Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I was "talking" to my sister two nights ago over MSN (she's in Australia), and asked her how she liked my blog.... and she said it was "too long, and boring", and she wasn't bothering to read it anymore! I was really crushed.... like OK.... I have tried to brush her comments aside but they are bugging me.

Are my posts too long? and am I boring everyone.... or is it just my sister being a green eyed monster who ain't got a life? Please give me some feedback on this cos it really has me bugged!

On a more happy note, it's pissing down with rain again, and I plan on walking into town today.... so looking forward to it too. I just love walking in the rain!

I ate birthday cake last night.... and pizza... DOH ! Mental slap to me, why is it that we can be putting it in our mouth while thinking "why the f**k am I doing this"? AND WE STILL DO IT !#*%! HA HA HA

till later.... Forgot to mention the 17 blown up condoms... Steve and Lisa blew em up and put them all over Mike's room last night.... and I am now picking them all up along with all his mess, so I can get going on stripping his wallpaper off.... my life is NOT BORING!

Above, Mike's room, then a condom on me balustrade (hee hee) and then.... Stew and I just been out for morning tea, we went to Ezibuy and I got the cutest wee skirt, it's got shorts underneath as well (all in one)! so neat for summer! Size 14 darn it..... motivation to pull finga me thinks!

Better go get Griffin from kindy..... I'm cutting it a bit fine..... till later.....It stopped raining didn't it? So I still walked into town, it was kinda hot and windy but ok. Then I picked up Brylee from school and started soaking the backing paper off the wall and bugger! The previous owners havn't sized the walls before putting on the paper and it's not coming off properly... so now I have to leave it on and hope the paint looks ok over it. Darn darn bloody darn. It just makes it so much harder to do.

We are having cold corned beef, salad and fresh McGregors bread for dinner... yum yum. Not much else happening for now... thanks for the vote of confidence Re: Me blog ladies! Think I'll continue my drivel then!

STEPS: 13669

GYM : not today

STAIRS : 20 X's


WATER : 2.5 Litres (No coke)


  1. I think if we found them boring we wouldn't be coming back reading them!!! You write with a great sense of humour - it's about you, your family and your daily highs and lows - keep it up!

  2. We love reading your blog. Ignore your sister and keep writing.

  3. I love your blog and the best part is that you update it during the day, so I pop back in a couple of times a day to see what your up to.

    This blog is about YOU and what YOU want to write about not about what other people want to read.

  4. No offense intended towards your sister, but what a radiculous thing to say. I read blogs as it provides me with a sense of support and reminds me that I am not the only one trying to lose weight. Its like a ww meeting, but more frequent, and I LOVE that about all the blogs I read. Your writing for your own therepeadic reasons, and your taking us all along for the ride. Write whatevers on your mind, and don't change a thing. Have a great day. I'm off to Whakatane. (oh the freedom of unemployment,,,lol)

  5. Holy Shit!! Just read over your surgery story and we bit of your history and YOU ROCK - not Diet Coke!! Diet Coke is poison but, I think you have figured that one.

    Your before and after photos are frigging amazing and I must say you are definitely an inspiration. I am just about to have my 4th child in 8 years and your story has scared me a bit as I am currently about 112kg at 37 wks pregnant and I am petrified of having all the Roly dog skin when I lose the weight. I am same height as you.

  6. The first thing I do when I come to work each morning is check your site, I think it is awesome, I like the fact that you tell it how it is, you crack me up sometimes. Keep up the good work, you are awesome. I think your sister is just a bit jelous they can sometimes do that to us, I have a sister that does the same. Wendy

  7. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Your blog is NOT BORING AT ALL!!

    I would miss it so much if you ever stopped....KEEP IT GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Linda x

  8. I love reading your blog, it's interesting, inspiring, funny and full of life.... exactly what i need to read right now.. so please, just keep on writing and being yourself...

    (though, my god woman.. when can you come over to my place in Australia and start painting? LOL - absolutely wonderful :)


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