Friday, November 10, 2006


OK, just for a great start to the day..... I am just LOVING Gwen Stefani's new single "Wind it up", it's so great to walk/exercise to!! So, if you like good music to exercise to.... get it! Gotta go for now, heaps to get done. till later....

How come I can get up, feed the kids & dog, make lunches, tidy lounge, take 3 kids to school, get washing in, put more washing on, move couch from upstairs to patio, and only clock up 367 steps ??? HUH!! As for the couch going out on the patio, don't know if I intended it for Izzy's new bed! Oh so cute tho. No modesty that dog's got eh? ha ha

Went to the gym after doing a bit of housework, did 60 minutes cardio and some lower body work... lots of squats, oh yeah. Then picked up Griffin and we went to town for subway for lunch... nice. Also bought more soda stream bottles and flavours, it's really yum..... love the sugar free Orange, and Summer Lemon. Stew had check up with Dr., all is good with his wound.
Am off to get Brylee now..... till later..... Talk about lazy, I've done virtually nothing this afternoon! Got a larger chest of drawers down from upstairs for Griffin's clothes, his own were too small. Put more washing on, but didn't hang it out.... Steve and Lisa did in the end!

I must go up and down my stairs inbetween the ads on telly tonight.... so I can honestly say I did them! hee hee. I read a lady's blog today who is contemplating having a body lift, which is basically what I had done.... so if anyone out there is interested in hearing how it really is from someone who's had it done, just ask!
Today so far :
STEPS : 8389
WATER : 2.5 litres, No Diet Coke
GYM : Yep
Stair Climbing : working on it, but WILL DO THEM ALL
CARBS : Forget it, it's ain't working, 2 serves ain't enough to keep going on.
Will post my "before" and "after" photos over the weekend.... yikes (again). Did already put them out there a while ago in a woman's magazine... the money they paid me enabled me to get a whole new wardrobe, which was sorely needed!
Till later...


  1. OMG - just read your reasons for weight gain. Heck, who wouldn't gain weight with all that! How sad to have lost so many in tragic circumstances. I hope life is sweet for you from now on, you clearly deserve it.

  2. Ok now I will make some time to exercise this morning and I will check out that song. have a great day.


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