Monday, November 06, 2006


Today: took both kids to school, Griffin had his first official "school visit", where he went for the morning and I stayed with him. It went well I suppose, he wasn't keen on doing any writing, cutting out and colouring in, he listened to a taped story in two seconds flat ... all he wanted to do was play with the toys. But he DID do all of the above, cos he had to. hee hee

After I got him home, I left him with Stew (lying in his lazyboy watching telly), and walked into town to pick up a ball of wool.... first of two walks into town for the week ... and it's piddling down so I got wet wet wet... too bad! It's only water. Actually, I love walking in the rain, it keeps you cool ... I must look like a dork walking along with a big grin on me face! Now I'm home and feeling cold, so might just have a sauna.... oh BLISS!

I had NO diet coke yesterday!!! And I am only now starting to get a headache! That is amazing, I am not even trying to cut it out completely, just cut down..... don't know how I ended up having none yesterday, just didn't .....

I'm going to have a bite to eat now, it's 1.15 and I havn't eaten today yet... naughty!
Till later...

What a difference a haircut makes! Talk about a DUDE, definitley as gorgeous as Sue's big boy! hee hee.
I've been amazing myself today, havn't had any diet coke today either.... so far. Might have one with dinner, which is going to be macaroni cheese tonight, I forget that dinner does not have to be a meat based meal every night.... not much else is a happening so will bugger off for now...
till later...
Steps : 11429
Water : 2 litres!! Diet Coke : 000
Carbs : 3 servings (doh)
Stair climbing : 20 X's Phew!
Walked to town X 1


  1. It may only be water, but I'm bloody sick of all this rain!

  2. He is a dude alright!! Very cute:)

    I don't believe - no diet coke!! You may have to change the name of you blog!

  3. Anonymous1:00 AM

    I love reading your daily journals, you do so much i.e. painting, sorting the family out, going to the gym etc etc and still doing well with your tracking...WELL DONE!

    Oh I know what you mean about teenagers...bah humbug is all I can say to
    although my teenager is now 20 and no better but I still have an 11 yr old and a 7 yr old so two more teenagers in the

    Yeah what a dude eh!! fantastic

    Keep up the fab work.
    Linda in the UK



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