 2 items of clothing for every one that you buy, I need to do that but bump it up to 3 items.

    DO you like the pedometer? Does it help you???

  12. Hey Chris
    Bathroom pics are now on blog and what an amazing difference!!


  13. your too fast for me....GO BACK AND READ MY UPDATED POST lol...

    i just updated and got back to my blog and you left a message on yesterdays post...GO TO TODAYS Hheheheh i'm excited..


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