Sunday, November 12, 2006


I will let the pictures speak for themselves.......

The Operation : Took 8 hours, I was petrified !! When I woke up I felt weird, and god damn awful, like I had been run over by a 24 tonne truck! My surgeon said " every day, you will feel like a smaller and smaller vehicle has run you over, and when it's down to a bycycle, you are better!" He was right.
I was in hospital on morphine and every other drug they could give me for 4 days, then home to recover. The first few days I honestly felt like I was gunna die..... the first time they got me to stand up, I really really thought they were trying to kill me! But as the days went on it got a wee bit better.... but it did take weeks to feel anything like normal again. There is quite a bit of the "nitty gritty" bits I shall not comment on, like drains, constipation, getting dressing changed, the body suit, etc... cos it would take too long!
You end up with quite a few "numb" patches on your tummy, thighs and bum, but at the end of the day... IT WAS WORTH IT !! In my operation, they did a tummy/back lift, took tissue from my hips and transplanted it into my bum (giving me some shape back there), and kinda gave my bum/thigh area a lift up too. I am thrilled with the results and would highly recommend it to someone with a similar problem to me after loosing heaps of weight.
Why would you go to all the trouble of losing the weight to end up looking like a wrinkly dog? If I hadn't had the tummy tuck I am SURE I would have ended up putting the weight back on.
The operation cost $16,500..... a huge cost, but a huge result. I highly recommend the plastic surgeon Mr John Masters, Wellington. He listened to me, answered all my questions (and some of them were very cheeky!), and never ever made me feel stupid, fat, ugly, etc etc. He was fantastic! He is the guy with his arm around me in one of the last photos. The staff at Southern Cross Hospital were absolutely fantastic too, they never made me feel like "just a plastic surgery patient", they were kind and compassionate, and appreciated where I had come from to get to where I was then.
Today I really am going to take it easy, have a lazy day. Not feeling too bad tho. Had a good sleep in after tossing and turning all night.... I ache, and I'm having darn HOT FLUSHES..... Menopause kicking in I presume. OH JOY ! ha ha .
STEPS : 54,578
GYM : 4 visits, plus 1 Aqua kick boxing class
Stair Climbing : only 4 days X 20


  1. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Wow what a admazing change!!! if i get to that stage i will get it done too but im really worried of getting it infected as i seem to be a carrier of staf infections!!

    we will wait and see!!

  2. Chris it is almost impossible to believe the cahnges you made in yourself. Obviously through sheer hard work an ddedication. Blood, sweat and tears. You have really inspired me. Just did my first triathalon and no joking you were in my mind when I thought of giving up. Have a great day and rest up..

  3. Can't believe the difference the op made - once on the road to recovery well and truly worth it. You are a different woman!

  4. You were Very brave to have that op. So glad it was all worth it for you.
    Hot flushes! Not fair!

  5. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Fantastic!! Thanks for sharing that with us...what an inspiration you are!!

    You have been through a lot and put yoruself through a lot also.

    Take care
    Linda x

  6. wow, you have been through a lot to achieve your goals. Way to go you sexy thing. Can't wait until I can really see the weight dropping off, I am sure it must do alot to one staying motivated. Not sure if I would ever go through the op, unfortunatly the memories of having my spleen and gall bladder are still fresh in my mind and I know what that 'hit by a train' feeling is like. Keep up the great work. Hope your foot isn't to worse for wear after you tumble.

  7. gosh, talk about typo's. I really must learn to spell check before hitting publish. :-)

  8. Awesome, awesome photo's.

    I can only imagine how fantastic you felt once you had it done (and the sickness was over and done with). A few weeks of feeling like death was worth it ay?

    Bugger the money, I reckon if it makes you feel good - DO IT!

  9. Anonymous11:32 AM

    You look amazing!! What a difference. I can understand why you are so thrilled about your new look. I was thinking of asking for the tummy tuck with the next c-section!! XX


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