Sunday, August 19, 2007


It's the third day... of friggin fruit and veges... and I'm determined to stick to it! Having second thoughts about all those tablets though, we were talking about it at the meeting yesterday and Chris D said "what's the difference from taking all those pills to clean you out to just swallowing some castor oil?" It got me thinking... Ok , castor oil is brutal, but would do the same job wouldn't it? And it would not cost $120 ! What do you think?

I don't have to start the "cleanse" till Monday or Tuesday....

Today: No plans, its wet and miserable still, Stew seems determined to stay in bed for "his" sleep in... so I suppose I better get up and sort the kids out.


  1. Hi ya - finally catching up with all the blogs. Have a great Sunday nice and sunny here and lots of blue sky :)....


  2. that soup you made yesterday looks yummo!!Might just go and put on a pot myself!

  3. Castor oil! Shudder.

  4. Stick with it. I think if they wanted you to take Castor Oil they would have put it in the cleanse box. LOL. You can do it - its just a week. :) The longest week of your life I am sure...

  5. Wow that is expensive hun.

    Do what is right for you and what you think is going to lose the weight but what still makes you happy hun.

    I do think the cleanse thing is fantastic and people get some amazing results and wow it is hard to keep to but it must be good for you...

    Mind you if you have to think about food that much it would really do my head in.

    Castor oil ewwwwww my mum used to make me have it every month.


  6. Doh! chinese? what were you thinking girl?! may I suggest Dr Sandra Cobot's (s/c) liver cleansing diet... its great, not too restricting and makes you feel on top of the world, no pills or potions are needed, although there are sme that are optional, livertone and such, check out your local library for a copy of her liver cleansing diet book and have a read, really opens ya eyes.

    Love the cookie jar and coffee cups, now ya jus gotta fill it up with ww choc chip cookies!

    ... Erica x

  7. you had WHAT FOR LUNCH?

    how bloody ridiculous ... you need a damn good smack ... now come 'ere! Just remember you are small enough to put over my knee ... well you are small enough if to STAY AWAY FROM THE BLOODY CHINESE ... its just a few days ... grrrrrrrrr

    Would you like me to lend you my piece of string?

    $250 seems way over the top! I remember doing a cleanse in March and the "pills" were only about $40 ... but if you dont like taking pills, find something else that will work for ya mate. Something like going back to basics and having some self control might work LMAO!

    Still wuv me? *cute puppy eyes*

  8. Hi there, thanks for coming to visit regularly. Am so sorry I hardly get time to blog and especially comment these days. Good luck with your healthy eating!! I'm sure your body will love you for it :)

  9. Ummm - I guess you don't want me adding my pennysworth about the Chinese!! That's it though - no more - espeically if you are going to outlay for a detox plan!

  10. lol.. dont u hate sales people.. you go in with an idea of what you want and then they proceed to show you more stuff and the extras that go with it and it ends up costing a ton more. >< there was 1 chicky i read her blog ages back who did a detox and woke up every morning with gastro .. not good. all the best. luv the cupcake set btw.

  11. I don't get why you would need pills and potions to cleanse, isn't it just about clearing out your system? Veg, fruit and yoghurt would surely do that. Don't beat yourself up. I'd go insane eating what you have been. Do you feel good for it? That's what I would be asking myself.

    You've got to make sure you are getting enough of what you need to function too. Can you eat lentils and beans? Maybe throw some of them into your next soup. Or you could make bean 'burritos' using refried beans (surely you can have some seasoning??), veg and salsa wrapped in a lettuce leaf.

  12. Lovely mugs and cookie jar.

    Stick with the detox it can only do more good.


  13. you're a total gem, night night.

  14. I hope you are feeling better Chris .....
    I need some serious butt kicking at the moment .... I am 7 kilos up! .... FFS shoot me now!!

  15. I feel like shit .... I have to get back on track .... Thanks for the kick ... *rubs bum*

  16. Omg... detox... you are keen arent you...
    I looooove the cookie jar...I want one too!!!!
    How much was it and where did you find it??? ;o)
    Hope you are doin ok... missin our chats girl....

  17. ignore the health food store stuff. $250 eevry two weeks? Has to be a scam of some sort.

    I LOVE that cookie jar cup set....stick some fruit in there instead of cookies.....

    Keep up the good work.

  18. Hey, visiting from Rebecca's blog. I say go with the castor oil! Yeah, it's brutal but it's quick and inexpensive and you get it over with.

    I tell everyone - I follow SouthBeach. I want to EAT and lose weight. The first 10 days though are so freaking hard but phase 2 and 3 fit so easily into a regular life, it isn't even funny.

    Guess I'll go bug Rebecca now! Nice to meet ya!

  19. Hey cool, another theme for a pictorial! Cleansing photos!

  20. I like the cookie jar. It looks like you just want to bite into it!


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