Thursday, November 02, 2006


Ok, today took hiz nibs to hospital at 7am and they took him in straight away! He had his operation at 8 am, it took twice as long as they said, I was worried sick...

I went to the gym while he was in theatre, but couldn't concentrate so ended up going back to the hospital, where the nurse said I couldn't see him because they hadn't managed to get his pain under control yet. So I went home, picked up Griffin from kindy, took him into town and bought his school uniform and we had lunch at a nice coffee shop.

I was NOT very good food wise, I was comfort eating me thinks! While we were there the hospital rang me and told me not to come up with Griffin as Stew was still not too good, in bad pain and still in recovery, not a

ble to have visitors..... I cried in the coffee shop, I was so worried! So I took Griffin home for Steve and Lisa to watch, and I went back to the hospital and they let me in to sit beside him, even though he was still in the recovery room.

It took them 5 hours to "find" a bed for him on the wards, but he finally got there. I left once he was settled, went home and bathed the two littlies cos they stank of DOG, and after dinner (fish and chips), we are going up to visit him. He was much better by the time I left late this afternoon.

This is my darling, with his "new" tummy.... I took this picture so I could show the kids BEFORE they saw him, to prepare them for how he looks..... he looks rather sorry for himself!

While I was tooing and frooing from the hospital, our son Steve had another of his funny turns, and ended up in the cardiology ward (again)... he has a problem with his heartbeat speeding up and slowing down, causing dizzy spells and blackouts..... been going on for over 3 years now. He has a monitor surgically implanted in his chest to keep a record of what his heart is doing, so he's off to see the cardiologist, have MORE tests etc next week.... it never bloody ends..... far out!

What else? Griffin looks soooo cute in his school uniform.... made me almost cry too....our last baby is now a BIG BOY, it's amazing how just putting a kid in a uniform makes them so BIG!! I am happy he's going to school, but....

till later, dinner is almost here, then it's off to the hospital.

Well the visit to see Daddy went really well, the kids were little angels and so well behaved! They were clean as a whistle too! Griffin was in his new school uniform so Daddy could see him "all grown up".... so cute. And I got out a new summer outfit for Brylee so she felt special too. Luckily Stew was feeling much better, they even gave him some dinner, some miserable looking meat stew, limp cabbage, mashed spud and pumpkin (Stew hates pumpkin!). At least it was food, he hadn't eaten for over 24 hours. And he needed to eat so he could have his metformin (diabetes medication). Don't my littlies look soooo cute!

They are both in bed now, and I am chillin out watching.... Coronation Street. Might do nothing else all night, I am stuffed!
Till later........

I just remembered something funny, as Stew was "coming around" and I was sitting beside him, he looked over at me and said "You know, I can't seem to find me undies, don't know what's happened to them!"...... It was so funny cos I just knew the must have taken them off him in the theatre... hee heee me man with no undies, oh shame that.

nite nite


  1. Hi Chris - have been thinking of you all! You just about made me cry imaging you in tears in the coffee shop. Bet you are pleased it's over and now onto the recovery.

    Hope they can help your son!

  2. I think you've earned a doing nothing night!

  3. Hello Chris, just found your blog via Sue's.
    Glad your DH's operations is over.

    Best of luck getting back to your goal. You can do it and you will.

  4. How horrible for Stew to be in so much pain, not fair!!!
    I hope he is feeling much better today.

    No wonder you were so stuffed, running around all day.

    The kids looked adorable, they grown so fast.


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