Friday, November 24, 2006


I have decided 6 hours without kids is NOT ENOUGH! I don't get nearly enough done before they come home from school.... why do they have to have holidays even!

Todays plan of attack: take kids to school, walk the dog, walk into town and put some cash on their bikes (on layby), go to aqua jogging at lunchtime, then home to do the housework. My car is getting no use, this is good with the price of bloody petrol now! So, till good!
All has gone to plan!!! I walked in the POURING rain to town etc, ended up sopping wet and freezing, but that's ok cos I was heading to the pool for aqua jogging anyway. Did aqua jogging in the outside dive pool much against the instructors wishes, but me and another lady were already in the pool so she had to join us, poor woman froze her butt off! hee hee. Then I've come home and had a lovely hot shower, ready to head out soon to get the kids from school.
So far today I've done 14,723 steps (12.368 kms), and that does not include the 45 minutes in the pool ! So I'm happy about that.
Janene (fellow blogger) suggested I have a couple of days "off" next week, yeah right! Knowing my luck I'd put on 3 kilos , I'm too scared to stop being busy cos I just know I'd gain weight. And I actually ENJOY being busy !
till later....

(2.30PM): IT'S ON THE MOVE.... The sauna that is... Steve and Lisa are dismantling it right now and slowly taking it bit by bit upstairs..... (4.45pm):Well the sauna is now upstairs and all back together, the only thing left to do is get the treadmill up there.

I'm going to start on dinner now, we are having pork stir fry with noodles, yum yum.

till later...

STEPS: 18,411 (15.470kms), STAIRS: 16, GYM: Yes, AQUA JOGGING: yes, WALK TO TOWN: yes........I am sooooo good! nite nite


  1. I agree, with all your running around 6 hours isn't enough...LOL

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I went along to the pool and when the attendent called out and told me it was outside - I went shopping instead! Would normally have got in - but had an appointment and didn't think the drowned rat look would be a good one!

  3. What time are you dishing up? Might come to your place for dinner. Only I'm on my second G&T and wouldn't trust myself to drive.

    Any chance we might see you at the Wellington Bloggers' Picnic?


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